Misc Topic Quizzes - Page 28

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Rating: 4.20
Guess each short clue. Then combine the answers to create a book title.
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Rating: 4.59
Which countries have the highest average percentage of cloud cover over the entire territory of the country?
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Rating: 4.39
The only thing we have to fear is sharks.
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Can you name these current and former NBA players by excerpts from their Wikipedia pages?
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Rating: 4.46
Can you guess the year that each of these Harry Potter books and films were released?
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Rating: 4.41
Can you name these facts about the life of Jesus according to the New Testament?
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Presidential mountain?
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For each letter A-Z, guess these things related to mythology from various cultures around the world.
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Name the authors of these books for kids and young adults.
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Rating: 4.00
For each person, guess the first name of their sibling.
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For each selected category, name the Asian capital city that ranks either #1 or #2.
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Rating: 3.62
Solve short clues and then unscramble names of U.S. Presidents.
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Rating: 4.99
Countries are hidden in every line of this letter and it is vital you find them.
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Rating: 4.64
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Rating: 4.81
In which countries does the average person travel the greatest distance via rail?
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A pretty easy quiz about a practically invincible superhero. Can you guess these facts about Superman?
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Rating: 4.44
For each selected category, name any of the countries that ranks higher than Israel.
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Rating: 3.81
Solve short clues and then unscramble country names. Difficult version.
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Rating: 4.32
Everybody lies, sometimes. Guess which U.S. President uttered each untruthful statement.
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Rating: 4.95
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Rating: 3.72
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Rating: 4.37
Answer these questions about #41.
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Rating: 4.15
Guess these facts about Henry VIII and his reign as King of England.
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Rating: 4.06
Scream and carry a twig. Wait, was that how it goes?
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Rating: 4.45
Identify these musical things that start with the letter F.
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Rating: 3.91
Such as the fastest land animal.
Played: 16,998
Rating: 4.51
Can you guess whether these movies were based on a novel?
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Rating: 4.40
These Marvel comics film titles are slightly off. Fix them by replacing the incorrect word.
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Rating: 4.38
Can you guess whether these quotes come from the works of William Shakespeare or from the Bible?
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Rating: 4.10
Based on the family members, guess the last names of these basketball families.
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Rating: 4.11
Guess these short answers about the Revolutionary War.
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Rating: 3.11
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Rating: 4.11
Los Angeles district that is synonymous with movies?
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Rating: 4.20
Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, etc...
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Rating: 4.15
Guess these African geographical places and things, one for each letter of the alphabet.
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Rating: 4.78
Which countries have the lowest average percentage of cloud cover over the entire territory of the country?
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Rating: 4.18
Name the states with the greatest tax collection as a percent personal income.
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Rating: 4.10
Such as a space telescope launched in 1990.
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Rating: 4.17
Can you name the person featured in each of these pictures with Queen Elizabeth II?
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Rating: 3.88
Leaders who ruled with an iron fist... and a heart of gold.
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Rating: 4.36
We hired an expensive Madison Avenue advertising firm to come up with slogans to promote these different animals. Based on the slogan, guess the animal!
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Probably not. But, even so, try to answer these multiple choice questions about William Shakespeare and his many plays.
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Name the top countries that Colombia exports to and imports from.
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Rating: 4.25
Can you guess these things you could find under the sea?
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Rating: 4.17
Guess the modern-day countries that were once in the Italian Empire, in whole or in part.
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Rating: 4.35
Can you name the state based off a description from its Wikipedia article?
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Rating: 4.33
In which countries were the highest percentage of deaths caused by a natural disaster, from 1990-2017?
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Rating: 4.45
Can you guess these Asian geographical answers that start with the letter L?