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811Lord of the Rings (the one quiz to rule them all)
809Daily Country Riddle #2
80910 Most-Instagrammed Cities of 2013
809Famous Germans
809Guess The Fruit - Picture Quiz
808Formula 1: Most Points Per Team - Red Bull
808Race-to-Nine Word Puzzle #18
808Generator Puzzle #22
807Generator Puzzle #18
807B Answers Quiz - Geography
807Harry Potter Houses - Groups of Things
807Most Popular Social Networking Sites
807The Flash Season 2
8073-Letter Scrabble Words that start with "E"
806Name the Author (British and Irish Literature)
805Formula 1 Teams and Drivers 2020
805Porsche Cars by Picture
805DLR Stations
805Smallest Cities with a Metro System
80525 Most Intelligent US Presidents(according to IQ)
805Broadway Musicals By Song
803What books/plays are these movies based on?
803Artists Beginning with B
802Most Populous U.S. States - A-Z
802British History by Letter - G
802Which Harry Potter? - Click Quiz
802English Monarchs Since 802 CE
802Sidemen Quiz
801F1 Winners: Canadian Grand Prix
801Every United States Senator Ever
801Phineas and Ferb Catchphrases
802Songs from Broadway Musicals
801To Kill a Mockingbird Trivia
801WW2 Guns
801Most Popular Websites On The Internet
801Wartime Presidents of the United States
800Harry Potter Fun Facts
800Apple Products
800Biggest Trading Partners - France
800Pride and Prejudice Quotes
799Marvel Comics A-Z
799Hobbits in Middle Earth
799U, V, W, X, Y, Z Colors
799Countries Closest to the Tropics A-Z
799World Languages A-Z #3
798The Americas Geography by Letter - P
798Asian Cities with the Biggest Economies
798Islamic Countries
798Star Trek: Deep Space Nine characters
798How many WW2 battles can you name?
797Book quiz - 20th century authors
797Leaders during WW2
797Biggest Cities in Modern-Day Soviet Union with an Exception
798Disney's Encanto Family Members
797Disney Villain Deaths and Defeats
796 Hunger Games Quiz
796All 4-Letter Words Starting with “R”
796Biggest British Cities and Towns A-Z
795Biggest Arms Exporters Quiz
795Good Luck Charlie Theme Tune (Hang in there baby) lyrics
795Guess Five Countries by an Unknown Category by Continent #2
79415 Most Populous Countries that Drive on the Right
794General Maths
794Capitals of European Monarchies
794Guess the Hamilton Song #4
794Attack On Titan/Shingeki No Kyojin Characters Quiz
794Trivia Answer Hunt #1
794World War II Quotes
794100 Most Followed on Instagram 2016
794DLR - Docklands Light Railway Stations
793University of California Campuses Map Quiz
793F1 drivers by picture
792Countries A-Z by Highest Number of Google Results
792Famous People Breakdown Puzzle #1
792Artists by Pictures of Artwork 2
792Horror Movie Trivia
792Geography by Number of Letters #2
792DC's Legends of Tomorrow
792First Children of the United States
792American Politicians by Picture
792Thor: Ragnarok Quotes
792Random Formula One Drivers by Picture
7925000 Digits of Pi - No Yellow Box
792Best Country Flags of the World According to the JetPunk Discord
791Top 100 Brands in the World (Forbes edition)
791Disney Live Action Characters
791F1 Winners: British Grand Prix
791La Vie Boheme (Rent) Lyrics
791JetPunk Family Feud - Round 2
791NASCAR Cup Winners at Martinsville Speedway
791Biggest Cities without Skyscrapers
791Hangman Game - Guess the Phrase!
790A to Z: Classical Composers
790Identify the language: Let It Go multilanguage version
790All 4-Letter Words Starting with “D”
790All Formula 1 Toleman/Benetton/Renault/Lotus/Alpine drivers
790A-Z Countries Quiz
790Times Tables - forward
789Zombie Movies
789Most Important World Leaders
789My Hero Academia Trivia (Hard)
789Nazi Germany, 1933-1945
788British Formula 1 World Champions
788A to Z: Single-letter prefixes
788Generator Puzzle #23
787Lord of the Rings - Word Puzzle #1
787The lion king songs
787Top 20 weapon exporting Countries
786LEGO Licensed Themes
786Shakespeare Characters from 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'
786Ultimate Game of Thrones Actors Quiz
786Five Richest Countries by Continent with Exceptions
786Jetpunk Crossword Puzzle
786F1 Constructors Top 4 Positions
785JoJo Stands
785Nations of Napoleon: Total War
785Biggest Canadian cities by letter
784Eliminate States #1
784Foreign Conflicts Tracked by U.S.
784Math from A to Z
784Formula 1 Pole Position kings 1950-2022
783Top 50 Formula 1 Drivers by Points
783Churches by picture
783Top 10 Most Viewed U.S. Presidents on Wikipedia
783Guess the Song - Disney #1
783Most Successful Formula 1 Drivers by Country (Top 3)
783Capital Cities Breakdown Puzzle #4
783Barbie Life in the Dream House Characters
782Harry Potter films 1-8
782U.S. Senators - 118th Congress
782The Philosophers Quiz
781A Crooked Quiz
781Most Significant US Presidents
781Metric Names for Numbers
781Jane Austen Couples
781Amazing Grace Lyrics
780Top 15 Harry Potter Characters By Mention
779All Adidas Yeezy 350 Boost Shoes Quiz
779All Marvel Movies and TV Shows
779Sherlock Holmes
779Car Logos
779Stockholm Metro Stations
779Famous Battles in History
778The Greatest Poets of All Time
778Game of Thrones Houses
778Disney Song Lyrics: Frozen: Let It Go
777Homestuck trolls ancestors
777Book Titles AKA's
777U.S. Presidents with the Highest Military Rank
777Name a Country for Each Alphabetical Group
777Fashion Capitals of the World
776Star Wars: All Sith/Dark Side Users/Allies (Canon)
776Cities with the Most JetPunk Users
776Category Elimination #1 - Countries
777U.S. City Skyline Quiz (difficult)
775Countries that DON'T contain any letter of JETPUNK
77580's Cartoons Based on Boy Toys
774The Ultimate Warriors Quiz: Cats of the Clans
773AK’s General Knowledge A-Z #21
773Top 100 Most Common Words in the Book of Mormon
773Most Viewed Buildings on Wikipedia
773Countries Inside Other Countries
773You've heard of the college but in which state is it located?
772Russian Monarchs Quiz
772Disneyland Attractions
772Bestselling Swiss watch brands
772Hamilton-We Know Lyrics
771Biggest Trading Partners - Czechia
771Martell 101
772The 74th and 75th hunger games tributes
77110 longest reigning British monarchs
771Generator Puzzle #21
770Top 5 Trading Partners of G20
770Alice in Wonderland Characters
770Daily Country Riddle #96
769Harry Potter Logic Puzzle #4
769Biggest and Least Guessed Countries by Rank
769Top 20 Largest Economies in 2050
769All Formula 1 Tyrrell/BAR/Honda/Brawn/Mercedes drivers
769The Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring Quotes
768Countries With Most Google Visitors
768Songs in Disney's Moana
767Spirit Animals (Book Series) Quiz
767Solar System Quiz
767Lord of the Rings' Most Attractive Characters
767Countries with the biggest population of Jews around Europe in 1933
767Fill in the Disney lyrics- Reflection
766The Fault In Our Stars
766Countries with an Equal Number of Consonants and Vowels
766Ultimate Narnia Characters
766Virginia Colleges and Universities
766Random Star Wars Characters by Picture
765Keywords in JavaScript