Misc Topic Quizzes - Page 33

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Rating: 4.59
Can you answer these questions about the dystopian novel "Nineteen Eighty-Four"?
Played: 11,851
Rating: 4.16
Can you name the top international football players in the world in 2020 according to a panel of 241 judges organized by the Guardian?
Played: 11,845
Rating: 4.51
Can you name the city based off an excerpt from its Wikipedia article?
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Rating: 4.63
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Rating: 3.87
Guess whether these statements about U.S. Presidents are true or false.
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Rating: 4.31
Can you name these facts about the Russian leader Vladimir Lenin?
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Rating: 3.83
A geography word scramble and general knowledge puzzle!
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Rating: 4.22
Guess these words that are also the names of car models.
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Rating: 4.09
Identify these musical things that start with the letter O.
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Rating: 4.22
A quiz that combines word scrambling skills with movie trivia.
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Rating: 4.50
For each selected category, name a U.S. President who ranks higher than Thomas Jefferson.
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Rating: 4.88
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Rating: 4.35
Can you guess the abbreviations of the U.S. government agencies that perform each of these tasks?
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Rating: 4.29
Played: 11,675
Rating: 4.48
Can you name the 15 largest cities in the Confederate States in the year 1860, a year before the start of the U.S. Civil War?
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Rating: 4.23
For each selected category, name the state capital that ranks either #1 or #2.
Played: 11,604
Rating: 4.38
Name the states of the U.S. which have a higher median household income than every other state they border.
Played: 11,544
Rating: 4.92
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Rating: 4.69
Played: 11,528
Rating: 4.38
Can you guess the names of these science fiction movies based on a description of their plot?
Played: 11,501
Rating: 4.25
Can you name the countries that have most kilometers of road per square kilometer of area?
Played: 11,489
Rating: 4.35
Can you name the brightest extraterrestrial objects in the sky, as viewed from Earth?
Played: 11,443
Rating: 4.35
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Rating: 3.77
Played: 11,426
Played: 11,426
Rating: 4.00
A geography word scramble and general knowledge puzzle!
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Rating: 4.44
Played: 11,350
Rating: 4.10
Based on picture, can you name these famous German people from history and the present?
Played: 11,335
Rating: 3.58
Capital of the United States?
Played: 11,333
Rating: 3.96
Guess the five states where Trump won the electoral vote in 2016, but Biden won in 2020.
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Rating: 4.07
Such as the author of "The Great Gatsby".
Played: 11,324
Rating: 4.02
Can you guess these historical answers that contain the letter X?
Played: 11,318
Rating: 4.28
Can you guess the facts related to the history and theory of Communism?
Played: 11,316
Rating: 4.55
We give you the Vice President, you guess the President under which they served. The answers change every time you play!
Played: 11,311
Rating: 3.79
Name the world's largest companies in the Information Technology sector, based on their stock market value.
Played: 11,304
Rating: 4.16
A geography word scramble and general knowledge puzzle!
Played: 11,295
Rating: 4.23
For each letter of the alphabet, guess these answers related to the years 1301-1400.
Played: 11,248
Rating: 4.40
Can you answer these questions about the history of the Netherlands?
Played: 11,236
Rating: 4.09
Identify these musical things that start with the letter K.
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Rating: 4.11
Played: 11,184
Rating: 3.78
Can you name the children of the last six U.S. Presidents?
Played: 11,179
Rating: 4.22
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Rating: 4.60
Played: 11,150
Rating: 4.17
We give you the titles of two books. Can you the guess the state where both books took place?
Played: 11,135
Rating: 4.28
Try to name the songs whose Wikipedia articles have been viewed the most times.
Played: 11,125
Rating: 4.40
Can you name the authors of these famous science fiction and fantasy books?
Played: 11,076
Rating: 4.94