Misc Topic Quizzes - Page 7

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Rating: 4.90
Try to name the countries that start with letter I based on their shapes.
Played: 68,913
Rating: 4.51
Munich is the capital of one of the answers.
Played: 68,909
Rating: 4.97
Can you name the modern-day countries that were directly controlled by Nazi Germany at its peak in 1942?
Played: 68,703
Rating: 4.94
For each selected flag, name the country whose name starts with C.
Played: 68,680
Rating: 4.45
Can you guess these European geographical answers that start with the letter L?
Played: 68,675
Rating: 4.13
One of these is humanity's closest living relative.
Played: 68,552
Rating: 4.17
Guess the family name shared by the members of these real and fictional families.
Played: 68,104
Rating: 3.86
Name the top 50 comic book heroes of all time - according to IGN.
Played: 67,967
Rating: 4.15
The animal that pulls Santa's sleigh, for example.
Played: 67,898
Rating: 4.32
For each JetPunk quiz, name the answer that is guessed the highest percentage of the time.
Played: 67,834
Rating: 4.33
Can you name the Marvel characters who are portrayed by these actors?
Played: 67,821
Rating: 4.11
Some that everyone will know, plus a few on the more obscure side.
Played: 67,673
Rating: 4.35
Such as the currency of Japan.
Played: 67,587
Rating: 4.94
Can you name the countries whose territory lies closest to Israel?
Played: 67,499
Rating: 4.31
Based on a description, can you name these cities and towns that were important in WWII?
Played: 67,489
Rating: 4.60
For each letter, name these people, places, and things from World War 2.
Played: 67,468
Rating: 4.21
One says "hoot"!
Played: 67,425
Rating: 4.08
Such as the capital of France.
Played: 67,391
Rating: 4.68
Can you name these important historical figures whose names start with each letter of the alphabet?
Played: 67,321
Rating: 4.37
Such as the name of 18 French kings.
Played: 67,087
Rating: 4.29
Such as the biggest type of cat.
Played: 67,069
Rating: 4.15
Fill in the missing lyrics to the song.
Played: 66,956
Rating: 4.88
Can you name the world capitals that are most often guessed on the JetPunk world capitals quiz?
Played: 66,931
Rating: 4.99
Name the 24 countries which have the most users on JetPunk.
Played: 66,914
Rating: 4.59
A very well-researched user quiz!
Played: 66,765
Rating: 4.56
Name the world's most populous majority-Muslim cities.
Played: 66,575
Rating: 4.56
Can you name the subtitles of the nine "Star Wars" episodes?
Played: 66,540
Rating: 4.47
Such as the longest river in the EU.
Played: 66,193
Rating: 4.75
Can you guess the countries which are led by these people?
Played: 66,100
Rating: 4.22
Such as the biggest city in British Colombia.
Played: 65,938
Rating: 4.15
Equid, for example.
Played: 65,871
Rating: 4.23
Such as the temple on the acropolis of Athens.
Played: 65,784
Rating: 4.46
Name these famous figures from WWII.
Played: 65,757
Rating: 4.90
Can you guess the states of the U.S.A. that have the coldest average temperature?
Played: 65,757
Rating: 3.74
Guess the musical acts that performed these songs.
Played: 65,724
Rating: 4.22
Such as the country with Europe's biggest economy.
Played: 65,410
Rating: 4.19
Such as the smallest planet.
Played: 65,241
Rating: 3.65
For each letter, name one of the top 5 most common names for baby boys that starts with that letter.
Played: 65,111
Rating: 4.93
Name the fifteen countries that have the largest Hindu population.
Played: 65,047
Rating: 4.32
One can survive an Antarctic winter.
Played: 64,988
Rating: 4.25
Name the books that featured these famous characters.
Played: 64,739
Rating: 4.46
You probably don't know anything about WWI.
Played: 64,575
Rating: 4.09
Can you name the biggest type of animal in each of these categories?
Played: 64,520
Rating: 4.38
Question #1: Who was the king of the Greek gods?
Played: 64,512
Rating: 4.90
Name the capital cities of the countries that have the largest Gross National Product.
Played: 64,329
Rating: 4.42
Beat the clock to name the squares of these numbers.
Played: 64,260
Rating: 4.55
Such as a country in Iberia.
Played: 64,045
Rating: 4.16
Hint: Caveman is not the correct answer for Geico.
Played: 64,017
Rating: 4.34
Bram Stoker's vampire, for example.
Played: 63,957
Rating: 4.19
Such as an animal that quacks.