Misc Topic Quizzes - Page 8

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Rating: 4.31
First female Prime Minister of the UK?
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Rating: 4.43
Country known for fjords?
Played: 63,729
Rating: 4.74
Name the countries that suffered at least 300 deaths in the Second Indochina War from 1955–1975.
Played: 63,706
Rating: 4.79
Which countries that have the most adults with a net worth over 1 million U.S. dollars?
Played: 63,604
Rating: 4.98
Can you name all the countries start with A, E, I, O, or U? Have fun!
Played: 63,570
Rating: 4.96
Name a valid country that first each category until only one country remains.
Played: 63,505
Rating: 4.15
Johann Sebastian, for example.
Played: 63,434
Rating: 4.99
For each letter of the alphabet, name any country that starts with that letter.
Played: 63,385
Rating: 4.84
Based on the date and the invader, guess the country that was invaded.
Played: 63,131
Rating: 4.89
Name the countries of the world that have at least three universities ranked in the top 200.
Played: 63,104
Rating: 4.93
Name the countries that have the highest ever recorded temperatures.
Played: 63,056
Rating: 4.75
Guess the country (or capital) that fits in each series of categories until only one remains.
Played: 62,841
Rating: 4.25
Based on the definitions, can you guess these words from the world of mathematics?
Played: 62,784
Rating: 4.01
Can you name the characters who have been on screen for at least 35 minutes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?
Played: 62,733
Rating: 3.63
For each letter, name one of the top 5 most common names for baby girls that starts with that letter.
Played: 62,588
Rating: 4.22
For each category, name the biggest thing.
Played: 62,502
Rating: 4.94
Name the top five countries for each of these random categories. The categories change every time you play!
Played: 62,423
Rating: 4.55
For each letter of the alphabet, which countries lie closest to the United States?
Played: 62,089
Rating: 4.16
Name the books that featured these famous characters.
Played: 61,988
Rating: 4.90
Name the countries that share a land border that have the largest difference in GDP per Capita.
Played: 61,929
Rating: 4.08
Such as Japan's most famous mountain.
Played: 61,890
Rating: 4.34
"The Eternal City", for example.
Played: 61,743
Rating: 4.15
Killer whale, for example.
Played: 61,675
Rating: 4.16
Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water!
Played: 61,661
Rating: 4.91
Can you name the countries with the largest GDPs in North and South America?
Played: 61,563
Rating: 4.24
Name the First Ladies of the United States.
Played: 61,533
Rating: 4.44
Guess the countries that these notable people are/were from.
Played: 61,527
Rating: 3.94
Fill the blanks in these contradictory terms.
Played: 61,523
Rating: 4.04
How many Avengers can you name? Try to name all the members that were EVER on the team in Marvel comic books.
Played: 61,500
Rating: 4.33
Such as the victorious admiral at Trafalgar.
Played: 61,444
Rating: 4.13
Can you guess these facts from Disney's 1994 animated classic "The Lion King"?
Played: 61,415
Rating: 4.75
Four U.S. Presidents have been assassinated. Can you name them?
Played: 61,405
Rating: 4.84
Try to guess whether each statement applies to the First World War or the Second World War.
Played: 61,375
Rating: 4.16
Based on the clues, name these European cities starting with each letter.
Played: 61,288
Rating: 4.42
The ugly ducking's true identity, for example.
Played: 61,279
Rating: 4.31
Such as the capital of Finland.
Played: 61,183
Rating: 4.05
Name the Marvel characters or teams that have been the subject of a feature film since the year 1998.
Played: 61,154
Rating: 4.32
Such as the French word for coffee.
Played: 61,140
Rating: 4.37
Such as the civilization that built Machu Picchu.
Played: 61,066
Rating: 4.27
This one's pretty easy.
Played: 61,047
Rating: 4.98
Name the country, starting with each letter, whose territory lies closest to Spain.
Played: 60,873
Rating: 4.41
Fill the blanks in these Google autocompletes that start with "What's the difference between".
Played: 60,859
Rating: 4.52
Name the members of OPEC, the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries.
Played: 60,763
Rating: 4.74
Can you name the geographic places that are marked on the world map - all starting with the letter A?
Played: 60,711
Rating: 4.13
Chinese cities are busy making this quiz obsolete.
Played: 60,565
Rating: 3.94
Such as the capital of the United States.
Played: 60,401
Rating: 4.82
Answer the questions to reveal pieces of a hidden country.
Played: 60,151
Rating: 4.94
Name the five most well-known cities on each continent, based on JetPunk stats.
Played: 59,985
Rating: 4.00
Such as a North African desert.
Played: 59,938
Rating: 4.96
Name the modern-day countries who possess territory that was occupied by Japanese troops during WWII.