Misc TV Quizzes

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Rating: 4.15
Updated! Name the American sitcoms that have run at least 160 episodes on network TV.
Played: 39,438
Rating: 4.32
These American television shows have first names in the title. Fill in the blanks.
Played: 38,619
Rating: 4.33
Can you guess the U.S. states - including D.C. - in which each pair of TV shows is set?
Played: 33,904
Rating: 4.15
We give you the spin-off, you give us the original show.
Played: 20,986
Rating: 4.05
Based on the definitions, guess the words that are also the names of TV shows.
Played: 14,478
Rating: 4.00
Can you name the TV show that feature these fictional places?
Played: 14,202
Rating: 4.04
For each television show, name the person who hosted it.
Played: 10,970
Rating: 3.90
Name the people who hosted these game shows.
Played: 5,535
Rating: 3.90
But none of these people are on The Voice
Played: 1,365
Played: 1,334
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Played: 280
Played: 97
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