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Name the countries that had at least 10,000 military deaths during WWII.
Can you name all the countries of the world that have ever been run as a single-party Marxist state?
The Axis powers controlled parts of 69 modern-day countries. How many can you name?
Name the countries that had at least 1,000 military deaths during WWI.
Try to guess the countries that were part of the Soviet Union before it dissolved.
Can you name the 10 most populous U.S. cities in each decennial census?
Guess these countries that gained independence in 1990 or later.
Name all the countries of Europe that existed in 1946, after the end of the Second World War.
Can you name these people, places, battles, and words from the Second World War?
Try to name all the countries of Europe just before World War I in 1914.
Name the countries of Europe that neither invaded other countries nor were themselves invaded during World War II.
661,037 Countries in World War II
374,332 Communist Countries in History
178,305 Countries in World War I
177,190 Axis Occupied Countries of WWII
142,483 Countries of the Soviet Union
130,596 Biggest US Cities by Decade
129,001 Recently Independent Countries Quiz
127,633 WWII Trivia #1
126,641 Countries of Europe After World War II
107,631 Neutral European Countries of WWII
107,016 Countries of Europe Before World War I
93,185 Modern Day Countries of Nazi Germany on a Map
86,875 WWII Geography
83,428 World War II Multiple Choice
81,417 World War I Quiz
79,501 WWII A-Z #1
79,478 WWI... or WWII?
74,943 Important Cities in WWII
74,481 WWII Trivia #2
72,765 The 20th Century
72,640 Notable People of WWII
72,489 Countries of the Japanese Empire
63,731 Soviet Leaders 1917–1991
63,357 Warsaw Pact Countries
62,076 Most Populous Countries in 1950
58,791 Countries Invaded by the USSR
57,386 25 Biggest Cities of the Soviet Union
56,443 WWII for Dummies
54,950 Modern-Day Axis-Occupied Countries of WWII on a Map
54,907 Soviet Union Country Quiz
53,859 Former Capitals Quiz
48,630 Cold War Trivia #1
47,946 The Dictator Files: Adolf Hitler
42,718 WWII A-Z #2
42,074 WWII Decoder
39,644 Ultimate 20th Century History Quiz
37,813 Name a Valid Answer - World War II
35,656 1960s Decade Quiz #1
35,456 1950s Decade Quiz
33,051 Cold War Decoder
32,893 Territory Changes in World War I
32,842 WWII First Names
32,493 The Dictator Files: Joseph Stalin
32,418 Hollywood Screen Legends Quiz
31,184 Biggest Axis-Controlled Cities
30,850 History of Nuclear Weapons
30,610 Space Exploration Trivia
30,131 WWI A-Z
29,897 World Leaders of the World Wars
29,116 1960s Decade Quiz #2
29,039 Which Country in WWII?
28,991 WWII Figures by Picture
28,054 The Bill Clinton Presidency
28,016 WWII True or False?
26,115 Normandy D-Day Beaches
25,706 Countries of the German Empire
24,600 Roman Provinces on a Map
24,433 The Events of 9/11
24,017 Cities Bombed During WWII
23,659 WWII Movies
22,478 Cold War Trivia #2
21,439 The Ronald Reagan Presidency
20,987 Countries by Percent WWII Deaths
20,493 Flags of WW1
19,983 The Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidency
19,134 The Richard Nixon Presidency
19,100 Countries of the Italian Empire
18,986 American Generations
18,911 World Leaders of the Cold War
18,808 The George H. W. Bush Presidency
17,995 Countries Most Affected by the 2004 Tsunami
17,053 100 Biggest Soviet Cities in 1989 with a Map
16,226 The Jimmy Carter Presidency
14,564 The Dictator Files: Vladimir Lenin
14,116 A Quiz About Communism
13,295World War 2 Tanks Quiz (Difficult)
11,658 The Dictator Files: Benito Mussolini
11,201World War II Trivia
11,181 Places Where Winston Churchill Said We Would Fight the Nazis
10,867 Albert Einstein Quiz
10,826 The Assassination of JFK
10,440 The Life of Winston Churchill
7,791Famous In WW2
6,941Territorial Losses of Germany after WWI with Disappearing Map
6,797WW2 Deaths By Countries
6,787World War 2 Quiz
5,971WW1 Or WW2?
5,661Indo-European Languages in 250 BC with a Map
5,526European countries that were not occupied in World War II
5,399100 Biggest US Cities in 1950
5,327(In)famous Nazis
5,311German Tanks of World War 2
5,275German WW2 tanks by pictures
5,214Administrative Divisions of Nazi Germany (with a Map)
4,938Countries bordering the Soviet Union
4,820Flags of WW2
4,696Collapse of the Soviet Union with a Map
4,529European Countries in 1950
4,503Countries that Declared War in WW1
4,456Royal Air Force and Royal Navy Aircraft of WW2
4,425Rulers of Russia and the Soviet Union
4,050Countries visited by Adolf Hitler
3,903World War II Casualties
3,71315 guns of WW1 - Place of origin #1
3,606Countries of the cold war
3,582Tanks of WW2 - Place of origin
3,440Unrecognized Countries
3,362Communist Countries on a Map
3,156Nazi Germany (1933-1945)
3,149Countries of the World in 1914 by Borders
3,055All Modern-Day Countries Ever Controlled by the Soviet Union
2,755WWII: Axis... or Allies?
2,727WW2 Planes Quiz - With Pictures
2,709Territorial Changes After the Cold War
2,677Flags of the USSR Republics
2,619Leaders in WWII
2,587100 most important politicians of the 20th century
2,504Countries that stayed neutral in WWII
2,488Countries that declared war on Japan in WW2
2,380Languages Of The Soviet Union (USSR)
2,344Countries with Most Syrian Refugees
2,285The First World War
2,209Cold War Communist Countries
2,184Difficult WW2 Trivia
2,140Countries in the Former Soviet Union
2,142WW2 hard questions for brainiacs
2,076Operations in WWII
2,076WWII Battleship/Battlecruiser Classes
2,065World War II Basic Knowledge #2
1,999Decades of History - Tile Select Quiz
1,983Battlefields of WWI on Map (all countries and 100k+ cities)
1,965Countries invaded by the NAZIs
1,960World War I Casualties
1,892World War 1 Quiz
1,865Space Race : USA or USSR?
1,858Cities by Old Photos
1,850Countries that Bordered Germany before World War II (1939)
1,821Military Invasions and Occupations by the Soviet Union
1,811Prisoner camps of Nazi Germany
1,804Countries that Formed the Soviet Union
1,769Battles of World War II
1,704World War Two A-Z
1,685Former USSR Cities over 1 Million Population
1,647Countries that Boycotted the 1980 Moscow Olympics
1,644People of the 20th Century-Picture Quiz
1,632WWII Trivia
1,618Most Powerful Countries at the Start of WW2
1,614History of Communism
1,604World War II Trivia - Very Hard #1
1,603World War 2
1,590British Tanks of World War 2
1,560Events of 1968
1,543Every country to have declared war on the Axis during WWII
1,539Biggest Cities in the Former Soviet Union
1,510WWII Battles: Allied or Axis Victory? Click Quiz
1,473Nazi Germany - Picture Quiz
1,47121st Century History Quiz
1,461First 10 Countries Invaded by Germany in WWII
1,458Countries with the Most Contamination from Chernobyl
1,448USSR Leaders
1,448World War II Battles on a Map
1,424Empires Of The Great War (WW1)
1,407Capitals of the Former Soviet Union Countries
1,394World War II Countries With the most Civilian Deaths
1,368Flags of Communist Countries
1,349Difficult Cold War Trivia
1,307World War Two American Aircraft
1,293WW1 Flags
1,242Cold War Facts
1,236Ethnic Groups In The Soviet Union
1,228100 Most Influential People Of The 20th Century
1,217Former USSR State Capitals
1,179Sports by Greatest Athlete of All Time
1,176Sir Winston Churchill quotes
1,151Countries With The Most Deaths in WWII
1,115World War II Trivia
1,102Geography of the Soviet Union
1,09420 deadliest battles of WW1
1,068Countries Russia and the Soviets Invaded, Occupied or Fought
1,058WW2 Guns
1,040WW2 Aircraft - Place of origin #1
1,032Country's Nazi Germany Occupied During WW2
1,024Biggest lost and gained cities by Poland after WW2
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