Movie Quizzes - Page 2

Played: 72,277
Rating: 3.96
King of the World, Kate Winslet, Iceberg. Which movie could it be?
Played: 71,589
Rating: 4.07
Can you name the characters who have been on screen for at least 35 minutes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?
Played: 70,695
Rating: 4.31
Can you guess the movies that featured these famous scenes?
Played: 70,198
Rating: 4.09
Can you guess these facts from Disney's 1994 animated classic "The Lion King"?
Played: 69,860
Rating: 4.27
Tin Man, Flying Monkeys, Tornado. Which movie could it be?
Played: 69,585
Rating: 3.87
Name the top 50 comic book heroes of all time - according to IGN.
Played: 69,571
Rating: 4.38
We describe the death of one of the characters. You name the movie.
Played: 69,012
Rating: 4.19
Cattlemen & Extraterrestrials?
Played: 68,650
Rating: 4.33
Can you guess the movies that had these subtitles?
Played: 67,997
Rating: 4.06
We give you the couple, you name the movie or series they appeared in.
Played: 67,753
Rating: 3.98
This is JetPunk! Name the movies that featured these famous quotes from the years 2000 - 2009.
Played: 67,251
Rating: 4.46
Name the highest-grossing movies of all time at the U.S. box office, adjusted for inflation.
Played: 67,147
Rating: 4.87
Name the winners of the Oscar for Best Animated Feature.
Played: 66,658
Rating: 4.25
We'll let you take this quiz, but first you gotta do the truffle shuffle.
Played: 65,934
Rating: 4.20
This movie came out exactly thirteen years ago today. Lindsay Lohan, what happened?
Played: 64,659
Rating: 4.36
For example, _____ in Wonderland.
Played: 64,505
Rating: 4.24
He was my favorite white guy on "In Living Color"?
Played: 64,334
Rating: 4.04
Name the Marvel characters or teams that have been the subject of a feature film since the year 1998.
Played: 64,141
Rating: 4.02
How many Avengers can you name? Try to name all the members that were EVER on the team in Marvel comic books.
Played: 63,220
Rating: 3.93
Name the movie that came next in each movie series.
Played: 62,575
Rating: 4.13
Name the movies that featured these famous horror villains.
Played: 61,868
Rating: 4.05
Thousands of balloons lift a house off its foundations and into the air?
Played: 61,235
Rating: 3.56
Fill the blanks in these movie titles.
Played: 60,920
Rating: 4.34
For each letter A-Z, guess these answers related to the "Star Wars" movies.
Played: 58,944
Rating: 4.39
The Slow and the Calm? Guess these movie titles by their antonyms.
Played: 58,510
Rating: 4.25
Cowell, Abdul, Jackson. Can you name these TV shows based on three of their cast members?
Played: 57,898
Rating: 4.47
Guess these short answers about "Star Wars".
Played: 57,294
Rating: 4.11
Guess the first names of these famous actors.
Played: 56,668
Rating: 4.11
Answer these questions about movies and actors. One per year since 1990.
Played: 56,575
Rating: 3.94
Aliens easily destroy most of the Earth's major cities, but are somehow defeated by fighter pilots and a computer hacker?
Played: 56,390
Rating: 4.28
The most commercially-successful actor of his generation.
Played: 56,326
Rating: 4.28
Ugly monster must find true love with the help of a talking candelabra?
Played: 56,274
Rating: 4.10
Guess the lyrics to 'A Whole New World' from Aladdin.
Played: 55,592
Rating: 4.96
Can you name these classic 1980s movies from a silhouette?
Played: 55,489
Rating: 4.30
Can you name these movie franchises based on partial titles from the series?
Played: 54,969
Rating: 4.03
The last letter of each answer is the the first letter of the next.
Played: 54,712
Rating: 4.28
These movies mentioned the title of the movie in the film. Fill in the quotes with the name of the movie.
Played: 54,413
Rating: 4.16
There's no place like home! Can you guess these movies based on their closing lines?
Played: 54,224
Rating: 4.43
Based on the quote, name the movie.
Played: 54,124
Rating: 4.30
Guess the first names of these famous actresses.
Played: 53,662
Rating: 4.10
A bus will explode if its velocity falls below 50 miles per hour?
Played: 53,360
Rating: 4.13
All the words are movie titles. Based on the definitions, guess the words.
Played: 53,303
Rating: 4.06
Proof that, with the right swagger, anybody can be a sex symbol.
Played: 52,866
Rating: 4.40
Use the clues to name the highest-grossing movies from the 1980s.
Played: 52,159
Rating: 4.10
The last letter of each answer is the the first letter of the next.
Played: 52,111
Rating: 4.17
Based on the nickname, guess the superhero.
Played: 52,048
Rating: 4.30
Name the actors who portrayed these famous movie characters.
Played: 51,475
Rating: 4.18
Can you guess these movie titles that are simply a person's first name?
Played: 51,339
Rating: 3.99
Guess the first names of these famous actors.
Played: 51,268
Rating: 4.44
Woman and man sensually share a pottery wheel?