Movie Quizzes - Page 4

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Rating: 4.41
Forty different movies have won 6 or more Academy Awards. How many can you name (with the help of some pretty big hints)?
Played: 39,487
Rating: 3.61
1.21 gigawatts? Great Scott!
Played: 39,467
Rating: 4.22
Guess the movie, based on its opening line.
Played: 39,280
Rating: 3.95
Name the actors who appeared in each group of three movies.
Played: 39,115
Rating: 4.39
Name the movies directed by Quentin Tarantino.
Played: 38,972
Rating: 4.20
A place where marginally employed twenty-somethings can afford marvelous apartments!
Played: 38,882
Rating: 4.05
Guess the missing person in these duos from movie titles.
Played: 38,733
Rating: 4.24
Complete the puzzle by naming the on-screen couples.
Played: 38,717
Rating: 4.29
Can you name the greatest male Hollywood actors of all-time based on their performance in Oscar nominations?
Played: 38,715
Rating: 3.54
Giant ape runs amok in New York City?
Played: 38,601
Rating: 4.91
Can you guess the year that each of these Star Wars movies came out?
Played: 38,233
Rating: 4.10
Can you name these singers and rappers based on a pair of movies they have starred in?
Played: 38,178
Rating: 3.95
Name the actors who appeared in each group of three movies.
Played: 37,965
Rating: 4.08
Name the actors who portrayed these famous movie characters.
Played: 37,650
Rating: 3.98
Swingin' super spy is thawed to combat his former nemesis?
Played: 37,636
Rating: 4.20
Name the actors who appeared in each group of three movies.
Played: 37,565
Rating: 4.99
James Bond is losing his memory because of too many blows to the head. Can you help him remember all the countries he has visited?
Played: 37,452
Rating: 4.05
They are still making sequels to these movies.
Played: 37,441
Rating: 4.34
Soap maker starts a men's club dedicated to bareknuckle fighting?
Played: 37,325
Rating: 4.16
The sequel, Mr. Smith goes to Ottawa, didn't do as well.
Played: 37,070
Rating: 3.99
Try to name the mutants that appeared in the Fox X-Men movies from 2000–2020.
Played: 36,925
Rating: 4.53
Name these planets that have been featured in the "Star Wars" films.
Played: 36,795
Rating: 4.13
Question #1: What was the name of Dorothy's dog in "The Wizard of Oz"?
Played: 36,583
Rating: 4.37
Season of the Witch. Great movie or THE GREATEST movie?
Played: 36,474
Rating: 4.22
Apes run the world and the Statue of Liberty has been torn down?
Played: 36,351
Rating: 4.21
Robot from the future hunts the unborn leader of the human resistance?
Played: 35,881
Rating: 4.80
Click the correct word which completes each two-word movie title.
Played: 35,747
Rating: 4.33
Musical Austrian family must escape from the Nazis?
Played: 35,638
Rating: 4.54
Can you name the winners of the Academy Award for Best Director?
Played: 35,567
Rating: 4.29
Name the actors who voiced these movie and TV characters.
Played: 35,564
Rating: 3.60
We give you the movie character. You tell us their occupation.
Played: 35,540
Rating: 4.14
Guess these connected four-letter answers related to the world of film.
Played: 35,409
Rating: 3.86
One man and his ten closest associates plan an elaborate casino heist?
Played: 35,278
Rating: 4.52
Name as many actresses as you can who have been nominated for an acting Oscar at least once in their lifetime.
Played: 35,099
Rating: 4.14
Guess the first names of these famous movie characters.
Played: 34,774
Rating: 4.07
Based on the tagline, name the 1990s movie.
Played: 34,725
Rating: 4.42
Supporting actors: the wingmen of the movie world.
Played: 34,661
Rating: 3.96
I see dead people?
Played: 34,446
Rating: 3.99
Translate these movie titles from French to English.
Played: 34,330
Rating: 4.32
Answer these questions about the movies and movie stars of the 1990s.
Played: 34,309
Rating: 4.15
Answer these questions about movies and actors. One per year since 2010.
Played: 34,207
Rating: 4.39
The last letter of this word will be the first letter of the next word.
Played: 34,167
Rating: 4.50
These movie quotes are a character's dying words. Based on the quote, guess the movie.
Played: 34,157
Rating: 4.27
Tropical bobsledders compete in the Olympics?
Played: 33,911
Rating: 3.98
Matt Damon has been a very busy actor - starring in 58 movies through the end of 2023. How many can you name?
Played: 33,688
Rating: 4.22
Name the actors who appeared in each group of three movies.
Played: 33,625
Rating: 4.17
For example, can you name the 6 actors to star as Batman?
Played: 33,614
Rating: 3.86
Carell, Wilson, Fischer, Kaling. Can you name these TV shows based on three of their cast members?
Played: 33,583
Rating: 4.13
Can you guess these movie titles based on their initials and the starring actor?
Played: 33,502
Rating: 4.23
Based on the tagline, name the movie from the 1980s.