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Can you guess each of these well-known movies by a screenshot from that movie?
Can you match each scene to the Disney movie that it comes from?
Can you identify these horror movies based on a picture? Give it your best.
Based on the screenshot, click the name of the movie directed by Steven Spielberg.
Can you guess these movies that took place at Christmastime?
Can you name these movies that starred Tom Hanks based on a screen shot from the movie?
Can you guess these movies set in New York based on a picture?
Based on a picture, can you guess these movies which were set in the Los Angeles area?
Click the James Bond actor who starred in each movie.
Have you been disturbed yet today? Try to guess the movie based on the clown which appeared in it.
Can you name these movies based on a picture of one of the villains?
46,151 Movies by Screenshot
43,321 Disney Movie Images - Click Quiz
32,267 Horror Movies by Picture
25,504 Movie Picture Click - Steven Spielberg
18,545 Christmas Movies by Picture
16,967 Tom Hanks Movies by Picture
15,650 New York City Movies by Picture
13,975 Los Angeles Movies by Picture
10,903 Movie Picture Click - James Bond
9,562 Movie Clowns Picture Quiz
7,202Disney Movie Images - Click Quiz #2
4,542 Movies by Pictures of the Villains
4,1081980s Movie Characters by Picture
3,600Movie Picture Click - Martin Scorsese
2,220Popular Movies by Poster
2,061Marvel Movies by Picture
2,042Steven Spielberg Movies by Picture
1,212Toy Story Characters by Picture
1,203Movie Picture Click - Stanley Kubrick
1,024Popular Movies by Poster II
957Tim Burton Movies by Picture
873One-Word Movie Quotes by Picture
768Popular Movies by Poster III
735Popular Movies by Poster IV
6111989 Movies by Picture
566Popular Movies by Poster V
549Top 50 Movies by IMDb Rating (With Pictures)
520Popular Movies by Poster VII
515Popular Movies by Poster VI
512Popular Movies by Poster IX
482Robert De Niro Movies by Picture
472Popular Movies by Poster VIII
427Popular Movies by Poster X
416James Bond Movies by Picture
407Popular Movies by Poster XI
408Narnia Characters by Picture
379Popular Movies by Poster XIII
373Miami Movies by Picture
368Hotel Transylvania Characters by Picture
361Popular Movies by Poster XII
359Fantastic Beasts Characters by Picture
356Popular Movies by Poster XIV
354Popular Movies by Poster XV
277Back to the Future Characters by Picture
2781980s Kids Movies by Picture
255Fantasy Movies and Films by Picture
2512023 Movies by Picture
249Science Fiction Movies by Picture
254Movies by Pictures of the Villains #2
215Ben Stiller Movies by Picture
206Angelina Jolie Movies by Picture
204Illumination Animated Movies by Picture
206Christopher Lee Movies by Picture
20390s Movie Franchises by Picture
177Comedy Movies by Picture
162Slasher Films by Villain (Picture Quiz)
14380s Movie Franchises by Picture
141Paris Movies by Picture
141Worst Movies of All Time (by Picture)
141Brad Pitt Movies by Picture Quiz
133War Movies by Picture
132Kids Movie Franchises by Picture
129$1 Billion+ Movies at the Worldwide Box Office (by Picture)
1292000s Movie Franchises by Picture
109Zombie Movies and TV Shows by Picture
109Movies with Witches by Picture
106Oscar Best Pictures by Picture #2
91Movies Directed by Women by Picture
922010s Movie Franchises by Picture
8770s Movie Franchises by Picture
79Monster Movies by Picture
79Night at the Museum Actors by Picture
76Daniel Craig Movies by Picture
76Movies with Aliens by Picture
74Box Office Bombs by Picture
71Movies Set in Africa by Picture
70Biopic Movies by Picture
66Historical Films by Picture
62Rome Movies by Picture
59Characters from Tommy Wiseau's The Room by Picture
58Tokyo Movies by Picture
57San Francisco Movies by Picture
50Las Vegas Movies by Picture
44Michael Crichton Book Movies by Picture
44Washington D.C. Movies by Picture
41Joaquin Phoenix Movies by Picture
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18Crime Films by Picture
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