Movies by Picture Quizzes

Played: 32,535
Rating: 4.29
Can you guess each of these well-known movies by a screenshot from that movie?
Played: 24,793
Rating: 4.52
Can you identify these horror movies based on a picture? Give it your best.
Played: 22,088
Rating: 4.49
Can you match each scene to the Disney movie that it comes from?
Played: 14,454
Rating: 4.10
Can you guess these movies that took place at Christmastime?
Played: 14,148
Rating: 4.41
Can you name these movies that starred Tom Hanks based on a screen shot from the movie?
Played: 12,236
Rating: 4.15
Based on a picture, can you guess these movies which were set in the Los Angeles area?
Played: 3,243
Rating: 4.77
Played: 2,955
Rating: 4.82
Played: 2,148
Rating: 4.83
Played: 1,659
Rating: 4.73
Played: 1,376
Rating: 3.80
Played: 1,225
Rating: 4.57
Played: 1,154
Rating: 4.90
Played: 707
Rating: 4.75
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