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Use the clues to name the highest-grossing movies from the 1990s.
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Can you name these classic 1980s movies from a silhouette?
Can you name these classic 1990s movies from a silhouette?
Use the clues to name the highest-grossing movies from the 1980s.
Based on the tagline, name the movie from the year 2000 to present.
Answer these questions about movies and actors. One per year since 2010.
They are still making sequels to these movies.
Based on the tagline, name the movie from the 1980s.
Based on the tagline, name the 1990s movie.
There's no place like JetPunk. I think that's how it went.
91,938 Highest Grossing 1990s Movies
85,214 1990s Movie Quotes
69,475 2000s Movie Quotes Quiz
63,780 1980s Movie Silhouettes
58,823 1990s Movie Silhouettes
55,764 Highest Grossing 1980s Movies
50,118 Recent Movie Taglines Quiz
41,183 Movies by Year, 2010–present
38,303 1980s Movie Quotes Quiz
35,569 1990s Movie Taglines Quiz
34,370 1980s Movie Taglines Quiz
34,334 2000s Movie Co-Stars
34,154 Classic Movie Quotes Quiz
33,263 2010s Movie Co-Stars
30,679 Indiana Jones Countries Visited Map
30,188 1990s Movie Co-Stars
29,670 Back to the Future Trivia
27,731 Top Box Office Stars of the 1990s
25,011 Highest Grossing 1970s Movies
23,271 1990s Movies by Plot
19,793 2010s Movies by Plot
18,972 Movie Decades Click Quiz #1
18,772 1980s Movies by Plot
18,638 Movies by Year, 1950–1969
14,712 Wizard of Oz Quiz
13,129 1980s Movie Co-Stars
11,941 2000s Movies by Plot
11,398 2000s Oscar Best Actress Nominees
8,863 Anchorman Quotes
8,639 Indiana Jones
5,896 Brat Pack Actors
5,375Classic Film Actors
5,012 Ghostbusters Quiz
4,7322014 Oscar Nominees Quiz
3,9801980s Movie Characters by Picture
3,739Top 50 80's Movies
3,684Shrek Quiz
3,410 Movie Decades Click Quiz #2
3,230Classic Film Actresses
2,922 Movie Decades Click Quiz #3
2,6122010s Movies by Scene - Picture Quiz
2,2762013 Oscar Nominees Quiz
2,189Forrest Gump Ultimate Trivia
2,047Best Fight Club Movie Quotes Quiz
1,759Anchorman Quotes
1,7442012 Oscar Nominees Quiz
1,67680's Movies
1,529Movie Quotes from the 90's
1,409Back to the Future Quiz
1,390MGM Contract Players: Golden Era
1,328Classic Old Hollywood Couples
1,284Movie Title Antonyms - Classic Edition
1,1791990s Movies
1,156Back to the Future Trilogy Quiz
1,15680's Actors by Picture
1,038Brat Pack Movies to Actors
1,022Indiana Jones Quiz
1,019Rules of Fight Club
1,016The Wizard of Oz Quiz
996Titanic trivia quiz
8701990s Oscar Best Actor Nominees
852Dirty Dancing Trivia
834Pulp Fiction Cast
805Countries visited by Indiana Jones
791Forrest Gump Movie Quiz
7571990s Oscar Best Actress Nominees
7572010 Movies by Screenshot
7491930s Movies
736100 Top 10 Movies of the 1980s
7232019 Joker Quiz
7211970s Movies #2
696The Breakfast Club Trivia
680La La Land Movie Trivia
681Movie Decades Click Quiz #4
657Ultimate Back to the Future quiz
655Indiana Jones Quotes: Raiders of the Lost Ark
647Casts of Best Picture Oscar-winning movies of the 2010s
635Home Alone Quiz
592Groups of Things-80s Movies
578Shrek 2 Characters
5741989 Movies by Picture
553Top 100 Silent Era Films
542Top Grossing Movies of 2012
527Indiana Jones Quotes: The Last Crusade
522Kung Fu Panda Quiz
4931980s Oscar Best Actress Nominees
489Highest-Grossing Movie by Decade
4712019 Movie Trivia
4702000 Movies by Screenshot
4651980s Oscar Best Actor Nominees
4612019 Oscar Nominees
4582000's Movies by Hint
4551980's Movies by Picture
441Movie Decades Click Quiz #5
4251970s Oscar Best Actor Nominees
417Pulp Fiction Characters
402wizard of oz quiz
3901970's Movies by Hint
388Shrek the Musical - I Know It's Today lyrics
3832010s Oscar Supporting Actress Nominees
381Highest-Grossing Movie Film Genres
378Top Grossing Movies of 2013
376Movie Decades Click Quiz #6
359Shrek Characters
358John Wick Trivia
3522010s Oscar Supporting Actor Nominees
345Indiana Jones Quotes: Temple of Doom
3252010s Oscar Best Director Nominees
323Back to the Future Characters Quiz
3162013 Movie Quotes
308Anchorman Knowledge
3022000s Oscar Supporting Actor Nominees
301Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures (2008) Playable Characters
2922000s Oscar Supporting Actress Nominees
282AFI's 100 Years of Film Scores (Top 25)
2731990's Movies by Hint
270Famous Movies 2010 - 2021
268Back to the Future Characters by Picture
2641980s Kids Movies by Picture
263Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark Movie Quiz
2602010s Oscar Best Picture Nominees
2542010's Movies by Hint
2442000s Oscar Best Director Nominees
239Characters in Shrek's World
236Songs in West Side Story
236Movie Decades Click Quiz #7
234BBC's 100 Funniest Movies (Comedies)
227The Terminator quiz
216Back to the Future
208The Matrix Characters by Picture
206People who Won 3 or More Acting Oscars
2062010s Movies by IMDb Description
204Famous Prequel Movies
203Back to the Future 1 Quiz
2012018 Oscar Nominees
201Back to the Future Quiz Pt 1
1991970's British Films: Screenshots
198Movie Decades Click Quiz #8
189Best selling movies 2016
1851980s Movies by Hint
17990s Movie Franchises by Picture
1691990s Oscar Best Supporting Actor Nominees
168Movie Decades Click Quiz #9
16015 most guessed Hunger Games characters
160George Lucas Filmography
1571980s Best Picture Oscar Nominees - Multiple Choice
148Name That Classic Movie
142Back to the Future Part II Characters Quiz
1391970s Best Picture Oscar Nominees - Multiple Choice
1381990s Best Picture Oscar Nominees - Multiple Choice
1371980's Movie Characters by Quote
137Groups of 4 - Kids
1341980s Movies by IMDb Description
1341980's British Films: Screenshots
1292000s Movies by IMDb Description
1291980s Oscar Best Director Nominees
125Shrek common knowledge
123Countries Indiana Jones has visited
12180s Movie Franchises by Picture
1161990s Movies by IMDb Description
1141990's British Films: Screenshots
1131970s Movies by IMDb Description
112All 1990's Animated Disney Movies
1102000s Movie Franchises by Picture
1062010s Oscar Original Score Nominees
100Famous Actors in "Magnolia"
972000s Best Picture Oscar Nominees - Multiple Choice
92All 2010's Disney Films
92Back to the Future Quiz
7670s Movie Franchises by Picture
752010s Movie Franchises by Picture
75Fight Club the Novel Multiple Choice
712010s Best Picture Oscar Nominees - Multiple Choice
682000's British Films Screenshots (Part 1: 2000-2004)
662010s Oscar Best Animated Pictures Nominees
592017 Oscar Nominees
492016 Oscar Nominees
45The Wizard of Oz A-Z
38Years Marty Travels to in Back to the Future 🗓️
36Despicable Me/Minions Movies by IMDb Description
312010s Oscar Visual Effects Nominees
28Movie Trivia: 1999
272010s Oscar Best International Feature Film Nominees
24Countries in Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine
19All 1990's Disney Animated Movies
18All 2000's Disney Movies (HARD!)
12Artists Who Feature on the School of Rock Soundtrack
6Home Alone - Somewhere in My Memory Lyrics
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