Multiple Choice Quizzes - Page 5

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143Europe - languages
143Arctic... or Antarctic?
142Country to Population Matching
142World War I - Multiple Choice
141Top Trumps - G7 Countries
141World Leaders Multiple Choice Quiz
139English phrases: positive or negative connotations? [C1 lvl]
139Iceland multiple choice
138Austria... or Australia?
138Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland ?
137Who was born earlier? Quiz
135Which City is Furthest South?
134Rep. of the Congo... or Democratic Rep. of the Congo?
133Monument to City Matching
132Kansas or Nebraska?
131Geography true or false
131Granada... or Grenada?
130Time in the USA
129General True or False?
127D.R. Congo True or False?
125Game of Thrones Multiple choice
125Multiple Choice - Australia
125State Capital Test: Southwest
124Stan-Countries Multiple Choice
124South American Capitals
124North Korea... Or South Korea
124Which USA City is Bigger?
123Causes of wars
121Guess the definition - "P"
120Malawi or Mali
120Are They an E.U Member?
120Fun fact to country
119North Korea Multiple Choice
119Which Country?
117Washington Multiple Choice
117The Vatican Multiple Choice
116Creative Ways to Kill James Bond #3
114Austria or Australia?
114US President or UK Prime Minister
114Historic Figures by Native Language - Multiple Choice
113Is that an European Capital?
112Who are the multiple Palme d'Or winners of the Cannes Film Festival ?
112Portmanteau True or False
111World Geography True or False
109German, Austrian or Swiss - Musicians/Bands
108Were They Alive For Their Biopic? #2
107Which Footballer (Has)Scored the Most Career Goals
107Jersey or New Jersey?
107Did it happen? - Napoleon film
106Geography True or False Part 1
106Napoleon I Multiple Choice Quiz
104Germanic or Romance etymology #2: To say
104Geography facts #1
104United States Multiple Choice Country Quiz
104Cloud Types By Picture - Multiple Choice
102Which Nobel Prize won...
102Above or Below the Equator?
101Finland... or Estonia?
101Three Real and One Fake - Elements
100Serbia... or Bosnia and Herzegovina?
100French, Dutch or Belgian - Musicians/Bands
99Which country is last? #2
97Guitars: Fender... or Gibson?
96Super Mario Games - Find the Real
96U.S. Women's College Sports Team Names - What were they thinking?
96Closest City by City
96Dice Throw
92True or False - US Edition
92Nobel... or No Nobel?
90Spot the Imposter - U.S. National Parks
89U.S. Oddities A-Z: College Mascots #1
88Close in Area Countries
87York or New York?
86Mt Rushmore Presidential Trivia
861920s/30s Best Picture Oscar Nominees - Multiple Choice
85Spot the Imposter - Major League Baseball (MLB) Teams
85Vitamins: Water-Soluble or Fat-Soluble?
85Australian or Canadian - Musicians/Bands
85Is that an Asian Capital?
84Which Twin State is Bigger?
84Kuwait vs oman
84Higher Population - Multiple Choice
84Guess the definition - "A"
83Ohio Multiple Choice
83LeBron James... or LeBron James Jr.?
80Random Body Part - Head, Limb or Torso?
80Gandalf... or Gandhi?
79South Wales or New South Wales?
79Botswana Multiple Choice
79Non Marvel Movies with multiple Marvel Actors
77Who won it earlier? Quiz
77Interesting Facts Multiple Choice #1
75Fight Club the Novel Multiple Choice
75You Don't Know Jack! Trivia #3
75How Many Borders?
75Croatia... or Bosnia and Herzegovina?
75IMDb Ratings Quiz
74True or False: Has a Woman Ever Been the Leader?
73Real Word or Gibberish?
732021 Celebrity Deaths: COVID, Cancer, or Natural Causes?
73Greater Antilles Multiple Choice
73Geography in Numbers
72Best Movie From Each Year (2000-2021)
72Dakotas True or False
71Spot the Imposter - Famous People with Shared Names
70Grizzly Bear... or Black Bear?
70Georgia the country or Georgia USA?
70Three Real and One Fake - Pokemon
69George Washington: True or False?
67Spot the Imposter - U.S. State Geography #2
66Stories: Aesop, Brothers Grimm, or Hans Christian Andersen?
65Lesotho... or Eswatini?
64England or New England?
64Rugby League or Rugby Union?
62China Multiple Choice Country Quiz
62Niger or Nigeria
62Three Real and One Fake: Languages on Google Translate #1
62Ready Player One Multiple Choice
62The Godfather Novel Multiple Choice
61Animal Farm Multiple Choice
61Movie Accidents
61Orléans or New Orleans?
61Mexico or New Mexico?
60True or False: Did These Empires Exist Together?
60Australian cities multiple choice: Melbourne
60Frankenstein the Novel Multiple Choice
59Multiple Choice U.S. Presidential Election Trivia
59Which of the Baltic States
57Intergovernmental Organizations Multiple Choice Quiz
57Do You Know The United States?
58Time travel
56Verbs: Action… or Linking?
55Three Real and One Fake - Parks and Rec
55Is it a Valid Scrabble Word?
54Weird Trivia #3
54Pokémon - Multiple Picture Choice
5377th Golden Globes Winners - Multiple Choice
53FIFA Men's World Cup - Multiple Choice Quiz
53Zeeland or New Zealand?
52Who is it - Rock Singers 2
52Cannabis Strains: Sativa... or Indica?
51U.S. Oddities A-Z: College Mascots #2
50Llama True or False
50Pick the Odd One Out
49To Kill a Mockingbird Multiple Choice
48Does Sean Bean Die?
48Who Killed Who - The Boys
48Cities Elevation Quiz
48Weird Trivia #1
46Jurassic Park the Novel Multiple Choice
45music trivia: a cappella music-multiple choice
44Is This Article From The Onion? Quiz
44Which Minecraft Thing...
44Hampshire or New Hampshire?
43Ireland or New Ireland?
42Washington State Multiple Choice
41Irish or New Zealand - Musicians/Bands
41Melbourne Australia or Melbourne Florida?
40Australian cities multiple choice: Townsville
40True or False: Has a Sitting US President Ever Met Them?
40Jim Henson or Frank Oz?
40Pick the Odd One Out - #2
39Memphis Egypt or Memphis Tennessee?
38YouTube True or False Quiz
38Time in the UK
38Which City is more North / South
38True or False: Has a Sitting US President Visited There?
37Weird Trivia #6
36FIFA World Cup Winners - Multiple Choice
36Weird Trivia #5
35A Game of Thrones Book Multiple Choice
3578th Golden Globes Winners - Multiple Choice
34Heidelberg Germany or Heidelberg Australia?
34Australian cities multiple choice: Canberra
34Which "Stan" Country? Multiple Choice Quiz
33U.S. States' Highest Points Multiple Choice Quiz
33Australian cities multiple choice: Geelong
32Weird Trivia #4
32NHL Multiple Choice
31Countries, First and Last
3010 Things Geographystar Knows Off The Top Of His Head About Lesotho
30Weird Trivia #2
30Weird Trivia #11
30Australian cities multiple choice: Adelaide
27Brunswick or New Brunswick?
27Guinea or New Guinea?
27What City is This Mayor the Mayor of?
26What Happened First?
26Opera Trivia
26Alpacas or Llamas
25How's the weather in Australia?
25Weird Trivia #13
24Nordic Countries - Musicians/Bands
24Moneyball the Novel Multiple Choice
23Australian cities multiple choice: Launceston
23Weird Trivia #9
21Weird Trivia #10
21Marking time
21Australian cities multiple choice: Newcastle
20If ...... Were a Country, Where Would it Rank in the World