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Music trivia on Just a city boy. Born in raised in South _______? We have over 2000 music quizzes to test your knowledge about lyrics, artists, and chart-topping hits.
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Played: 510,083
Rating: 4.86
No matter how old I get, I'll always remember the lyrics!
Played: 228,515
Rating: 4.21
Admit it, you liked these songs.
Played: 212,478
Rating: 4.44
Can you identify these 20 musical instruments?
Played: 192,454
Rating: 4.98
Fill in the missing lyrics to "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen.
Played: 184,506
Rating: 4.39
Seriously, though, passenger trains are not very common in America.
Played: 183,651
Rating: 4.37
The decade is done, dude. Can you name the musical acts who recorded a #1 U.S. hit in the 2010s?
Played: 161,898
Rating: 4.28
The missing words in these song titles are all body parts
Played: 150,894
Rating: 4.92
How many songs by the Beatles can you name?
Played: 146,848
Rating: 4.25
You ain't nothin' but a _____ ___ / Cryin' all the time.
Played: 134,985
Rating: 4.28
Can you guess all the lyrics to the first verse of the U.S. national anthem?
Played: 129,365
Rating: 4.26
Union's been on strike, he's down his luck it's tough. So tough!
Played: 119,276
Rating: 4.27
Try to name the musical acts who recorded a #1 U.S. hit in the decade of 2000–2009.
Played: 116,251
Rating: 4.30
Fill the blanks in the first lines of these Christmas songs.
Played: 114,385
Rating: 3.62
The best bands of all time according to your dad.
Played: 112,745
Rating: 4.39
What gifts were given on the 12 days of Christmas?
Played: 107,452
Rating: 4.37
Try to name the members of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio.
Played: 106,930
Rating: 4.03
Name the instruments in a modern symphony orchestra.
Played: 103,181
Rating: 4.36
I wanna fly like an ...
Played: 99,839
Rating: 4.32
Name all the words to the Friends theme song.
Played: 98,848
Rating: 4.29
_____-__ _____-__, it's home from work we go!
Played: 95,293
Rating: 4.82
We didn't start the fire / it was always burning since the world's been turning.
Played: 94,238
Rating: 4.03
Try to name the musical acts who recorded the most-viewed music videos of all-time on Youtube.
Played: 94,046
Rating: 4.27
______ ____ is not my lover / She's just a girl who claims that I am the one.
Played: 86,648
Rating: 4.58
For example, Pistols N' Flowers = ?.
Played: 84,281
Rating: 4.04
Clowns to the left of me / Jokers to the right, here I am ...
Played: 76,363
Rating: 4.08
Name the musical artists or groups behind these hits from the 2000s.
Played: 75,910
Rating: 4.26
Try to name the musical acts who recorded the most-played songs of all time on Spotify.
Played: 75,578
Rating: 4.17
Guess the missing words from these lyrics to "Livin' on a Prayer" by Bon Jovi.
Played: 73,383
Rating: 4.01
Just a small town girl, livin' in a lonely world.
Played: 72,987
Rating: 4.17
One question per year about the music industry. Can you answer them all?
Played: 72,510
Rating: 4.28
Can you guess these musical acts based on a lineup of their members?
Played: 70,285
Rating: 4.48
I just met you, and this is crazy / but here's my number, so ...
Played: 69,908
Rating: 4.29
Can you fill in the missing lyrics to the Pokémon theme song?
Played: 69,380
Rating: 4.44
__ _____ / My lovely lady lumps
Played: 68,927
Rating: 4.11
They tried to make me go to _____ but I said no, no, no.
Played: 66,938
Rating: 4.15
Fill in the missing lyrics to the song.
Played: 65,930
Rating: 4.44
I don't care too much for money / Money ___'_ ___ __ ____.
Played: 65,696
Rating: 3.74
Guess the musical acts that performed these songs.
Played: 64,479
Rating: 4.42
Played: 63,795
Rating: 4.25
____ _ ______ / Touched for the very first time?
Played: 61,379
Rating: 4.04
Every generation throws a hero up the pop charts.
Played: 61,332
Rating: 4.33
Can you name the musical acts that recorded a #1 hit in the United States in the 1990s?
Played: 60,891
Rating: 4.30
_ ______ _ ____ and I liked it / The taste of her cherry chapstick.
Played: 60,205
Rating: 4.30
Can you name the TV show based on a lyric from its theme song?
Played: 60,025
Rating: 4.39
A lot of great songs in here - and a lot you've never heard.
Played: 59,998
Rating: 4.67
Proud to be an ________ Idiot?
Played: 59,455
Rating: 4.34
Name all the words to the "Family Guy" theme song.
Played: 59,108
Rating: 4.18
It's nine o'clock on a Saturday / The regular crowd shuffles in.
Played: 58,774
Rating: 4.06
Guess these song titles by their antonyms.
Played: 57,917
Rating: 4.10
Guess the musical acts that performed these songs.
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