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The decade is done, dude. Can you name the musical acts who recorded a #1 U.S. hit in the 2010s?
Try to name the musical acts who recorded a #1 U.S. hit in the decade of 2000–2009.
We didn't start the fire / it was always burning since the world's been turning.
Try to name the musical acts who recorded the most-played songs of all time on Spotify.
Can you name the musical acts that recorded a #1 hit in the United States in the 1990s?
A lot of great songs in here - and a lot you've never heard.
Every generation throws a hero up the pop charts.
A list that rarely changes, since no one buys albums anymore.
Name the bands and solo artists with the highest all-time album sales in the United States.
Try to name the best-selling British bands and solo artists of all time, according to Wikipedia.
No one buys records any more so these records will never be broken.
207,247 #1 Hits of the 2010s Quiz
134,685 #1 Hits of the 2000s
108,351 Most-Played Songs on Spotify
107,437 #1 Hits of the 1980s
73,366 #1 Hits of the 1990s
67,813 Yearly #1 Hit Songs in the U.S.
65,483 #1 Hits of the 1970s Quiz
49,164 Best Selling Albums Quiz
46,917 Best Selling Musical Acts in the U.S.
37,171 Best Selling Artists by Letter Quiz
36,980 Best-Selling British Musical Acts
30,850 #1 Hits of the 1960s Quiz
27,364 #1 Hits of the 2020s
27,051 Pre 2000s Artists in the Top 500 on Spotify
25,947 Most Streamed "Lil" Rappers On Spotify
20,688 Their Only #1 Hit
14,805 Musical Acts with the Most Hits since 1962
6,806Spotify Top 50 Artists in the world
5,613Best Selling British Music Artists
5,314Most Followed Artists on Spotify
4,106Best Selling Music Artists of All Time
3,064#1 hits of the 1980s (UK version)
2,568Spotify 100 Most-Streamed Songs
2,428Rate Your Music's Top 100 Albums
2,416Artists with the Most #1 Hits
1,983Billboard Hot 100 - Number 1 singles of 2012
1,892Best Selling Albums in the UK
1,821Songs with Over 1B Streams on Spotify
1,606Best Selling Music Artists of All Time (albums sold)
1,594Billboard Hot 100 Year-End Singles of 2015
1,554#1 Hits of the 2010s Quiz (UK Version)
1,533Every Juice WRLD Song on the Billboard Hot 100
1,418Musical Artists with Top 40 Hits in the 80s, 90s, 00s, and 10s
1,364#1 Hits of the 90s (Australia)
1,281#1 Hits of the 1950s
1,170Best Selling Artists by Decade
1,135Taylor Swift Charting Songs (Billboard Hot 100)
1,049Top 100 Most Monthly Listeners on Spotify (2017)
1,032Countries with an Official Spotify 'Top 50'
959Top 100 music artists on June 16, 2018 (according to Billboard)
955Rappers of the 50 Most Streamed Rap Songs on Spotify
90550 Greatest Music Acts On US Billboard
897#1 hits of the 1970s (UK version)
860Billboard Hot 100 Year-End Singles of 2017
840Name a Valid Number 1 Hit (USA)'s "Most Scrobbled" Artists
822Best Selling Albums and Singles of 2014
803#1 hits of the 1960s (UK version)
744Most Purchased Songs on iTunes
685Most Streamed Artists on Spotify
667#1 Albums of the 1970's
666Most-Played Songs on Spotify - Updated 2021
646Best-Selling Musical Acts in the UK
633#1 UK Hits of the 1990s
621Billboard Hot 100 - Number 1 Singles of 2011
605Most Billboard Hot 100 No. 1 Hits By Artist
587Top 100 Most Streamed Songs on Spotify
570Spotify artists with the most songs in the top 100
560Female Singers with 100+ million Sales
556#1 Albums Of The 80s (UK)
538Eurovision Winners by Their Most Streamed Non-Eurovision Song Quiz
522Top 100 Songs 2018
502Billboard Hot 100 Top 10 Songs of February 28 2015
488#1 Canadian Songs
4842022 Eurovision Songs by Spotify Streams
474Most streamed songs of all time - Spotify (As of March 2017)
473UK Singles Chart #1's (2011)
410Billboard #1 Albums of 2000
409Billboard #1 Albums of 2008
395Every Imagine Dragons Song on the Billboard Hot 100
387Billboard Hot 100 Top 100 Songs of March 26, 2016
373Most Streamed Taylor Swift Songs on Spotify
350Top 20 Most Popular Pop Songs [[Week Of August 12, 2017]]
341Most Streamed Spotify Artist From Each Country
337Top 50 Most Streamed Songs of the Decade on Spotify
322Billboard #1 Albums of 2001
320Best Selling Albums of 2012
311Artists by Number of Popular Songs on Spotify
303Spotify Top Artists 17/01/2017
297Number 1's in 2012 (UK)
286Artists With 4+ US #1 Singles
270Most Streamed Spotify Artists by Genre
2562023 Eurovision Songs by Spotify Streams
246Oldest Songs With Over 1 Billion Plays on Spotify
243Top 250 Most Streamed Songs on Spotify
242Most-streamed artists/bands on Spotify each year 2013-2018
242Best-selling Boy Bands of All Time
2412021 Eurovision Songs by Spotify Streams
225Most Popular Song by Year (1940-2016)
212Billboard #1 Albums of 2002
198Nicki Minaj Songs
181Top 100 most played songs on Spotify
179Most Streamed Artists on Spotify (August 2022)
178Songs "Banned" by Clear Channel after 9/11
171Most listened songs on Spotify 2021 - Guess the Artist
168Artists most played song on Spotify
165Kanye Songs by # of Spotify Streams
157Shania Twain Songs
155Top Spotify Artists
153Top 3 Spotify Streams Per Artist
149Songs that Hit #1 with Two Different Artists
145Most listened Disney songs on Spotify (2019)
138Top 50 Most Streamed Songs on Spotify
136Most Popular Metal Bands by Spotify Listeners
132Little Mix Songs
128Spanish-Language Songs that Hit #1 in the U.S.
126Harry Styles songs in Spotify's BILLIONS CLUB
124Most Streamed Billie Eilish Songs on Spotify
123One Direction Songs
122Music Artists who Sold 100+ Million Records Both Solo AND in a Group
120Most Streamed Artists on Spotify of All-Time
116Dolly Parton Songs
115Top Power Metal Bands on Spotify
113Nordic artists/bands that hit #1 in the US or UK
111Britney Spears Songs
110Top 10 ABBA Songs by Plays
109Top Pre 2000 Spotify Artists
105Top 40 Monthly listeners On Spotify
103Most Played Rap Songs on Spotify
102Stromae Songs
101Top 10 Queen Songs by Plays
99Ariana Grande songs in Spotify's BILLIONS CLUB
9410 Most Popular Juice WRLD Songs by Spotify Streams
89Posthumous Billboard number-ones
86Most-streamed Artists on Spotify 2014-2017
85Kelly Clarkson Songs
85Most Popular Christmas Songs on Spotify
85Billie Eilish songs in Spotify's BILLIONS CLUB
8310 most popular songs from the top 10 artists on Spotify
82Most Streamed Songs On Spotify Per Release Year
80All Time Most Streamed Artists on Spotify
80Non-English Billboard Number 1's
80UG's Most Listened to Artists
80Rihanna Songs
76Celine Dion Songs
75Most Monthly Spotify Listeners (February 2022)
75Shakira Songs
74Top 10 Ed Sheeran Songs by Plays
74#1 Songs of 2016
74Miranda Lambert Songs
69Top 10 Spotify Tracks - 2020
67Top 10 Bruno Mars Songs by Plays
67Top 100 Most Streamed Eurovision Songs Ever
66Songs That Were #1 On The Billboard Hot 100 For The Longest
61Most Popular Classic Rock on Spotify #2
60Top 10 Elton John Songs by Plays
60Most listened songs on Spotify 2021 - Guess the Song
57Most Popular Music Artists on Spotify
56Top 100 Most Streamed Songs on Spotify
53Top 10 Elvis Presley Songs by Plays
53#1 Songs of 2015
51Most Popular Classic Rock on Spotify #1
50Artists Topping the Spotify Monthly Listeners Chart
50Top 4 Spotify Hip-Hop Artists
49Most Followed Spotify Artists
48Most Streamed Song On Spotify By Artist
48Spotify Most-Streamed Songs
46Eurovision Songs With Over 100 Million Streams
45Most Played Spotify Song by Year
44Most-Played Songs on Spotify (As of November 2021)
42Kesha Songs
41Cher Songs
40My Spotify Playlist
40Most Streamed Eurovision Songs by Country
38Spotify's Most Followed Artists (English)
34Musical Acts with the Most Hits of the 2020s
34Madonna Songs
33Top 20 Most Streamed Songs on Spotify
29Jason Aldean Songs
29100M+ Spotify listens for Artists
28Top 50 Most Streamed Junior Eurovision Songs Ever
27Top 15 Most Streamed Spotify Songs of All-Time
27Darius Rucker Songs
26Stevie Ray Vaughan's Top 10 Spotify Songs
26Top 50 Most Streamed Songs in Spotify History
26Most Streamed Spotify Artist From Each U.S. State
252019 Eurovision Songs by Spotify Streams
17Macaco's Spotify Artists
16Billboard Hot 100- Matchbox Twenty/Rob Thomas
13Top 10 Meat Loaf Songs by Plays
13Little Big Town Songs
132020 Eurovision Songs by Spotify Streams
10Jessica Mauboy Songs
102018 Eurovision Songs by Spotify Streams
42017 Eurovision Songs by Spotify Streams
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