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No matter how old I get, I'll always remember the lyrics!
Name all the words to the Friends theme song.
Can you fill in the missing lyrics to the Pokémon theme song?
Fill in the missing lyrics to the song.
Name all the words to the "Family Guy" theme song.
Can you name the TV show based on a lyric from its theme song?
556,303 Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Lyrics
118,909 Friends Theme Song Lyrics
79,862 Pokémon Theme Tune Lyrics
79,466 Phineas and Ferb Theme Song Lyrics
71,299 Family Guy Theme Song Lyrics
67,504 American TV Theme Songs
28,364 Children's TV Theme Songs Quiz
22,536 Glee Characters
8,855Big Bang Theory Theme Song
8,272 Who Did that Glee Song
6,929Friends TV Show Theme Song Lyrics
6,084American Idol Winners Quiz
5,601Pretty Little Liars Theme Song
5,249Glee Trivia
4,925Glee Names
3,776Wizards of Waverly Place Theme Song Lyrics
3,649All Glee Characters
3,602Glee Solos
3,292South Park Theme Song
3,231American Dad Theme Song Lyrics
3,144GLEE Trivia
2,468Glee Characters (Hard)
2,396Awesome 80s and 90s Cartoon Theme Songs
2,281Glee Trivia #2
2,225Suite Life on Deck Theme Song Lyrics!!!
2,132Hannah Montana Theme Tune
2,095Fairly Oddparents Theme Song
1,893Glee Actors/Actresses
1,727Family Guy Theme Song Lyrics
1,694Who Performed These Songs on Glee?
1,669Name The Glee Characters
1,429Gilligan's Island Theme Song Lyrics (Intro)
1,365Drake and Josh Theme Song Lyrics
1,278Glee Songs by Artist
1,215Ultimate Glee Trivia
1,124Glee Episode Titles
1,097Glee: Guess the Secondary Characters
996Steven Universe Extended Theme Song Lyrics
966TV Show by Theme Song
917Transformers 80's Original Theme Song Lyrics
896♫ The Suite Life of Zack & Cody Theme Lyrics (Here I am) ♫
892Kim Possible Theme Song
877Glee vs. Musicals
851Glee Trivia
828Powerpuff Girls Theme Song
819Old Sitcoms by Theme Song
797Glee Trivia Quiz (New)
772Golden Girls Quiz
761Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers Theme Song Lyrics
737Glee Guest Stars
719Glee Quotes 101
697Who sing that Glee´s song? (Season 1)
658Glee 1st season trivia
643Steven Universe Theme Song Lyrics
619Fairly Odd Parents Theme Song Lyrics
596Glee characters
549Glee - duets
504Glee Trivia season 4
496Glee Cast Anagrams
471♫ That's So Raven Lyrics - Raven-Symone ♫
460Glee Songs
431The Animaniacs Theme Song
419Glee Firsts
410American Dad Theme Lyrics
388All Glee Songs Season 4!
363Glee Duets - season 4
350American Dad Theme Song Lyrics
344All Glee Season 2 Songs
332MASH Theme Song
324Glee, Season One Songs
303Glee - This Time Lyrics
291Gilligan's Island Theme Song (Outro)
216Dumb Ways to Die Missing Lyrics Quiz
188Phineas and Ferb Theme Song Lyrics
178'Red Right Hand' Peaky Blinders Theme Song Missing Lyrics Quiz
169Phineas and Ferb Theme Song Missing Lyrics Quiz
160Guess the lyrics (#58)
141Music Trivia: TV Theme Songs
140Greece Quiz
135We Bare Bears Theme Song Lyrics
128Guess the lyrics (#59)
109Guess the lyrics (#61)
104Phineas and Ferb Song Lyrics*
102Music Trivia: More TV Theme Songs
96Bob the Builder Missing Lyrics Quiz
63Over the Garden Wall Theme
47Best Episodes of Glee
36Brisbane Bears Theme Song
34Click the Sitcom by Theme Song Lyric
32music trivia: TV theme songs, vol. 3
29Fitzroy Lions Theme Song
9music trivia: TV bandleaders
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