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The hills are alive, with ___ _____ __ _____.
Name the Broadway musicals that featured these songs.
Can you name all the songs from the musical "Hamilton"?
Name the Broadway musicals that featured these songs.
Name the movies or theater productions that featured these characters.
Name the musical productions that have won a Tony Award for Best Musical.
Can you answer these questions from the world of musicals, both on stage and in film?
Based on the year and some of the starring cast, can you name the movie?
45,036 Songs From Broadway Musicals #1
44,124 Title in the Lyrics - Musicals
42,407 Longest Running Broadway Theater Productions
25,936 Songs From Broadway Musicals #2
24,368 All Hamilton Songs
20,132 Characters from Musicals
19,268 Tony Best Musicals Quiz
12,948 Musical Theater Trivia
11,134Random Hamilton Song Lyrics
10,164 Movie Musicals by Cast
9,863Guns and Ships Lyrics (from Hamilton)
8,316Hamilton Characters
5,984Broadway Musicals by Character
5,676Guess the Hamilton Song
5,390Satisfied HAMILTON lyrics
5,054Alexander Hamilton Lyrics
4,885"I Dreamed a Dream" (Les Miserables) Lyrics
4,285Les miserables - do you hear the people sing lyrics
4,246Songs from 'The Sound of Music'
3,661Hamilton Song by Line
3,514Wicked Defying Gravity Lyrics
3,495Hamilton Songs By First Line
3,338Hamilton - Helpless lyrics
3,206Hamilton - Burn lyrics
3,154Broadway Musicals by Opening Numbers
2,941Guess the Hamilton song 2
2,595Hamilton Song By Emojis
2,562Broadway Muscials by Song
2,518Les Miserables Song Titles
2,402Andrew Lloyd-Webber Musicals
2,362West End Musicals
2,199Mamma Mia! Here we go again quiz
2,124Broadway Shows by Song
2,035Musicals by Characters
2,006Hamilton Characters by Song Quote
1,958Hamilton Characters 1st Part
1,927Schuyler Sisters Lyrics (Hamilton)
1,841The Great Broadway Musical Quiz
1,759All Matilda the Musical Matildas
1,649Hairspray Songs
1,649Be More Chill Characters
1,610Wicked Songs
1,57220 Songs from 20 Musicals
1,564Guess the Hamilton song from the Lyrics
1,524Name that Broadway Musical
1,520Hamilton - Aaron Burr, Sir Lyrics
1,512Hamilton: Finish The Lyrics
1,507AFI's 25 Greatest Movie Musicals of All Time
1,457Les Miserables Song Lyrics
1,427Hamilton Last Names
1,336Musical Theatre characters
1,334Be More Chill Songs
1,328HAMILTON - Dear Theodosia Lyrics
1,180Guess That Hamilton Song!
1,167Alexander Hamilton Trivia
1,160A winters ball lyrics HAMILTON
1,084Title in the Lyrics - Les Miserables Songs
1,079Songs From Animated Musicals
1,071Hamilton Songs
1,010Guess the Hamilton Song #1
999One Day More Les Mis Lyric Fill-in
991Broadway Musical Songs
988Guess These Badly Described Musicals
986The Ultimate Hamilton Trivia
985Hamilton Quiz
979Hamilton Cast
978Sound of Music movie trivia
958Guess the Hamilton Song #5
930First Lines of Broadway Songs
917Dear Evan Hansen Characters
899Phantom of the Opera Quiz
864Hamilton- Right Hand Man
863Guess the Hamilton Song #8
860Musicals A to Z
837All Hamilton songs in reverse order
820Hamilton Lyrics
816Les Miserables Song to Character
807Broadway Musicals By Song
804Songs from Broadway Musicals
798Guess the Hamilton Song #4
791La Vie Boheme (Rent) Lyrics
774Hamilton-We Know Lyrics
746Hamilton Trivia
725Hamilton: Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story (Lyrics)
704Characters From "Annie" Quiz
701Guess the Hamilton Song #10
690Longest Running Musicals Ever on Broadway
686Guess the Hamilton Song #9
682Hamilton Songs by Lyrics
679Empty Chairs At Empty Tables Lyrics - Les Miserables
673Stars Lyrics - Les Miserables
672My Shot from Hamilton Lyrics Quiz
670Six The Musical Quiz
668Les Miserables (2012 Movie) Actors
668One-Name Musical Acts A-Z
650Guess the Hamilton Song #3
649Sandy Lyrics (Grease) John Travolta
648Hamilton - Yorktown lyrics quiz
646100 Best Musicals
643Hamilton Characters by Song Quote (Part 2)
620Les Miserables Character Quiz
602Guess the Hamilton Song #6
600Hamilton Characters
600Category Elimination - Hamilton Songs
584Les Miserables Tracks
566Broadway Musicals by Opening Number
559Guess the Hamilton Song #7
554Broadway musical Quiz
536Famous Operas
533Hamilton - Alexander Hamilton Lyrics
520Guess the Hamilton Song #2
506Hamilton Broadway Cast(Original)
505Tony Award Best Leading Actress in a Musical
500All Songs from Hamilton
499One Day More lyrics - Les Miserables
496Oliver! Oom-pah-pah lyrics (musicals)
489Hamilton Songs By Sentence
488Guess the Hamilton Song #20
468Don't Stop Me Now by Queen - Lyrics
452Guess the Hamilton Song #13
446Songs from Sweeney Todd
446Guess the Hamilton Song #12
445Guess the Hamilton Song #11
413Hairspray Lyric Quiz Life is like...
403Hamilton Songs
394Songs in Hamilton
387guess the song from hamilton
380Longest Running West End Musicals
374Hamilton Lyrics Quiz
363Guess the Hamilton Song #14
355Guess the Hamilton Song #17
353Guess the Hamilton Song #19
345Matilda the Musical Original Broadway Cast Album
344Hamilton An American Musical Songs
335Hamilton: An American Musical Quiz
328Guess the Hamilton Song #15
315Who Plays What? (Hamilton Edition)
312Matilda - School Song (Alphabet Song)
311Book of Mormon Characters
309Guess the Hamilton Song #1
305Guess the Hamilton Song #25
305Hamilton characters
300Hamilton Satisfied lyrics part 1
298Les Miserables Songs
297Guess the Hamilton Song #16
292Guess the Hamilton Song #22
289Guess the Hamilton Song #21
281Guess the Hamilton Song #28
270Guess the Hamilton Song #23
269Guess the Hamilton Song #26
255Guess the Hamilton Song #18
253Hamilton Helpless lyrics
253Guess the Hamilton Song #37
252Hamilton Original broadway cast member quiz
243Guess the Hamilton Song #31
243Gilbert and Sullivan
243Les Mis Quiz
239Guess the Hamilton Song #33
238Hamilton Song by Emoji #2
235Guess the Hamilton Song #30
234Guess the Hamilton Song #27
233Guess the lyrics (#8)
229Guess the Hamilton Song #44
227Guess the Hamilton Song #35
226Guess the Hamilton Song #29
223Guess the Hamilton Song #41
222Guess the Hamilton Song #24
222Guess the Hamilton Song #40
221All songs in Matilda the Musical
220Guess the Hamilton Song #38
220Guess the Hamilton Song #32
219Guess the Hamilton Song #34
219Guess the Hamilton Song #39
211Guess the Hamilton Song #36
211Guess the Hamilton Song #42
210Hamilton Characters by Picture
202Hamilton: Do You Know "You'll Be Back" By Heart?
194Guess the lyrics (#35)
193Guess the Hamilton Song #46
193Guess the Hamilton Song #43
191Guess the Hamilton Song #45
181Famous People Named Hamilton
179Famous Musicals
176Hamilton the Musical Trivia Chain
174Famous Ballets
169Impossible Hamilton Quiz
156Hamilton Lyrics Fill in the Blanks
149How Well Do You Know The "Hamilton" Musical?
148The Book of Mormon Songs
137Lyrics to Song - Hamilton Edition (Act 1)
134Songs by Musical - Tile Select #1
135Guess the Hamilton Song #2
122Songs by Musical - Tile Select #3
122Decoder #1: High School Musical
110Hamilton - Guns and Ships lyrics
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