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Name the countries where at least 50% of residents are Islamic.
Try to name the countries which have the highest Muslim populations.
Name the 10 European countries that have the highest percentage of Islamic residents.
Name the world's most populous urban areas where more than 50% of the population are Islamic.
Name the countries of Africa that have the greatest number of Muslims.
Name the eleven countries that use Islamic law for both criminal proceedings and family law.
For each letter A-Z, guess the answer that pertains to the religion of Islam.
283,756 Majority Muslim Countries
125,329 Top 10 Most Islamic European Countries
119,891 Countries with the Most Muslims
90,668 Biggest Cities with a Muslim Majority
73,254 African Countries with the Most Muslims
54,190 Sharia Law Countries
17,891 Islam A-Z
14,224 Famous Muslims
6,415The Islam Quiz
6,318Top 20 Most Islamic Countries
3,073Prophets of Islam
2,248Sharia Law Countries
2,122List each Surah of the Quran
1,647Countries with a Majority Shia Muslim Population
1,629Most Mentioned Quran Characters
925Countries with the Largest Muslim Minority
844Countries With Most Muslims With Exceptions
795Quran multiple choice
731Greatest Islamic Empires
647Countries with the largest Muslim Population
608Countries with the Most Shia Muslims
595All Caliphs
582Majority Muslim Countries on a Map
521Islam by Picture
499History of Islam
439Most Democratic Muslim Countries
348Life of Muhammad Quiz
327name of the islam prophets
271Islamic Golden Age History Quiz
244Countries with the least number of Muslims
213Islamic Republics
185Countries with the Most Muslims with Exceptions
177Top 10 Most Islamic Countries
153Ottoman Caliphs
124Richest Muslim Countries
112Countries Not In Africa or Asia With Highest % of Muslims
67Countries With Highest Muslim Population by Continent
64Rashidun Caliphs
58Umayyad Caliphs
52Majority Muslim Countries with a Women's National Football Team
45Cities by Mosques - Picture Quiz
30Click a Valid Muslim Country #1
30A Quiz About Sufism
25Click a Valid Muslim Country Flag #1
23Umayyad Caliphs of Cordoba
19All Caliphs in Order
16Click a Valid Muslim Country Shape #1
16Click a Valid Muslim Country Flag Shape #1
15Abbasid Caliphs
7Fatimid Caliphs
5Abbasid Caliphs of Mamluk Cairo
4Almohad Caliphs
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