Name Quizzes - Page 3

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Guess the people, places and things that have these nicknames.
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City nicknames are more of an American thing, but let's give it a shot.
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Guess the "middle" name of these three-name celebrities.
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Such as a British Prime Minister with initials WC.
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From HA to HZ, name the famous person with each set of initials.
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From PA to PW, name the famous person with each set of initials.
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Translate these English names into other languages.
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Theodore and Eleanor?
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Try to guess the official nicknames of the U.S. states, according to Wikipedia.
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Guess the first names of these fashion designers.
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Guess these people who changed names.
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Guess these famous people whose first name is some variation of Robert.
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Name these people, places, things, and fictional characters whose names include "Ben".
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For example, who has initials BG and founded Microsoft?
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We give you the last names of 3 famous people. Guess the first name they share.
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Guess the first names of these prominent WWII personalities.
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In honor of St. Andrew's Day, try to name these things whose names start with Mc or Mac.
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The blanks in these song titles are first names. Guess what they are.
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We give you the last name of a legendary guitar player. You guess their first name. 🎸🎸🎸
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Can you guess these historical figure based on their nickname?
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From A-Z, can you guess these people whose first names and last names start with the same letter?
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For example, what is another name for an orca?
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Try to name the most common last names for Asian-Americans, according to the 2010 U.S. census.
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All of the songs are simply a person's first name. Guess the musical acts that performed them.
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We have a list of 24 famous people whose last names are common first names. Guess who they are.
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Guess the musicians who had these nicknames.
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Based on the clues, guess these famous people named Richard.
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From EA to EZ, name the famous person with each set of initials.
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From IA to IY, name the famous person with each set of initials.
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Name these people who have animals in their names.
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For each year, try to guess the 20 most popular baby girl names in Germany.
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A much harder version..
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All the answers are people whose first name is Frank - or some variant thereof.
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You'll learn a lot of nicknames when you visit!
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For each selected country, name one of the top 5 most common surnames used by citizens of that country.
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Name these famous Marys, real or fictional.
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Guess the first names of these famous writers.
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Guess the first names of these famous movie characters.
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Guess the first names of these literary characters.
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Before he was a Macho Man, he was just a Macho Boy.
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See if you can guess these famous people whose first name is John.
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You might meet one of them at the pearly gates.
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Such as a certain Argentine Marxist.
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These people are known by initials instead of first names. Guess the initials.
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Such as this Rebel Without a Cause.
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Guess the last names shared by each group of 3 celebrities.