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We compiled a list of the 20 countries with the longest coastlines. How many can you name?
We give you the animal character. You tell us what kind of animal it is.
Can you identify these animals based on a zoomed-in image?
New and improved! Based on the picture, name the dog breed.
The hardest quiz on JetPunk.
I have had it with these monkey fighting ______ on this Monday through Friday plane!
Name the 17 countries of the world that are considered to be "extremely biologically diverse".
Type the names of two bordering countries to make their border appear. In addition, type the names of borderless countries to make them appear as well.
Name the countries that have the longest coastlines in the continent of Europe.
Name the 15 highlighted seas on the world map.
You'll kick yourself when you see the answers.
356,595 Countries with the Longest Coastlines
284,224 Three Letter Animals Quiz
224,289 Famous Animals Quiz #1
205,630 Disney Animals
187,990 Animals by Close-up Image
177,264 Dog Breed Picture Quiz
176,555 Animal Sounds Quiz
167,656 Movies with Animals in the Title #1
123,142 Word Scramble - Animals #1
118,520 Megadiverse Countries
117,116 Baby, Male and Female Animals
116,696 Top 10 European Countries by Coastline
115,720 Songs with Animals in the Title #1
115,404 Draw All Country Borders and Borderless Countries
110,610 Types of Bears
107,950 Seas on the World Map
105,022 French Animal Words
101,550 Seas of the World
100,955 Countries with Wild Tigers
98,451 Sayings About Animals #1
97,763 Movies with Animals in the Title #2
97,213 Flowers by Picture
96,747 Most Popular Dog Breeds Quiz
96,759 Animals that Start with B
96,112 Animals that Start with A
94,931 Fish by Picture #1
94,516 Countries That Touch the Baltic Sea
94,393 Five Countries with the Longest Coastline by Continent
92,336 Animals that Start with F
91,435 Countries that Catch the Most Fish
88,199 World's Longest Rivers
87,379 Deadly Animals
86,152 Animals that Start with L
83,800 Top 15 Countries with the Most Cows
83,370 Famous Rivers
82,692 Seas that Touch the Most Countries
80,763 Top 10 Asian Countries by Coastline
80,730 Sayings About Animals #2
80,472 Animal Varieties Quiz #1
78,030 Animals that Start with T
77,806 Animals that Start with C
77,347 Animals that Start with O
76,525 Animals that Start with R
76,317 Countries with the Most Sheep
75,194 Countries with Wild Penguins
74,407 Seas of Europe
74,260 Animals that Start with H
74,183 Spanish Animal Words
73,771 Animals that Start with D
73,680 Animals that Start with P
73,657 Sayings About Animals #3
73,542 North Sea Countries
73,054 Animals that Start with S
72,930 Natural Features of Countries #1
72,288 Animals that Start with M
72,281 Countries with Fjords
70,957 Landforms Quiz
70,683 Biggest Lakes in the World
70,344 Countries with the Most Wolves
70,310 Animals that Start with G
70,103 National Animals
69,478 Animals A-Z #1
68,413 Brand-Name Animals Quiz
68,411 U.S. Cities with Landforms in The Name
68,366 Biggest Animals by Category
68,154 World's Longest Rivers on a Map
67,590 Name a Valid Country Bordering Each Sea
66,540 American Countries With No Atlantic Coastline
66,076 Top 10 American Countries by Coastline
65,845 Cartoon Catchphrases Quiz
65,422 Bay of Bengal Countries With an Empty Map
63,649 Animals that Start with E
63,016 Countries With No Rivers
62,634 Big Cats
62,111 North American Bird-Named Teams
61,062 Books with Animals in the Title #1
60,839 Countries with the Most Venomous Animal Species
60,438 Countries That Touch the Adriatic Sea
60,337 Dogs in the Answer
59,909 Trace the Coast of Europe with a Map
59,392 Animal Varieties Quiz #2
58,870 Animals that Start with K
56,927 Countries That Touch the Red Sea
55,951 Animal Anatomy Quiz
56,454 European Countries with NO Wolves
55,330 Mammals by Picture #1
54,196 Bodies of Water by Satellite Image #1
54,106 Famous Animals Quiz #2
52,935 Black Sea Countries
52,065 Countries Closest to the Aegean Sea
52,025 Animal Emojis
51,857 African Great Lake Countries with an Empty Map
51,146 Countries Farthest From the Sea
50,953 Animals A-Z by Picture
49,816 Countries with the Shortest Coastlines
49,668 South China Sea Countries
49,525 Top 10 Countries with the Most Horses
49,472 Capital Cities by Body of Water
49,365 100 Rivers on a World Map
49,090 Landforms by Country Quiz
48,768 Biggest City by River
48,141 Multiple Choice Animal Quiz #1
47,879 Animals A-Z #2
47,091 Birds in the Answer
46,951 Head to Head - Animals
46,729 100 Longest Rivers in Europe - with a Map
46,517 Tectonic Plates Map Quiz
46,464 Animal Varieties Quiz #3
46,229 Movies with Landforms in the Name
45,935 Word Scramble - Animals #2
45,874 Trace the Coast of Afro-Eurasia with a Map
45,281 Caspian Sea Countries
44,986 Top 10 U.S. States with the Longest Coastline
44,727 Countries with More Cows than People
44,540 Mississippi River States Empty Map Quiz
44,342 Animal Adjectives
44,329 Fictional Animals Quiz #1
44,069 Build-a-Bird by Guessing Countries
43,833 Countries with NO Snakes
43,166 Trees in the Answer
42,803 Mekong River Countries Empty Map Quiz
42,701 Name that Bug
42,593 Top 10 African Countries by Coastline
41,771 Rivers of The United States Quiz
41,295 Great Lakes Quiz
41,034 Animal Facts
40,845 Trace the Coast of the Americas with a Map
40,619 People with Animal Names Quiz #1
40,600 Rivers of Europe Quiz
40,561 Countries with the Most Wild Elephants
40,081 Trace the Coast of the World Map
39,980 Animals that Start with W
39,945 Nile River Basin Countries on a Map
39,781 U.S. States With Palm Trees
39,544 Top Countries for Shark Attacks
39,507 Animal Idioms Quiz #2
39,368 Words that are Animals
39,165 Famous Animals Quiz #3
38,949 Animal Idioms Quiz #1
38,721 Words Containing Animals #1
38,511 African Great Lakes
38,127 Animals: No Vowels
37,754 Sayings About Animals #4
37,555 Cities on a Map of the Great Lakes
37,306 Pick a Picture - Animal Relations
37,281 U.S. States with More Cows than People
36,971 Geological Extremes Quiz
36,911 Animals of Australia
36,788 Animal Populations of Countries
36,745 Layers of the Earth and Atmosphere
36,501 Mammals by Picture #3
36,250 Animals - Real or Fictional?
36,136 Rivers and Lakes whose Names are Countries
34,933 Fictional Animals Quiz #2
34,919 Most Populous River Basins
34,281 Rivers that Flow through the Most Countries
34,215 Fish... or Not a Fish?
34,052 Mammals by Picture #2
33,772 A Whale of a Quiz
33,066 Aquatic Mammals by Picture
32,361 Major U.S. Rivers with State Names
31,950 Amazon... or Nile?
31,921 Natural Features of Countries #2
31,866 Birds A-Z
31,623 "Big Five" African Game Animals
31,454 Animals by Skeleton Image
31,380 10 Longest Rivers in the United States
31,258 Words Containing Animals #2
31,202 Asian Physical Geography
31,029 Bodies of Water around the Arabian Peninsula
30,797 Bear Knowledge
30,738 Word Scramble - Random Animals
30,460 Capitals by River
30,234 European Physical Geography
29,604 Rivers A-Z
28,326 Famous Pets Quiz
28,272 Draw the Coast of the Mediterranean on the Map
28,170 Animal Stereotypes
27,656 Dog Knowledge
27,612 African Physical Geography
27,549 Click the Animal Adjective
27,150 Streets with Tree Names
27,044 Mammals in the Answer
26,615 Tectonic Plates on a Map
26,209 Animals in World History
26,133 States and Provinces that Touch the Great Lakes
25,900 Name a Valid Country for Each River
25,761 Mammals by Picture #4
25,757 Answers Contain Sea
25,753 Australian Animals By Picture
25,710 Earliest Domestication of Animals
25,689 U.S. States with Alligators
25,649 People with Animal Names Quiz #2
25,649 Famous Dogs Quiz
25,571 U.S. States by Landform Quiz
25,495 Animals that Start with N
25,184 Word Puzzles - Animals #1
25,050 Extinct Animals by Picture
24,635 Landforms by Description Quiz
24,604 Largest Types of Birds
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