Nature Quizzes - Page 2

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Such as an animal that quacks.
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Some people can take JetPunk quizzes 'til the ____ come home.
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The largest type of deer, for example.
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Can you name the national animals of these countries?
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Name the "seas" of the world that touch the most countries.
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We give you the catchphrase. You give us the cartoon character.
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Seven countries touch the North Sea. Can you name them all in just one minute?
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How many of the world's 20 biggest lakes can you name?
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Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water!
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The ugly ducking's true identity, for example.
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This one's pretty easy.
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A follow-up to our controversial bears quiz.
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Try to name the countries of the world that have at least 2,000 wolves.
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Rating: 3.91
Can you guess these answers that all contain the word "dog"?
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Rating: 4.32
Can't decide what to name your team? Put a bird on it!
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Can you name the countries that have the most sheep?
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Rating: 4.34
The missing words in these book titles are animals.
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One of them is the world's largest land animal.
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Rating: 4.94
Name the countries that have the longest coastlines in the continents of North and South America.
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Rating: 4.84
Can you name any of the countries that borders each of these seas?
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For example, Beverly _____, California.
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One of these animals is a boxer.
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Try to name all countries that do not have any permanent rivers.
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Name the countries of the world that have fjords.
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Rating: 4.21
Can you name these animal body parts based on a description?
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Rating: 3.92
We give you the famous animal, you tell us what kind of animal it is.
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Rating: 4.97
There are 6 countries that touch the Adriatic Sea. Can you name them all?
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Rating: 4.55
Can you name the countries bordering the Bay of Bengal?
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Rating: 4.56
Which countries are closest to the Aegean Sea?
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Rating: 4.22
Bumble, Honey, and Killer. What type of animal is it?
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Rating: 4.95
Starting from the top right corner, trace the outline of the European continent by correctly naming each country along the way.
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Rating: 4.33
For each river, name the most populous urban area that lies along its banks.
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Rating: 3.97
A harder version.
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There are six countries that border the Black Sea. Can you name them all?
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Rating: 4.46
Guess the common names of these mammals.
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Rating: 4.40
Can you name the ten countries that have the most domesticated horses?
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Rating: 4.08
The missing words in these movie titles are landforms.
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Rating: 4.15
Guess these animals - one for every letter of the alphabet (except X).
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Rating: 4.49
Guess the country in which these geographical landforms are located.
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Rating: 4.92
There are five countries in the Americas that do NOT have any coastline on the Atlantic Ocean. Can you name them in 60 seconds?
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Rating: 3.98
For each animal, name the work of fiction it appears in.
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Rating: 4.17
Guess the bodies of water pictured in these satellite images.
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Based on the picture, name the bug!
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Rating: 4.16
The blanks are all types of trees.
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Can you name the countries of the world that have the greatest number of venomous species that are reported to cause serious injury or death to humans.
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Rating: 4.89
Name the 20 countries bordering the sea that have the shortest coastlines.
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Rating: 4.84
Can you name the world's 15 longest rivers with the help of a map?
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Rating: 3.91
Name these people who have animals in their names.
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Rating: 4.50
Canine? Feline? For each word, guess the type of animal it relates to.
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Rating: 4.39
What are the ten U.S. states that have the most coastline?