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Test your hoops knowledge with these awesome NBA quizzes on For example, can you name the players who have won an MVP award? Or how about the players who were drafted #1?
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True fans will get them all. Try to name the 30 teams that play in the National Basketball Association.
Guess the people who have been named Most Valuable Player of the NBA.
We made a list of the NBA players with the bestselling jerseys for each of the last four seasons. See if you can guess who they are.
Can you name the top NBA players of all-time according to an ESPN poll of experts from 2016?
Can you guess the NBA team that uses each of these logos?
For each year from 1950–2024, try to name the team that won the NBA championship.
Try to name the players who have been selected for All-NBA first team honors since 1987.
In NBA history, 37 different players have scored 60 or more points in a single game. How many can you name?
Try to name the NBA's all-time leaders in scoring, rebounds, assists, blocks, and steals.
Try to name the players who started for the winning team in the NBA finals, 1990–present.
Can you name the highest-rated players in NBA 2K for the last four years?
2,024,447 NBA Teams Quiz
928,236 NBA MVPs Quiz
671,902 Most Popular NBA Jerseys
537,876 Top 100 Greatest NBA Players
480,959 NBA Champions
468,436 NBA Team Logos
423,622 All-NBA First Team Players
350,254 NBA 60 Points in a Game
336,902 NBA All-Time Statistical Leaders
269,670 NBA Championship Starters
251,774 NBA 2K Highest Rated Players
231,210 One Team NBA Basketball Players
204,433 NBA Cities Map Quiz
200,081 NBA Team Scoring Leaders
198,138 NBA Scoring Champions
180,281 NBA Finals MVPs
172,411 Unusual NBA Names Quiz
159,255 NBA Most All-Star Selections by Team
156,157 #1 NBA Draft Picks
142,628 NBA Team Names by Clue
141,077 NBA Defensive Players of the Year
140,525 1992 Olympic Basketball Dream Team
137,859 NBA Basketball Records Quiz
135,738 Top 5 Best NBA Teams Since 2010
133,885 LeBron James Trivia
125,592 NBA Basketball Players who Changed Teams
117,804 NBA Players with Three or More Rings
105,668 Debut Teams of NBA Players
105,361 NBA Teams - One Minute Sprint
84,517 NBA Teams Shaquille O'Neal Played For
81,897 NBA Slam Dunk Contest Winners
74,342 21st Century NBA Champions
74,257 Best NBA Point Guards of All-Time
73,282 NBA Players by Team History
72,847 Tallest NBA Players Ever
69,599 Countries With the Most NBA Players
68,602 NBA Player to Country
66,957 NBA 50-Point Games Since 2010
67,158 USA Olympic Basketball Teams
64,711 NBA's 50 Greatest Players From 1996
64,108 NBA Players' College Teams #1
61,644 NBA Players by Last Name
60,487 Top NBA Player by Draft Class
59,869 Top-Scoring White NBA Players
58,302 NBA 2K Video Game Covers
55,387 NBA Legends by Picture
55,270 NBA Players Who Averaged 30 Points Per Game
51,301 Top-Scoring Foreign NBA Players
50,316 NBA MVPs with No Championships
49,516 NBA 50-40-90 Club
49,497 NBA Basketball General Knowledge #1
48,766 Name a Valid Answer - NBA
47,628 NBA All Time Leaders in 3 Pointers Made
46,494NBA Starters 2016–2017
46,125 Kobe Bryant Quiz
45,472 NBA Most Career Slam Dunks
45,523 NBA Big Threes
45,217 NBA Career Triple Double Leaders
41,663 NBA Career Playoff Scoring Leaders
41,089 Most Guessed North American Teams by Sport
39,471 Stephen Curry Quiz
39,117 NBA Players' College Teams #2
38,836 NBA Basketball by Year, 1970–1999
38,363 Best NBA Centers of All-Time
37,973 NBA Team Scoring Leaders - Extreme
37,729 NBA Rookies of the Year
37,409 NBA Players with the Most All-Star Selections
36,738 LeBron... or Kobe?
35,840Guess the NBA player
35,815 Michael Jordan Trivia
35,378 NBA Logo Tile Select
35,217 NBA Teams that Have Never Won a Title
33,927 NBA Basketball by Year, 2000–present
33,675 Shaquille O'Neal Quiz
33,307 NBA 20 Points Per Game in the 2010s
32,916Top 100 NBA Players 2018
31,810Top 10 NBA Point Guards (NBA 2K24)
31,683 NBA Championship Coaches
31,199NBA Players With The Most MVPs
31,030 Top 10 Los Angeles Lakers of All-Time
31,012 NBA Top 10 League Leaders of the 2010s
30,627 NBA Basketball General Knowledge #2
30,033NBA 2K18 All-Time Teams
29,952Top 10 All-Time NBA Players By Position #1
29,876Top 100 NBA Players 2023
29,658NBA Players by Emoji
28,724Top 25 NBA players All-Time
28,102 Top 100 NBA Players 2024
28,004 NBA Basketball Word Chain
27,998All-NBA Teams
27,368NBA Highest Salaries 2023–2024
27,241 NBA Arenas
26,740 NBA Basketball Multiple Choice
26,467 NBA 3 Point Contest Winners
26,241 The Top 75 Players in NBA History
25,931Top 100 NBA Players 2020
25,916 NBA Players by Wikipedia Descriptions
25,767NBA 2K17 Highest-Rated Player by Team
25,336 2023–2024 NBA Head Coaches
25,277NBA Starters 2015–2016
25,126 NBA Career Scoring Leaders - Extreme
24,481NBA Starters 2022–2023
23,897 NBA - The Only Person to Do It
22,876NBA Teams by City
22,530 NBA Basketball Families
22,431Top 100 NBA Players 2022
22,400NBA Basketball Team Logos - One Minute Sprint
22,030NBA players with the same last name.
21,120NBA Finals Losers
21,066Top 5 Greatest NBA Centers of All Time
20,909Russell Westbrook Quiz
20,720 2022–2023 NBA Statistical Leaders
20,685NBA Starters 2021–2022
20,620Basketball Uniform Numbers (NBA)
20,531NBA Starters 2023–2024
20,336 Merged NBA Logos
20,113Top 10 NBA Players (NBA 2K13)
20,111Kyrie Irving Quiz
19,911Top 5 Worst NBA Teams Since 2010
19,8302021–2022 NBA Statistical Leaders
19,644 NBA Players Who Have Scored 50 or More During the Playoffs
18,8692012 NBA Finals Starters
18,860Top 100 nba players of 2016
18,461 Highest Scoring NBA Players of the 2020s
18,243Top 30 NBA 2016 Players
17,896 NBA - How Many Rings Do They Have?
17,339 NBA Top 10 League Leaders of the 2020s
17,297 Current NBA Players by Picture
16,73210 best players in NBA history without champion title
16,329Top 100 NBA Players of 2016-2017
16,126NBA Starters 2019–2020
16,057 Golden State Warriors Trivia
15,946NBA Starters 2017–2018
15,731 Top 10 Boston Celtics Players
15,458NBA Starters 2020–2021
15,085NBA 2017-18 Top 5 Scorers On Each Team
14,185Top 500 NBA Scorers All-Time
14,151 NBA Basketball True or False
14,057Active NBA Players With 20,000+ Points
14,0322016 NBA All Star Teams
13,740NBA Starters 2018–2019
13,666Top 100 NBA Players 2021
13,531Top 100 All-Time NBA Players
13,488 NBA All-Stars by Team 2000–2024
13,448NBA All-Time Leaders in Points per Game (PPG)
13,412NBA Missing Links
13,032Top Teammates of LeBron James
12,873NBA Starters 2022–2023
12,750NBA 2K Covers
12,489NBA Stats Leaders by Year
12,477Most Subscribed NBA 2K YouTubers
12,475 Los Angeles Lakers Trivia
12,258NBA Players With First Names as Last Names
12,202NBA Starters 2014–2015
11,945NBA All Star MVP's
11,8292020–2021 NBA Statistical Leaders
11,837Category Elimination - NBA
11,686Current 2022-2023 NBA Rosters
11,635NBA All-Time Scoring Leaders
11,316NBA Teams that Have Never Been to the Finals
11,2622016 NBA Playoffs
10,661NBA Top 15 Selling Jersey 2014-15
10,453NBA Starters 2013–2014
10,2942019–2020 NBA Statistical Leaders
10,127Top 50 NBA Players of 2018-2019
10,071Old NBA Basketball Team Logos
9,943NBA 2016 Playoff Starters
9,8302018-2019 NBA Statistical Leaders
9,830 Longest NBA Player Careers
9,736NBA 2019-2020 Starters (if all players are healthy)
9,593Top 10 NBA MVP's 2010's
9,535Best NBA Players of All-Time (By Position)
9,523Stephen Curry Trivia
9,515NBA Players Drafted from High School
9,264Team USA Basketball 2012
9,167NBA First-Ballot Hall of Famers
9,078NBA Teams by Emoji
8,992NBA Champions - 30 Second Sprint
8,8672003 First Round NBA Draft Picks Quiz
8,795NBA 2k20 All-Decade Teams
8,758Can You Guess The NBA Players By The Teams They Played For?
8,373James Harden Trivia
8,370Most Guessed NBA Teams
8,306NBA All-Star Game Records
8,206NBA 2K16 Top Players
8,180Top 100 NBA 2017 Players
7,893 NBA Jam Rosters
7,824Top 25 Nba players of 2016-2017
7,817Top 100 NBA Active Point Leaders
7,770 Boston Celtics Trivia
7,687 NBA Jersey Numbers Click Quiz
7,661NBA All-Decade Team: Best NBA players of the 2010s
7,629NBA Season Assist Leaders
7,590NBA All Stars 2010-Present
7,510NBA 2k16 99 overall cards
7,4632023 NCAA Tournament Teams
7,394Category Elimination - NBA #2
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