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Test your hoops knowledge with these awesome NBA quizzes on For example, can you name the players who have won an MVP award? Or how about the players who were drafted #1?
Take a Random NBA Quiz
True fans will get them all. Try to name the 30 teams that play in the National Basketball Association.
Guess the people who have been named Most Valuable Player of the NBA.
We made a list of the NBA players with the bestselling jerseys for each of the last four seasons. See if you can guess who they are.
Can you name the top NBA players of all-time according to an ESPN poll of experts from 2016?
For each year from 1950–2022, try to name the team that won the NBA championship.
Try to name the players who have been selected for All-NBA first team honors since 1987.
Can you guess the NBA team that uses each of these logos?
In NBA history, 34 different players have scored 60 or more points in a single game. How many can you name?
Try to name the NBA's all-time leaders in scoring, rebounds, assists, blocks, and steals.
Try to name the players who started for the winning team in the NBA finals, 1990–present.
Can you name the highest-rated players in NBA 2K for the last four years?
1,812,982 NBA Teams Quiz
820,758 NBA MVPs Quiz
595,669 Most Popular NBA Jerseys
481,355 Top 100 Greatest NBA Players
424,314 NBA Champions
384,265 All-NBA First Team Players
376,251 NBA Team Logos
308,199 NBA 60 Points in a Game
297,674 NBA All-Time Statistical Leaders
237,823 NBA Championship Starters
215,521 One Team NBA Basketball Players
213,297 NBA 2K Highest Rated Players
192,987 NBA Cities Map Quiz
186,794 NBA Team Scoring Leaders
181,964 NBA Scoring Champions
164,415 Unusual NBA Names Quiz
157,077 NBA Finals MVPs
149,667 NBA Most All-Star Selections by Team
143,524 #1 NBA Draft Picks
135,935 1992 Olympic Basketball Dream Team
134,374 NBA Team Names by Clue
129,912 NBA Defensive Players of the Year
126,800 LeBron James Trivia
126,511 NBA Basketball Records Quiz
124,365 Top 5 Best NBA Teams Since 2010
119,508 NBA Basketball Players who Changed Teams
110,379 NBA Players with Three or More Rings
99,043 Debut Teams of NBA Players
91,964 NBA Teams - One Minute Sprint
78,513 NBA Slam Dunk Contest Winners
75,590 NBA Teams Shaquille O'Neal Played For
68,562 Tallest NBA Players Ever
67,371 NBA Players by Team History
66,637 Best NBA Point Guards of All-Time
65,171 21st Century NBA Champions
62,667 NBA Player to Country
62,539 Countries With the Most NBA Players
60,736 NBA's 50 Greatest Players From 1996
59,833 NBA Players' College Teams #1
58,608 USA Olympic Basketball Teams
57,664 NBA 50-Point Games Since 2010
54,390 Top-Scoring White NBA Players
51,285 Top NBA Player by Draft Class
48,916 NBA 2K Video Game Covers
48,787 NBA Players Who Averaged 30 Points Per Game
47,980 NBA Legends by Picture
46,364 Top-Scoring Foreign NBA Players
44,789NBA Starters 2016–2017
44,172 NBA 50-40-90 Club
43,546 NBA Basketball General Knowledge #1
42,402 NBA Most Career Slam Dunks
42,268NBA Players by Last Name
41,970 Kobe Bryant Quiz
40,817 NBA All Time Leaders in 3 Pointers Made
40,486 NBA Career Triple Double Leaders
40,849 NBA MVPs with No Championships
39,740 Name a Valid Answer - NBA
36,760 NBA Career Playoff Scoring Leaders
36,642 NBA Players' College Teams #2
36,462 NBA Basketball by Year, 1970–1999
36,190 Most Guessed North American Teams by Sport
33,645 Best NBA Centers of All-Time
33,078 Stephen Curry Quiz
32,391 Michael Jordan Trivia
32,188Guess the NBA player
31,309 Shaquille O'Neal Quiz
31,275Top 100 NBA Players 2018
31,071 NBA Team Scoring Leaders - Extreme
30,920 NBA Teams that Have Never Won a Title
29,475 LeBron... or Kobe?
29,297 NBA Championship Coaches
29,202 NBA 20 Points Per Game in the 2010s
29,040 NBA Logo Tile Select
28,889NBA Big Three
28,645 NBA Basketball by Year, 2000–present
28,109NBA 2K18 All-Time Teams
27,922NBA Players With The Most MVPs
26,987 NBA Basketball General Knowledge #2
26,464Top 10 NBA Point Guards (NBA 2K24)
26,300 Top 10 Los Angeles Lakers of All-Time
25,979Top 100 NBA Players 2023
25,927 NBA Rookies of the Year
25,913Top 10 All-Time NBA Players By Position #1
25,722 NBA Arenas
25,551 NBA Top 10 League Leaders of the 2010s
25,166Top 25 NBA players All-Time
24,651NBA Starters 2015–2016
24,604Top 100 NBA Players 2020
24,606 NBA Basketball Word Chain
24,543 NBA Players with the Most All-Star Selections
24,356NBA 2K17 Highest-Rated Player by Team
23,997 NBA 3 Point Contest Winners
23,832NBA Highest Salaries 2023–2024
23,504 NBA Basketball Multiple Choice
23,075 2023–2024 NBA Head Coaches
23,084NBA Players by Emoji
22,996All-NBA Teams
22,448NBA Starters 2022–2023
22,232 NBA Players by Wikipedia Descriptions
21,001Top 100 NBA Players 2022
20,963 The Top 75 Players in NBA History
20,652NBA Teams by City
20,433NBA players with the same last name.
20,137 NBA Basketball Families
19,556Russell Westbrook Quiz
19,411NBA Starters 2021–2022
19,208 NBA - The Only Person to Do It
18,977Top 10 NBA Players (NBA 2K13)
18,988NBA Basketball Team Logos - One Minute Sprint
18,821Basketball Uniform Numbers (NBA)
18,806Kyrie Irving Quiz
18,7482021–2022 NBA Statistical Leaders
18,564Top 5 Greatest NBA Centers of All Time
18,507NBA Finals Losers
18,306Top 100 nba players of 2016
17,6362012 NBA Finals Starters
16,780Top 5 Worst NBA Teams Since 2010
16,735Top 30 NBA 2016 Players
16,520 2022–2023 NBA Statistical Leaders
16,182 Merged NBA Logos
15,921 NBA Career Scoring Leaders - Extreme
15,856Top 100 NBA Players of 2016-2017
15,666 NBA Players Who Have Scored 50 or More During the Playoffs
15,541NBA Starters 2017–2018
15,486NBA Starters 2019–2020
15,06410 best players in NBA history without champion title
14,840NBA Starters 2020–2021
14,791 Highest Scoring NBA Players of the 2020s
14,466NBA 2017-18 Top 5 Scorers On Each Team
13,691 NBA - How Many Rings Do They Have?
13,447 Golden State Warriors Trivia
13,451 Current NBA Players by Picture
13,278NBA Starters 2018–2019
13,107 Top 10 Boston Celtics Players
12,9572016 NBA All Star Teams
12,942Top 100 NBA Players 2021
12,110Most Subscribed NBA 2K YouTubers
12,111NBA Missing Links
11,903NBA Starters 2014–2015
11,712Active NBA Players With 20,000+ Points
11,620NBA All-Time Leaders in Points per Game (PPG)
11,499NBA Starters 2022–2023
11,461NBA 2K Covers
11,164Current 2022-2023 NBA Rosters
11,159Top Teammates of LeBron James
11,048NBA All Star MVP's
11,030NBA Players With First Names as Last Names
11,0232020–2021 NBA Statistical Leaders
10,448Top 100 All-Time NBA Players
10,3052016 NBA Playoffs
10,160NBA Starters 2013–2014
10,160NBA Teams that Have Never Been to the Finals
10,188 Top 100 NBA Players 2024
10,123NBA Stats Leaders by Year
10,071Top 500 NBA Scorers All-Time
10,049NBA All-Time Scoring Leaders
9,939 Los Angeles Lakers Trivia
9,5792019–2020 NBA Statistical Leaders
9,474NBA Top 15 Selling Jersey 2014-15
9,464Top 50 NBA Players of 2018-2019
9,417NBA 2016 Playoff Starters
9,385NBA 2019-2020 Starters (if all players are healthy)
9,1672018-2019 NBA Statistical Leaders
9,056NBA Players Drafted from High School
8,719Team USA Basketball 2012
8,466NBA First-Ballot Hall of Famers
8,378Stephen Curry Trivia
8,2722003 First Round NBA Draft Picks Quiz
8,030Old NBA Basketball Team Logos
7,859Category Elimination - NBA
7,775Best NBA Players of All-Time (By Position)
7,667NBA All-Star Game Records
7,645Top 100 NBA 2017 Players
7,616NBA 2K16 Top Players
7,597 Longest NBA Player Careers
7,521James Harden Trivia
7,286 NBA Jam Rosters
6,967NBA 2k20 All-Decade Teams
6,943Top 25 Nba players of 2016-2017
6,830Most Guessed NBA Teams
6,680 2023 NCAA Tournament Teams
6,492NBA team with the most championships
6,389Can You Guess The NBA Players By The Teams They Played For?
6,365ESPN Top 100 Basketball Players of 2014
6,269NBA Teams by Emoji
6,213NBA Season Assist Leaders
6,170Top 100 NBA Players 2019
6,162Top 10 NBA MVP's 2010's
6,115NBA 2k16 99 overall cards
6,110NBA Free Throw Percentage Leaders by Year
5,954All Retired NBA Numbers
5,949Top 100 NBA Players (2021-2022)
5,945NBA Starting Lineups '21-2022 (No Injuries)
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