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In NBA history, 34 different players have scored 60 or more points in a single game. How many can you name?
Try to name the NBA's all-time leaders in scoring, rebounds, assists, blocks, and steals.
How many players can you name who have a won an NBA scoring title?
Try to name the all-time scoring leader for each time NBA team.
Can you name the players who set these memorable NBA records?
Can you name the players who have scored 50 points in a single game since 2010?
Name the NBA players who averaged at least 30 points per game for a single season.
Name the non-American players, past and present, who have scored the most points in the NBA.
Name the players who shot 50% from the field, 40% from three, and 90% from the free throw line for an entire season.
Name the players who have scored the most points in NBA playoff history.
Try to name the top 3 all-time scoring leaders for each NBA team.
309,109 NBA 60 Points in a Game
298,965 NBA All-Time Statistical Leaders
187,053 NBA Team Scoring Leaders
182,472 NBA Scoring Champions
126,755 NBA Basketball Records Quiz
57,828 NBA 50-Point Games Since 2010
54,542 Top-Scoring White NBA Players
48,949 NBA Players Who Averaged 30 Points Per Game
46,490 Top-Scoring Foreign NBA Players
44,311 NBA 50-40-90 Club
42,472 NBA Most Career Slam Dunks
40,942 NBA All Time Leaders in 3 Pointers Made
40,600 NBA Career Triple Double Leaders
36,894 NBA Career Playoff Scoring Leaders
31,220 NBA Team Scoring Leaders - Extreme
29,334 NBA 20 Points Per Game in the 2010s
18,7782021–2022 NBA Statistical Leaders
16,669 2022–2023 NBA Statistical Leaders
15,987 NBA Career Scoring Leaders - Extreme
14,892 Highest Scoring NBA Players of the 2020s
14,487NBA 2017-18 Top 5 Scorers On Each Team
11,766Active NBA Players With 20,000+ Points
11,670NBA All-Time Leaders in Points per Game (PPG)
11,0472020–2021 NBA Statistical Leaders
10,265Top 500 NBA Scorers All-Time
10,197NBA Stats Leaders by Year
10,098NBA All-Time Scoring Leaders
9,5972019–2020 NBA Statistical Leaders
9,1872018-2019 NBA Statistical Leaders
7,650 Longest NBA Player Careers
6,246NBA Season Assist Leaders
6,149NBA Free Throw Percentage Leaders by Year
5,770Top 30 Tallest NBA Players (2012-2013)
5,040Top 100 NBA Active Point Leaders
4,243NBA Triple Double Active Player
4,080 NBA Top 10 League Leaders of the 2020s
3,853Top 15 NBA rebounders of 2012
3,747NBA All-Time Rebound Leaders
2,918NBA Playoffs Leaders Per Year
2,652San Antonio Spurs Leaders Per Year
2,513NBA Top 100 All-Time: Assists
2,470Top 50 NBA Players
2,442NBA Season Rebounding Leaders
2,440NBA All Time Assist Leaders
2,419Top 10 assist leaders 2012
2,420Chicago Bulls Leaders Per Year
2,391NBA 2012-2013 Stat Leaders Quiz
2,387NBA Trivia: Most 3-Pointers Made
2,2682015-2016 Top NBA Scorer Per Team
2,116NBA All Time Block Leaders
2,0662014-2015 Top NBA Scorer Per Team
2,058Shortest NBA Players Ever
2,002Top 100 NBA Scorers of All Time
1,843Toronto Raptors Leaders Per Year
1,765NBA Season Assist Leaders
1,745NBA All Time Leaders In Rebounds Per Game
1,629NBA 2015-2016 Leaders
1,618NBA (2011-2012) Points Per Game Leaders
1,573NBA Top 100 All-Time: Three Pointers Made
1,548NBA All Time Leaders In Field Goals Made
1,501NBA All Time Leaders In Assists Per Game
1,490Dallas Mavericks Leaders Per Year
1,480Cleveland Cavaliers Leaders Per Year
1,447Top 20 All-Time steal leaders
1,436Most Turnovers NBA
1,419Detroit Pistons Leaders Per Year
1,416Minnesota Timberwolves Leaders Per Year
1,393Milwaukee Bucks Leaders Per Year
1,360Atlanta Hawks Leaders Per Year
1,305NBA All Time Leaders In Blocks Per Game
1,303Utah Jazz Leaders Per Year
1,288NBA: Most Points (2021-2022 Season)
1,263Charlotte Hornets Leaders Per Year
1,259NBA Team Point Leaders 2011/2012
1,245NBA 2015-2016 Points Leaders
1,213NBA 2015-16 - Top 5 Players By Team - By Points Per Game
1,186Orlando Magic Leaders Per Year
1,182Denver Nuggets Leaders Per Year
1,131Scoring Leaders 2012/13 NBA Season
1,131NBA All Time Leaders In Minutes Per Game
1,116Top 100 NBA Scorers 2010s
1,109NBA Top 20 All Time Leaders In 3 Point Field Goal Percentage
1,104NBA All-Time Point Leaders
1,096NBA All Time Leaders In Free Throws Made
1,092San Antonio Spurs Top 10 Leaders
1,076NBA 2010's 40 Points Games
1,053Chicago Bulls Top 10 Leaders
1,032NBA Scoring Leaders 2013-14
1,032NBA 2021-2022 20 PPG
1,009Toronto Raptors Top 10 Leaders
1,009Top 10 NBA Scorers Per Decade
994NBA Top 100 All-Time: Blocks
954NBA Team Point Leaders Per Game 2011-2012 Season
954Sacramento Kings Leaders Per Year
953Washington Wizards Leaders Per Year
947NBA Players Who: Made 250 Threes in a Season
940NBA Top 100 All-Time: Steals
938NBA 60-Pointers (2023)
927NBA All Time Leaders Percentage
915NBA 2015-2016 Top 100 Points Leaders
893Russell Westbrook All 42 Triple Double
884Top 10 NBA Playoffs All-Time Leaders
880NBA All Time Steal Leaders
871Top 15 All-Time Leading Scorers in the NBA
816NBA: Most Points (2022-2023 Season)
761NBA All Time Leaders In 3 Point Field Goal Percentage
715All-time triple-double leaders (regular season)
692NBA All Time Leaders In Steals Per Game
675NBA 40 Point Game Duo
674Chicago Bulls NBA Playoffs Leaders Per Year
668NBA All Time Leaders In Free Throw Percentage
665NBA most career points regular season A-Z
663Milwaukee Bucks Top 10 Leaders
643Utah Jazz Top 10 Leaders
574NBA Current Players in the Top 50 All-Time Stats
566NBA 2010s Top 10 Scorers Per Team
561Minnesota Timberwolves Top 10 Leaders
551Cleveland Cavaliers Top 10 Leaders
544Dallas Mavericks Top 10 Leaders
538Denver Nuggets Top 10 Leaders
524Top 10 Los Angeles Lakers Points Leader
520Atlanta Hawks Top 10 Leaders
505Orlando Magic Top 10 Leaders
502NBA (2011-2012) 3 Point Field Goal Percentage Leaders
499NBA Players With Most 40 Point Games
499Toronto Raptors NBA Playoffs Leaders Per Year
493Chicago Bulls 40 Point Games
466Detroit Pistons Top 10 Leaders
459NBA Assist Leaders 2011/2012
438NBA Assist Leaders Per Game 2011-2012
428Cleveland Cavaliers NBA Playoffs Leaders Per Year
427NBA Players 50+ Points Game
427Dallas Mavericks NBA Playoffs Leaders Per Year
419Milwaukee Bucks NBA Playoffs Leaders Per Year
417NBA: Player salary record progression 🏀💰📈
395NBA (2011-2012) Rebounds Per Game Leaders
393San Antonio Spurs NBA Playoffs Leaders Per Year
380Top 10 NBA Assists Per Decade
373NBA 60-Point Game by Team
371Denver Nuggets NBA Playoffs Leaders Per Year
372NBA 50-Point Game by Team
370Top 10 Boston Celtics Points Leader
366NBA Champions Leaders By Year
357Atlanta Hawks NBA Playoffs Leaders Per Year
343Charlotte Hornets Top 10 Leaders
339NBA (2011-2012) Steals Per Game Leaders
333Detroit Pistons NBA Playoffs Leaders Per Year
332Washington Wizards Top 10 Leaders
329NBA 20-8-8 Season
318Chicago Bulls Top 10 Leaders Playoffs
306Dallas Mavericks 40 Point Games
302Utah Jazz NBA Playoffs Leaders Per Year
298NBA Scoring Champs by Team
286San Antonio Spurs Top 10 Leaders Playoffs
284Charlotte Hornets NBA Playoffs Leaders Per Year
282Boston Celtics 20 Points Per Game Players
279Cleveland Cavaliers 40 Point Games
277Sacramento Kings Top 10 Leaders
272NBA 1980s Leaders Per Team
268Toronto Raptors Top 10 Leaders Playoffs
268Washington Wizards NBA Playoffs Leaders Per Year
264Sacramento Kings NBA Playoffs Leaders Per Year
261NBA Playoffs 2017 Leaders
254Top 10 NBA Rebounds Per Decade
233Atlanta Hawks 40 Point Games
225Detroit Pistons Top 10 Leaders Playoffs
225Cleveland Cavaliers Top 10 Leaders Playoffs
217Dallas Mavericks Top 10 Leaders Playoffs
213Atlanta Hawks Top 10 Leaders Playoffs
212Utah Jazz Top 10 Leaders Playoffs
210Top 10 NBA Win Share Per Decade
197Denver Nuggets Top 10 Leaders Playoffs
194Golden State Warriors 2017-18 Most Games Leading Team in Scoring
193Detroit Pistons 40 Point Games
176Denver Nuggets 40 Point Games
172NBA 1970s Leaders Per Team
169Orlando Magic Top 10 Leaders Playoffs
148Golden State Warriors 20 Points Per Game Players
147Denver Nuggets 2018-19 Roster
146Charlotte Hornets 40 Point Games
141NBA 1960s Leaders Per Team
140Minnesota Timberwolves 40 Point Games
135Top 10 NBA Steals Per Decade
135Boston Celtics 2017-18 Most Games Leading Team in Scoring
1342015-16 NBA Statistics
133Charlotte Hornets Top 10 Leaders Playoffs
131NBA Players with multiple games over 40 points in the NBA Finals
127Minnesota Timberwolves 20 Points Per Game Players
123Sacramento Kings Top 10 Leaders Playoffs
118Toronto Raptors 40 Point Games
117Dallas Mavericks 20 Points Per Game Players
116Utah Jazz 40 Point Games
115San Antonio Spurs 20 Points Per Game Players
114New Orleans Pelicans 40 Point Games
114Atlanta Hawks 20 Points Per Game Players
113Washington Wizards Top 10 Leaders Playoffs
111Toronto Raptors 20 Points Per Game Players
110Cleveland Cavaliers 20 Points Per Game Players
111Boston Celtics Triple Double
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