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Can you guess these facts about the country of The Netherlands?
Can you name the modern day countries whose current territory was part of the Dutch Empire at one point in time?
With the help of a map, try to guess the countries that were ever under Dutch control or had a Dutch trading post.
Can you name the 15 most populous municipalities in Netherlands?
Can you guess these facts about the geography of the Dutch Empire?
For each category, name any of the countries that ranks higher than the Netherlands.
Name the twelve provinces of the Netherlands.
What are the most common countries of birth for Dutch residents who were not born in Netherlands?
Can you guess the correct Dutch translation for each of these English words?
Based on a picture, name these people, places, and things associated with the Netherlands.
Name these famous people who have Dutch or Belgian origins.
63,624 Netherlands Country Quiz
41,124 Modern Day Countries of the Dutch Empire on a Map
36,932 All Modern-Day Countries Ever Controlled by the Netherlands
33,495 Biggest Cities in The Netherlands
28,915 Countries that Beat the Netherlands
28,564 Geography of the Dutch Empire
27,274 Provinces of the Netherlands
25,205 Netherlands Immigration by Country
16,893 Click to Translate - Dutch
15,620 Netherlands by Picture
14,696 Famous Dutch and Belgian People
13,913 History of The Netherlands
13,722 Biggest Cities Founded by the Dutch
12,926 Amsterdam Trivia
9,232Dutch Municipalities
7,005All 50k+ Cities in the Netherlands with a Map
6,09550 biggest cities in The Netherlands
5,899Netherlands Municipalities Quiz
5,165Dutch Eredivisie Champions
4,492Top 20 of biggest Dutch cities
4,252Football Players by Picture #4 - Netherlands
3,901Short Dutch words
3,45620 Countries Closest to The Netherlands
3,1832023-24 Eredivisie teams
3,086Netherlands 2022 FIFA World Cup Squad
3,035Countries With the Most Dutch Speakers
2,936The Netherlands... Or Belgium?
2,851Countries Closest to the Netherlands
2,589Netherlands World Cup 2014 squad
2,581All Eredivisie Teams Ever
2,432Netherlands Football Team World Cup Starting XI
2,400Top 23 Dutch goal scorers in Champions League
2,374Countries of the Low Countries / Netherlands in 1350 with a Map
2,304Dutch Eredivisie Clubs by Badges
2,192A-Z Dutch Geography
2,078Provinces of the Netherlands Map Quiz
2,064Ajax 2010's Starting XI
1,801Netherlands Starting Lineup 2010 FIFA World Cup
1,765Knowledge of The Netherlands
1,747Provinces of the Netherlands in 1816 (with a Map)
1,683Dutch Football Quiz
1,674Ajax 2020's Starting XI
1,558Foreigners in The Netherlands by Country of Birth
1,550Countries of the Dutch Empire
1,541Which City in The Benelux?
1,438100 Biggest Cities In Netherlands On A Map
1,431Benelux multiple choice (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg)
1,427Amsterdam Airport (AMS) Destinations
1,351Dutch Speaking Countries
1,325Netherlands Euro 2020 Squad
1,305Biggest Trading Partners - Netherlands
1,299100 Biggest Cities in Netherlands
1,296Ajax Current Squad
1,233Top 50 Best Dutch Footballers Ever
1,138Netherlands All-Time Greatest XI
1,047Dutch Eredivisie
1,045Languages of the Netherlands Quiz (with map)
1,031Netherlands Euro 2012 Squad
1,021Teams that Beat the Netherlands in Football
1,009Most Visited Countries by the Dutch
1,002Top 10 AFC Ajax Starting XI
997Cities That Beat Amsterdam
949Netherlands A-Z
898Which City in the Netherlands?
897Dutch Caribbean islands
835Dutch Provinces
826top 200 girl names Netherlands 2013
788Netherlands National Football Team
774Eredivisie (Netherlands) Top 4 Positions
764Dutch soccer players scoring during the World Cup
764Capitals of the Provinces of the Netherlands (with a map)
755ethnics in the netherlands
739Biggest Cities in the Netherlands on a Map
736Largest cities in the Netherlands
721Countries the Netherlands Invaded, Occupied or Fought
715Eredivisie Clubs
702Biggest Cities in the Netherlands - Extreme
700The Netherlands Tile Select
697Netherlands True or False?
689Biggest Dutch-Speaking Cities
666Geography of The Netherlands
663World Capitals Closest to Amsterdam
657Dutch Eredivisie (Soccer) - City and Stadium of Each Team
654Ajax Best Scorer By Year
625Dutch Eredivisie Topscorers
620Dutch Eredivise Teams Quiz
610Ajax Trivia
600Most common last names in the Netherlands
586Dutch Eredivisie Top 4
564Top 15 Best football teams in the Netherlands
560Dutch Cities
560Dutch cities with more than 1 railway station
555Most Capped Male Footballers for the Netherlands
552Netherlands National Football Team Best Scorer By Year
529Goal Scorers for the Netherlands at the 2014 FIFA World Cup
529The Amsterdam City Quiz
526Overseas Territories of The Netherlands
496Netherlands Multiple Choice
4882010 FIFA World Cup Final Netherlands - Spain
486Famous Dutch People
471Most Visited Countries by the Dutch
461Countries controlled by the Dutch empire
453Ajax Champions League Winner Starting XI
430Dutch Prime Ministers
425Ajax Champions League XIs
424Belgium... or The Netherlands
414EURO 1988 Netherlands Squad
407Islands of the Netherlands
395The Netherlands
388KNVB Beker Champions
387PSV Eindhoven Trivia
380Dutch History A-Z
375Premier League Dutch Best Scorer by Year
372Constituent countries of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
368Ajax Goalkeeper By Year
349Wilhelmus (Anthem of the Netherlands) Lyrics Quiz
348Which Benelux Country? Multiple Choice
346FIFA 20 - Dutch Player Names
339Champions League Dutch Best Scorer by Year
338KLM Destinations-Amsterdam
335Top 10 Best Dutch Footballers of All Time
330Dutch Football A-Z
329Dutch Football Players English Premier League 2016-2017
324PSV Eindhoven Best Scorer By Year
320Largest Railway stations in the Netherlands
307All Teams Ever Managed by Guus Hiddink
307Largest Cities in The Netherlands
298FIFA World Cup 2010: Final Netherlands vs Spain
296Football Clubs Luis Suárez Played For
294Highest Ranking Dutch Ballon d’Or Nominees per Season
293Provinces of the United Kingdom of the Netherlands on a Map
286PSV Eindhoven Current Squad
283Dutch Association Football Champions
282Busiest Airports in the Benelux
282Feyenoord Best Scorer By Year
28210 Closest capitals to Amsterdam
279Top 100 baby girl names Netherlands 2015
275Feyenoord Current Squad
263Countries and their territories closest to the Kingdom of the Netherlands
262Netherlands World Cup Squad 2010
260Top 100 boy names Netherlands 2013
2542022 FIFA World Cup Quarter Finals - Netherlands - Argentina
252Top 10 PSV Eindhoven Starting XI
247Belgium, Luxembourg or Netherlands
241Feyenoord 2020's Starting XI
238Countries Bordering the Netherlands
228Countries Colonized by The Netherlands by Continent
225Top 50 most visited websites in The Netherlands
221Top 100 baby boy names Netherlands 2015
220Fietsstad (Dutch cycling city)
214Word chain - Netherlands
209Every Dutch Province
209Vincent van Gogh Quiz
209Dutch Football Rivalries
198Dutch Monarchs and Stadholders of The Netherlands
194Biggest Cities once in the Dutch Empire
191The Netherlands - Record International Players
190Prime Ministers of the Netherlands (1848-2018)
187Teams that Virgil van Dijk Has Played For
182Football Clubs Managed by Louis van Gaal
179Feyenoord Trivia
179Capitals of the Countries Bordering the Netherlands
177Dutch Football Logos (Eredivisie)
176All-Time Dutch Football Honours
17310 Biggest Cities in the Netherlands
172Provinces and Capitals of the Netherlands
170Most popular baby names in the Netherlands 2013
167Countries that beat the Netherlands
163Historical Timeline of the Netherlands
163Biggest Cities in the Dutch Empire on a Map
157Football Clubs Netherlands 18-19
157Grootste plaatsen in Friesland/Fryslân
157Belgium, the Netherlands, Both or Neither
156The Netherlands at the Eurovision Song Contest
156Ajax Amsterdam by numbers
152PSV Eindhoven Goalkeeper By Year
145Ajax Scorers in 2010s Champions League
144Netherlands Antilles
140Biggest Cities in the Netherlands
135The Netherlands Current Squad September 2019
13550 biggest cities in the Netherlands
135Dutch Football Players That Play Abroad
135Football Clubs Managed by Johan Cruyff
133Oldest cities in the Netherlands currently above 30.000 people
129Prime ministers of the Netherlands
1281974 FIFA World Cup Final Netherlands - West Germany
125Baby girl names The Netherlands (2015)
124Footballers by Picture - Netherlands
124Dutch Scorers in 2010s Champions League
123Netherlands Quiz
123Feyenoord Goalkeeper By Year
121Famous Dutch People by Picture
1211978 FIFA World Cup Final Argentina - Netherlands
118Dutch Football League
118Soccer Struggles for national teams #5 - Netherlands
118Highest Goalscorers in International Football for the Netherlands
118Monarchs of the Netherlands 1815-
112Most populated cities of the Netherlands
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