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Can you guess these facts about the country of New Zealand?
Name the cities that have non-stop, international flights to one of New Zealand's airports.
Choose whether each statement applies to Australia, New Zealand, or both.
Name the 16 regions of New Zealand. (with a map)
Can you name the 15 most populous urban areas in New Zealand?
Can you name the 100 biggest towns and cities in New Zealand with the help of a map?
For each selected category, name any of the countries that ranks higher than New Zealand.
53,615 New Zealand Country Quiz
35,564 Non-Stop Flights to New Zealand
24,822 Australia... or New Zealand?
19,375 Regions of New Zealand
18,803 Biggest Cities in New Zealand
16,007 100 Biggest Cities in New Zealand with a Map
5,516 Countries that Beat New Zealand
4,525New Zealand Slang
4,486Regions of New Zealand Map Quiz
3,361It's All About New Zealand
3,357Countries Closest to New Zealand
2,660New Zealand by Picture
1,716New Zealand All Blacks Rugby -25 or more points in a test
1,686New Zealand Rugby All Blacks to have played 100 tests or more
1,491New Zealand All Blacks 2011 Rugby World Cup Squad
1,469New Zealand All Blacks World Cup Opponents 1987-2023
1,436New Zealand Rugby All Blacks 2015 Rugby World Cup Squad
1,236Regions of New Zealand
1,214Teams that have defeated the All Blacks
1,209New Zealand Rugby All Blacks - Most Quiz
1,047Prime Ministers of New Zealand
1,045New Zealand Provincial Rugby Map Quiz
1,009The New Zealand Quiz
966New Zealand Place Names
947Airlines that fly into New Zealand
943New Zealand Immigration by Country
941Guess The Band - By Picture #2
924New Zealand True or False
906New Zealand All Blacks Rugby Captains since WW2
905New Zealand All Blacks Rugby - Top 5 Players by Category
892New Zealand Geography on the Map
872Central Auckland Suburbs with a Map
858Prime Ministers of New Zealand
848NZ company slogans
822All Auckland Suburbs on a Map
820Biggest Cities in New Zealand
819ALL Lorde Songs
811Royals the Lorde LYRICS
763New Zealand Test Cricketers Since 1975
732New Zealand Cities Map Quiz
719All Blacks with Over 50 International Appearances
706Royals - Lorde (All Lyrics)
703NZ All Blacks Rugby - Forwards with more than 10 test tries
689New Zealand Rugby Players to have played over 300 First Class Games
67320 Largest Cities in New England by Population
670New Zealand Test Cricket - 7 or more wickets in an innings
668New Zealand Test Cricket - 200 or more runs in an innings
664New Zealand All Blacks Rugby - 4 Tries or more in a test
649Geography of New Zealand
645Australia v New Zealand Cricket World Cup Final 2015
633Maori Words - Basic
621Biggest New Zealand Cities A to Z
611New Zealand Rugby All Blacks - Top tryscorer 2000-2023
604World Capitals Closest to Wellington
594New Zealand All Blacks Rugby 200 or more points in Tests
589Countries with the most black people outside of Africa
585New Zealand Rugby All Blacks - Most Capped Backs
5762005 British and Irish Lions Rugby in New Zealand - Starting Lineups in the Test Series
561New Zealand Cricketers: Black Caps
554New Zealand Rugby All Blacks - Most Capped sets of brothers
553Cities where Richie McCaw played Test Rugby
549New Zealand Icons - Kiwiana
543New Zealand Rugby All Blacks - All players since 1975
531Rugby - 2017 Lions vs All Blacks -Starting lineups in the test series
530All Railway Stations in Auckland New Zealand
516All 50k+ Cities in New Zealand with a Map
506New Zealand All Blacks Rugby - Appeared at 3 or more world cups
499New Zealand Test Cricket - 3000 or more test runs
479Districts of New Zealand
474The New Zealand Quiz #2
468Green Light - Lorde (All Lyrics)
462New Zealand Rugby All Blacks - Forwards with 50 or more caps
462New Zealand Prime Ministers since 1900
455New Zealand Airport Codes
448New Zealand Test Cricket Bowlers with over 100 Wickets
448New Zealand Rugby All Blacks - Started a World Cup Final
447New Zealand... or Australia?
441Maori Numbers
432All train stations in Wellington, New Zealand
430New Zealand Cricketers: Black Caps who haven't played a Test
404New Zealand All Blacks Rugby - 15 or more tries in tests
401New Zealand All Blacks Rugby - Defeats by City
397History of New Zealand
384Auckland Suburbs on the North Shore with a Map
3711987 New Zealand All Blacks Squad
371New Zealand Regional Capitals
368New Zealand Rugby All Blacks - Countries Visited
360Kiwi Slang
353Auckland City Quiz
353Top 100 Baby Girl Names in 2019 - New Zealand
345New Zealand Cricketers Who Have Played 50 Tests
339New Zealand A-Z
335Auckland Train Stations & Northern Busway
335Biggest Trading Partners - New Zealand
333Air New Zealand Destination Countries
329Landmarks of New Zealand
323NZ Rugby All Blacks Defeats to Non-International Sides
321New Zealand Rugby All Blacks - Debut prior to 21st birthday
320New Zealand Trivia
318New Zealand Rugby All Blacks - Top Pointscorers 1990-2023
317New Zealand Test Cricket Opening Batsmen
305New Zealand Rugby All Blacks - Most Caps by Letter
305New Zealand Rugby All Blacks - Played test rugby aged 35 or older
293New Zealand Rugby All Blacks - 2007 Rugby World Cup Squad
293Air New Zealand International Flights
292New Zealand Rugby All Blacks - Test venues in NZ
291New Zealand Rugby All Blacks - Most Dropped Goals in tests
287The New Zealand Quiz #3
285New Zealand Rugby All Blacks - Test match Opponents
285New Zealand Super Rugby Player of the Year
283New Zealand Towns
281Perfect Places - Lorde (All Lyrics)
280New Zealand Provincial Rugby Map Quiz - Name the Highlighted Province
276Most Visited Countries by New Zealanders in 2014
275New Zealand All Blacks Rugby - Most World Cup Appearances
266Top 100 Baby Boy Names in 2019 - New Zealand
264New Zealand Rugby All Blacks - Born in Fiji
263New Zealand All Blacks Rugby - Pointscorers in World Cup Finals
260New Zealand National Anthem (Maori + English)
258New Zealand All Blacks Rugby - Most Test Starts
258New Zealand Test Cricket Spin Bowlers
258New Zealand Rugby - Kelvin R Tremain Award winners
257New Zealand Rugby All Blacks - Born in Samoa
257The New Zealand Quiz #4
256100 Biggest Cities in New Zealand
256Jersey Numbers Worn by Richie McCaw
253Hurricanes Rugby Centurions
251New Zealand Rugby All Blacks - Year of last loss or draw to each opponent
248Biggest Cities in New Zealand
248Flags of Australian & New Zealand States and Territories
246Basic Māori Words
247Most Populous Islands of New Zealand
246New Zealand Rugby All Blacks - Tight Five with more than 5 test tries
242New Zealand Rugby All Blacks - Inside backs with 10 or more test tries
240New Zealand Overseas Territories
233The Maori Alphabet
233Melodrama (Lorde) Songs
232New Zealand All Blacks Rugby - Most appearances as a substitute
226New Zealand Maori Place Names
226New Zealand Rugby All Blacks - 1986 Baby Blacks
220Maori Words - Colours
219New Zealand Rugby All Blacks - One Test Wonders
216Name these New Zealanders
216New Zealand Rugby All Blacks - Top Scorer by Letter
215New Zealand Provincial Rugby Teams that have defeated the Springboks
215New Zealand Super Rugby Head Coaches
214Top 60 Girl Baby Names New Zealand 2017
210Wellington Airport New Zealand - All International Destinations
210Auckland... or Wellington?
209New Zealand All Blacks Rugby - Top Tryscorers at World Cups
209Loyal's New Zealand Quiz
205All Blacks vs Wallabies Rugby - Cities that have hosted a test
205New Zealand Cricket - 150 or more ODI appearances
203Birds of New Zealand
202Largest Islands in New Zealand
202New Zealand Cricket Captains
201New Zealand Rugby All Blacks - 100 or more games
199New Zealand Rugby All Blacks 2003 Rugby World Cup Squad
199New Zealand All Blacks Rugby - 50 or more tests, less than 5 tries
198New Zealand Foreign Population
197New Zealand All Blacks Rugby - World Cup Captains
195New Zealand Cricket Teams
194Auckland International Airport - Australian Destinations
194Ribs by Lorde lyrics
192Māori Gods
187New Zealand All Blacks Rugby - 2013 The Perfect Season
187New Zealand Rugby All Blacks - Born in Tonga
187Wellington suburbs
186New Zealand Rugby All Blacks- 20 or more conversions in tests
183Cricket: Leading New Zealand Test Batsmen A-Z
182New Zealand Cricket - 5 or more ODI hundreds
180New Zealand Rugby - Maori Player of the Year
179New Zealand Rugby All Blacks - Most tests aged 30 or older
177New Zealand Rugby All Blacks - Tryscorers in World Cup Playoff Games
176New Zealand Rugby All Blacks - Played 50 or more tests with Richie McCaw as captain
175New Zealand Rugby - 3 and 4 letter All Blacks
1742016 Chicago - Ireland beat the All Blacks at Rugby for the 1st time
174Biggest New Zealand Cities and Towns by letter - T
173Busiest New Zealand Airports
170Biggest New Zealand Cities & Towns by letter - W
170New Zealand Rugby All Blacks - Most tests by age 25
168Languages of New Zealand
168Auckland Multiple Choice
166New Zealand Rugby All Blacks - 50 points or more vs Australia
166Top 60 Boy Baby Names New Zealand 2017
165Famous New Zealanders
165New Zealand Test Cricket - Batting average over 40
165New Zealand All Blacks Rugby - Opponents Never Faced at a World Cup
164New Zealand 2019 Cricket World Cup Squad
163Countries that Visit New Zealand the Most
1622016 Super Rugby Final - Hurricanes Starting Team
161Click to Translate - Maori
161New Zealand Rugby All Blacks - Most Tests by Decade
161New Zealand Rugby All Blacks 1999 Rugby World Cup Squad
160New Zealand Rugby All Blacks - Most Capped Father/Son
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