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Can you guess the players who set these memorable NFL football records?
Try to name the NFL quarterbacks who have passed for 4,000 yards in a single season. A number that used to mean something....
Try to name the career passing leader for each of the 32 active NFL teams.
Try to name the NFL's all-time passing, rushing, and receiving yardage leaders.
Name the NFL players who've recorded the most passing, rushing, and receiving touchdowns in a single season.
Try to name the career rushing leader for each of the 32 active NFL teams.
Name the players who have led the NFL in rushing since 1957.
Can you name the players who have led the NFL in passing since 1970?
Name the quarterback-receiver combos who have connected for the most touchdown passes in NFL history.
For each decade, name the NFL's top 10 passers by yards gained.
Name the top 3 all-time passing yards leaders for each NFL team.
93,818 NFL Football Records
78,329 NFL 4,000 Yard Passers
73,551 NFL Team Passing Leaders
46,156 NFL All-Time Yardage Leaders
44,561 NFL Most Touchdowns in a Season
40,728 NFL Team Rushing Leaders
39,867 NFL Rushing Champions
38,221 NFL Passing Champions
31,766 NFL Team Receiving Leaders
29,984 NFL Best Rushing Quarterbacks
29,381 Top NFL Fantasy Football Performers
26,870 Top NFL Quarterback Receiver Combos
26,266 NFL 1,500 Yard Rushers
25,370 NFL 1,500 Yard Receivers
21,599 Top NFL Quarterbacks by Decade
17,992 NFL 200 Yards Rushing in a Game
15,850 NFL Team Passing Leaders - Extreme
15,063 NFL 2,000-Yard Rushers
6,464Top NFL Running Backs by Decade
5,535NFL Receiving Yardage Leaders by Year
5,258NFL All-Time Sacks Leaders
5,223NFL Quarterbacks - 5,000 Yards in a Season
5,201NFL All-Time Pass TDs Leaders
4,451NFL - Last 1,200 Yard Rusher by Team
4,321NFL 1000 yard wide receivers since 2000
3,826NFL 500 Yard Passing Club
3,732NFL All-Time Passing Touchdown Leaders
3,537NFL Passing Touchdown Leaders by Year
3,192NFL receivers with at least 10,000 receiving yards.
3,147Most Interceptions Thrown by an NFL QB
2,707Highest Career Passer Ratings for NFL Quarterbacks
2,520NFL Top 100 All-Time: Passing TDs
2,441NFL 1000 yard rushers 2000-2016
2,189NFL all-time all-purpose yardage leaders
2,163NFL - Last 1,200 Yard Receiver by Team
2,028The Best Receiver for Each NFL Team (2015-16)
2,014Top 30 NFL Wide Receivers 2022
1,830NFL All-Time Interceptions Leaders
1,622NFL Team Receiving Leaders - Extreme
1,386NFL Top 100 All-Time: Rushing TDs
1,228NFL QB Interception Leaders from 1990 to 2013
1,162Career Playoff Passing Yards
1,151NFL Top Ten Rushing Yards 2010s
1,140NFL Trivia: WR's with 250 Receiving Yds
1,061NFL 2023 Wide Receivers (Starting 3 For Every Team)
1,053Every 4000+ yard passer ever
1,018NFL Trivia: 250-Yard Single-Game Rushers
1,008Yardage Leaders of all 32 NFL Teams of All Time
981NFL Top 100 All-Time: Receiving TDs
976Most Receiving Touchdowns - NFL
938Top 20 NFL Passing Yards Leaders of All Time
926NFL Statistic Leaders 2021-2022
911The NFL's Most Unbreakable Records
879NFL All-Time Touchdowns Leaders
865NFL 2017-2018 1,000 Yard Receivers
797NFL Players Who: Threw For 40+ TDs in a Season
759NFL Passing Yards Leaders Since 1980
744NFL Trivia: Single Season Yds from Scrimmage
743NFL Top 50 Receiving Yard Leaders 2023-2024
625Over 10,000 NFL Rushing Yards
604NFL Stats Leaders since 2010 Years
604NFL All-Time Pass Yards Leaders
591Top 20 NFL Passing Touchdowns of All Time
579NFL All-Time Pass TDs Leaders (thru Dec. 2014)
523NFL Trivia: Most Yards from Scrimmage All-Time Leaders
487Active NFL Players by Receiving Yards
466Most NFL Career Passing Yards
464NFL Highest Passing Yards per Game
457NFL : All-Time Receiving Yards Quiz
449NFL Top 25 All Time Passing Touchdowns
444NFL 2,000 Yard Rushing Club
440NFL Players Who: Caught 15 Receiving TD in a Season
419NFL All-Time Rushing Yards Leaders
368NFL Passing Yards Top 50 All Time
366NFL QB Interception Leaders from 1970 to 1989
366All-Time NFL QBR Leaders
364Top 10 NFL Receiving TD Leaders
362NFL Most Passing Yards in a Game
362NFL Players Who: Rushed for 15 TD in a Season
351NFL Top Ten Rushing Yards 2000s
329NFL Passing Leaders Since 2000
324NFL Single Season Yardage Leaders for each NFL Team
309NFL Most Passing TDs In a Career
302NFL 2,000-Yard Club
286All Time NFL Career Receptions Leaders
285NFL Rushing Touchdown Leaders
256NFL most rushing yards in a game
248NFL Passing Leaders Since 1980
232NFL QBs with 7 Touchdowns in One Game
224NFL Rec TD leaders by year
200Nfl top 15 touchdown leaders of all time.
194All Time NFL Receiving Yards Leaders
187Longest NFL Kick Returns
187NFL - All Time Leaders in Receiving Yards
185NFL Receiving Yard Leaders for each team
181NFL Passing Touchdown Leaders
1782016 NFL regular season stat leaders
171NFL Players Who: Returned 3+ Punts for TDs in a Season
163NFL All time Passing Yardage leaders
1372016 NFL Team Receiving Yard Leader
114Nfl top 20 passing yard leaders 2017 up to week 16.
109NFL Teams with the Most Monday Night Football Appearances
89NFL Career Touchdown Leaders
80Largest Super Bowl Points Differential
732016 NFL Team Rushing Yard Leaders
65NFL Players Who: Returned 3+ Kickoffs for TDs in a Season
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