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Can you name the thirty-two teams that play in the National Hockey League?
Can you guess the NHL team that uses each of these logos?
For each city on the map, name the NHL team that plays there.
For each highlighted year, name the team that won the Stanley Cup.
A word-guessing game where all the answers are NHL hockey team names.
Guess the top ten countries of origin for players who are currently active in the NHL.
For each of the major pro sports leagues, name the 5 most guessed teams on their quizzes.
Can you name the players who have led the NHL in scoring since 1968?
One jerk is hogging a lot of NHL records.
Name the cities in Canada that have an NHL hockey team. Then, guess the name of the team.
Question #1: What is the name of the team from Las Vegas that joined the NHL in 2017?
496,667 NHL Hockey Teams Quiz
109,966 NHL Ice Hockey Team Logos
80,319 NHL Hockey Cities Map Quiz
63,827 NHL Hockey Stanley Cup Champions
63,095 NHL Hockey Team Names by Clue
52,841 Countries With The Most NHL Hockey Players
40,585 Most Guessed North American Teams by Sport
39,995 NHL Hockey Art Ross Trophy
35,890 NHL Hockey MVPs
33,845 NHL Hockey 600 Goal Club
27,268 Vezina Trophy Winners
26,533 NHL Hockey Top 50 All-Time Goal Scorers
26,349 NHL Hockey Team Goal Leaders
23,196 NHL Hockey Records Quiz
22,069 NHL Hockey Teams in Canada
20,314 #1 NHL Hockey Draft Picks
19,179 NHL Hockey Players with the Most Points
18,469 NHL Hockey General Knowledge
13,903 Merged NHL Logos
10,065 NHL 60 Goals in a Single Season
9,354NHL Hockey Teams - One Minute Sprint
7,078100 Greatest NHL players of all time
5,792NHL Hockey Conn Smythe Trophy Winners
5,500NHL Stanley Cup Champions
4,809NHL Teams by Color
4,465NHL Norris Trophy Winners
4,398All Retired NHL Numbers
4,276NHL Player Nicknames
3,862Top 200 NHL Points
3,854NHL (EA SPORTS) Video Game Cover Athlete (US Editions)
3,749Montreal Canadiens Roster 2024
3,689Top 50 Highest Rated Players in NHL 15
3,660All National Hockey League Teams Ever
3,656TSN's Top 50 NHL Players 2021-2022
3,626NHL Points Leader By Country
3,517NHL Captains and Alternate Captains 2021
3,461NHL Stanley Cup Losing Teams
3,225Hockey Nationalities Quiz
3,213NHL Teams with the most Stanley Cup Wins
3,067Top 20 Nationalities in NHL
2,832NHL President's Trophy Winners Since 2000
2,782NHL All Time wins (goalie)
2,683Famous NHL players who only played for one team
2,551NHL Top 100 Players of All-Time
2,482Hockey Teams Without A Stanley Cup
2,479Finnish NHL ice hockey players!
2,460NHL 50 Goal Scorers
2,308All NHL Starting Goalies of the 2010s
2,286Top 20 NHL Centers 2024
2,159EA Sports NHL21 Top 50 NHL Players
2,135NHL Starting Goaltenders 2022-23
2,026NHL - Defensemen's 30 goals club
2,001NHL - Player with most points in a single season for each team
1,976First Five NHL Draft Picks by year
1,969NHL CAPTAINS 2024
1,913NHL Top 5 Scorers for Each Country
1,900Top 100 Greatest NHL Players
1,851NHL Points Leaders 2012 Regular Season
1,844Toronto Maple Leafs Roster 2022
1,812New York Rangers Roster 2022
1,782NHL All-Time Career Shutouts
1,749NHL Teams by Clue
1,743Biggest NHL Trades
1,648Top 100 NHL players heading into the '16-'17 season
1,629Stanley cup winners from Finland
1,627Hockey (NHL) Penalties
1,595Top 50 Assists Of All Time (NHL)
1,593NHL Maurice "Rocket Richard" Trophy Winners
1,584NHL Goalies Who Scored A Goal
1,561Merged NHL Logos - Tile Select Version
1,557Top 20 NHL Wingers 2024
1,552Former NHL Teams (1960s-2000s)
1,544NHL 2000's Top Point Scorers
1,487Boston Bruins Roster 2022
1,479Original Locations and Nicknames of Current NHL Teams
1,479Edmonton Oilers Roster 2024
1,470NHL 1990's Top Point Scorers
1,456NHL Top Five Scorers per Franchise
1,344NHL 1st Overall Draft Picks Since 2000
1,342NHL - Player with most goals in a single season for each team
1,313Best 3 players on each team (based on NHL 13 ratings)
1,297New Jersey Devils Roster 2022
1,2272016 NHL Entry Draft 1st Round Selections
1,200NHL Quiz 2022-23
1,183NHL 1980's Top Point Scorers
1,175Defunct NHL teams
1,159Groups of Things - Hockey
1,149Top 10 leading scorer from each country (nhl)
1,134Highest NHL Salaries since 1989-90
1,124NHL Starting Goaltenders 2015
1,109NHL All-Time Games Played by a goalie
1,096NHL Hall of Famers
1,088Most Popular NHL Jerseys Quiz
1,077Name a Valid NHL Team
1,076NHL 2011-2012 Leaders
1,068NHL Stanley Cup Champions
1,063Colorado Avalanche Roster 2022
1,0432017 NHL Entry Draft 1st Round Selections
1,040NHL Arenas Quiz
1,014NHL Top 50 Goal Scoring Defensemen
1,012Top 250 NHL Players Coming Into The 2022-2023 Season
967NHL Players by Team History
962NHL First All-Star Team Players
961NHL - Pittsburgh Penguins' 50 goals club
9302019 NHL Entry Draft 1st Round Selections
928Top 100 NHL players heading into the '17-'18 season
921Top 250 Fantasy NHL rankings for 2017-2018
920Montreal Canadiens' Captains
918NHL Teams (Past & Present)
917Top 100 NHL players heading into the 2021 season
916Top Selling NHL Jerseys
907NHL Teams by Emoji
898Top 30 NHL Defenceman Of All Time
893NHL players with 5 or more individual awards
887NHL Team Logo Colors
887Vancouver Canucks Quiz
87912-13 NHL Starting Goalies Quiz
877Toronto Maple Leafs Roster
877Top 20 NHL Defensemen 2022
870Carolina Hurricanes Roster 2023
867All Montreal Canadiens` Goalies
849NHL Career Penalty Minutes Leaders
848NHL Calder Trophy Winners since 1980
847Pittsburgh Penguins Roster 2022
843Norris Trophy Winners for top NHL Defensive Player
842NHL Top 100 Players (2021-22)
842Stanley Cup Champions Since 1927
841NHL players who have had 100 point seasons since 2000
840NHL Canadian Olympians
836NHL Team Colors Quiz
828Stanley Cup Winners
815NHL Teams by Stanley Cup Wins
810Top 50 Highest Rated Players in NHL 16
802NHL Hockey Stanley Cup Champions - Sprint
799Every 2022-2023 player in the nhl
795NBA Playoffs 2015 Starting Line-ups
7902015 NHL Entry Draft 1st Round Selections
787New York Islanders Roster 2022
773100 Greatest NHL Players
767NHL Arenas by Team
762NHL Debut Teams
749All Montreal Canadiens players with 200 games and more
744Top 10 NHL Goalies 2022
739NHL Teams by #1 Goalie & Captain
731NHL Players by Picture
730NHL - AHL Affiliations
727MLB, MLS, NBA, NFL or NHL? #1
725nhl hockey teams by city
714Which NHL Player Am I?
712Top 25 Montreal Canadiens points leaders of all time
711Vancouver Canucks Roster 2022
710Top 100 NHL Players of the 2010's
6992015 Chicago Blackhawks Roster
684Tampa Bay Lightning Roster 2022
679NHL Player Nicknames
678NHL Starting Goalies 2017-2018
669Calgary Flames Roster 2022
667NHL Defensemen with over 1000 Points
663NHL Teams with 0 Stanley Cups
652NHL Coaches Quiz
651NHL Players with 80 point seasons since 2010
650NHL Team Names
648Montreal Canadiens head coaches
6442020 NHL Entry Draft 1st Round Selections
627Buffalo Sabres Roster 2022
626NHL Players With Most 30 Goal Seasons
621NHL 2nd Overall Picks Quiz
619Detroit Red Wings Roster 2022
604NHL Teams that have never won a Stanley Cup
598NHL Conn Smythe winners
593NHL Top 5 Season Leaders by Franchise
592NHL Best Players on Each Team 2017-2018
592All National Hockey League Starting Goalies
591NHL Championships for every team
584NHL Maurice Richard-trophy winners.
5792018 NHL Entry Draft 1st Round Selections
571Complete Hockey Hall of Fame
569Chicago Blackhawks Roster 2022
562Original Six NHL teams.
560Anaheim Ducks Roster 2022
5592020 Stanley Cup Playoffs
555Top 100 NHL players heading into the '18-'19 season
552NHL Playoff Teams 2018
552NHL 500 Goal Scorers Club
550NHL Legends
549Number One Centres For All NHL Teams (2016-2017)
548States/Provinces Where NHL Hockey Players Are From
547NHL Teams with Back-to-Back Stanley Cup Wins
5402021 Stanley Cup Playoffs
534All 32 NHL Hockey Teams - Guess the Division Click Quiz
530Years the Montreal Canadiens won the Stanley cup
519Top 5 Best NHL teams of the 2000's
5172022 Stanley Cup Playoffs
515NHL teams public enemy number 1
512NHL Ottawa Senators Players All Time List
511NHL Hockey Teams Quiz
509Top 10 NHL Goalie Nick-names
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