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3,006Montreal Canadiens Roster 2024
1,636Toronto Maple Leafs Roster 2022
1,597New York Rangers Roster 2022
1,347Boston Bruins Roster 2022
1,097New Jersey Devils Roster 2022
1,010Edmonton Oilers Roster 2022
953Colorado Avalanche Roster 2022
884NHL - Pittsburgh Penguins' 50 goals club
855Montreal Canadiens' Captains
839Toronto Maple Leafs Roster
815Vancouver Canucks Quiz
801All Montreal Canadiens` Goalies
766Carolina Hurricanes Roster 2023
760Pittsburgh Penguins Roster 2022
736New York Islanders Roster 2022
680All Montreal Canadiens players with 200 games and more
653Top 25 Montreal Canadiens points leaders of all time
631Vancouver Canucks Roster 2022
6302015 Chicago Blackhawks Roster
618Tampa Bay Lightning Roster 2022
609Montreal Canadiens head coaches
606Calgary Flames Roster 2022
552Buffalo Sabres Roster 2022
493NHL Ottawa Senators Players All Time List
476Detroit Red Wings Records
459Years the Montreal Canadiens won the Stanley cup
446Boston Bruins Records
4432008 Stanley Cup Champion Detroit Red Wings
441Boston Bruins roster
410Top 50 Greatest Montreal Canadiens
393NHL - Calgary Flames' 50 goals club
376Maple Leafs Top Scorers
374Montreal Canadiens roster
372Montreal Canadiens' Players 2013-2014
356Edmonton Oilers Records
348Nashville Predators Roster 2022
340Pittsburgh Penguins Roster
318Top 50 Toronto Maple Leafs of all time
315Toronto Maple Leafs Jersey Numbers 2014-2015
311New York Rangers Roster
302New York Rangers National Hockey League Award Winners
292Pittsburgh Penguins 2013-2014 roster
291Colorado Avalanche Records
283Boston Bruins 2014-2015
279All 32 NHL Hockey Teams - Guess the Division Click Quiz
260Montreal Canadiens
244All-Time Boston Bruins
239Dallas Stars Roster
238Buffalo Sabres roster
231Carolina Hurricanes Quiz
229Chicago Blackhawks Records
2232016-2017 Stanley Cup Champion Penguins
219montreal canadiens 100 point getters
214Vancouver Canuck Captains
211Toronto Maple Leafs head coaches
210Philadelphia Flyers Roster
209Pittsburgh Penguins All-time Leading Goal Scorers
208Boston Bruins Players
208Detroit Red Wings All-time Leading Goal Scorers
207NHL - New Jersey Devils' 40 goals club
205Winnipeg Jets Roster 2021
204Minnesota Wild Roster
201Buffalo Sabres Records
197Detroit Red Wings Roster
194All-Time Detroit Red Wings
193Edmonton Oilers Roster
193New York Islanders Roster
193Toronto Maple Leafs Captains
186Anaheim Ducks Records
185Vancouver Canucks Roster
174Winnipeg Jets Roster
169All-Time New York Rangers
167San Jose Sharks Roster
162Calgary Flames Records
160Pittsburgh Penguins Leading Point Scorers By Season
160All-Time New York Islanders
157Tampa Bay Lightning Roster
1572017-2018 Washington Capitals Roster
157Toronto Maple Leafs Top Players since 2000
156Montreal Canadiens Starting Lineup 2019-2020 Season
153Washington Capitals Roster 2015-16 Hockey
150NHL Hockey Teams to Arenas - A Click Quiz
146Edmonton Oilers head coaches (NHL)
146Toronto Maple Leafs
146All-Time Edmonton Oilers
143Pittsburgh Penguins Team Records
140New Jersey Devils Roster
139Carolina Hurricanes Roster
139Calgary Flames Roster
138Ottawa Senators roster
137St Louis Blues Roster
135Edmonton Oilers Captains
134New York Islanders Captains
130Los Angeles Kings roster
130Top 10 Boston Bruins
128Dallas Stars Records
127All-Time Vancouver Canucks
127Boston Bruins Captains
125New York Islanders 2022-23 Roster
120Nashville Predators roster
118All-Time Colorado Avalanche
118Boston Bruins Top 10 Players by Statistical Categories
118Toronto Maple Leafs 1992-93 Players
117Anaheim Ducks roster
115Vancouver Canucks head coaches
115Philadelphia Flyers Captains
113Chicago Blackhawks roster
113All-Time Buffalo Sabres
111All-Time Toronto Maple Leafs
109Pittsburgh Penguins 2018 Roster
107Los Angeles Kings Records
104Columbus Blue Jackets Records
103Top 10 Edmonton Oilers
103All-Time Montreal Canadiens
102All-Time Chicago Blackhawks
102Boston Bruins Franchise Quiz
102Greatest Montréal Canadiens' Players of All Time
100Montreal Canadiens Starting Lineup 2016-2017 Season
100Vancouver Canucks - Retired Jersey Quiz
96Top 10 New York Rangers
952002 Stanley Cup Champion Detroit Red Wings
94All-Time New Jersey Devils
93Calgary Flames head coaches
92Colorado Avalanche Roster
922018-19 St. Louis Blues
92Carolina Hurricanes Records
91All-Time Calgary Flames
90San Jose Sharks Leaders
89Montreal Canadiens Starting Lineup 2017-2018 Season
88New York Rangers Captains
86Pittsburgh Penguins 2022-23 Jersey Numbers
85Vegas Golden Knights Roster
84Calgary Flames Captains
83All-Time Dallas Stars
82Montreal Canadiens roster 2016-17 (final)
82Columbus Blue Jackets Roster
81Pittsburgh Penguins Captains
79Countries with Wild Penguins
79All-Time Los Angeles Kings
78Montreal Canadians Players
74Vegas Golden Knights Expansion Picks
74Pittsburgh Penguins Roster
73Ottawa Senators
73Vancouver Canucks Captains
72Washington Capitals Roster 2018-19
72Montreal Canadiens Captains
72All-Time Anaheim Ducks
72Detroit Red Wings Captains
70Florida Panthers Records
69Arizona Coyotes roster
69Ottawa Senators Trivia
69All-Time Winnipeg Jets
69Toronto Maple Leafs Captains
69Montreal Canadiens Starting Lineup 2018-2019 Season
68Top 10 Vancouver Canucks
68Tampa Bay Lightning Career Points Leaders
64Ottawa Senators Captains
64Florida Panthers Roster
63edmonton oilers quiz
63All Ottawa Senators Players + Staff and Other Members Quiz
62Anaheim Ducks Captains
60St. Louis Blues Captains
60Penguins by Picture
60Buffalo Sabres Captains
58NHL Teams that Overcame 3-0 Series Deficits
58Pittsburgh Penguins 2021-22 Jersey Numbers
58Pittsburgh Penguins Records
57Pittsburgh Penguins Losses 2017-2018
55Colorado Avalanche Captains
55Winnipeg Jets Captains
53Boston Bruins Captains
52Detroit Red Wings Captains
51Chicago Blackhawks Captains
50New York Rangers Roster 2019/2020 Season
50Colorado Avalanche Most Games Played
49Carolina Hurricanes Captains
48Washington Captials Roster
46San Jose Sharks Captains
46Tampa Bay Lightning Captains
44Winnipeg Jets 2017-2018 Roster
43Los Angeles Kings Captains
42Washington Capitals Captains
41Buffalo Sabres 2019 roster
411982 Vancouver Canucks by Initials
41Tampa Bay Lightning Most Games Played
38Arizona Coyotes Captains
37Dallas Stars Captains
37Columbus Blue Jackets Captains
37Nashville Predators Captains
37Quiz All Time Ottawa Senators RosterTitle
36Tampa Bay Lightning Stanley Cup Rosters
33Toronto Maple Leafs
33Pittsburgh Penguins Acquisitions 2017-2018
33Edmonton Oilers Captains
33Florida Panthers Captains
31Montreal Canadiens Roster UPDATEABLE
30Pittsburgh Penguins Leading Goal Scorers By Season
30All Goalies of Colorado Avalanche
29Current Tampa Bay Lightning Draft Picks
29Montreal Canadiens Captains
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