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511NHL Hockey Teams Quiz
511Highest-scoring Finnish NHL Players
502Detroit Red Wings Records
499NHL Players with over 1000 assists
499NHL Canada 2010 Olympic Hockey Team
495Top 10 Selling NHL Jerseys 2015/16
484NHL Logos Map Quiz
483NHL Team Captains Quiz
4782008 Stanley Cup Champion Detroit Red Wings
473NHL Hart Trophy Winners
471Boston Bruins roster
466Top 25 NHL Points Per Game Leaders
465Boston Bruins Records
461NHL point leaders by team
459NHL Franchise Top 3 Points by Defensemen
45512-13 NHL Starting Goalie Pad Brands
454Top position for each NHL team all-time
451All Time NHL Goal Scorers (Czech Rep.) Top 10
444NHL goalies with over 300 wins
443NHL Most Goals In One Season
441Canadian Olympic Hockey Players NHL era
436Best NHL player on every team current 2017
432NHL Franchises that have never won a Stanely Cup
431NHL - Calgary Flames' 50 goals club
4302010 NHL Entry Draft 1st Round Selections
425NHL Hockey Teams to Arenas - A Click Quiz
420NHL Hockey Cities Map Quiz #2
4022018 Stanley Cup Playoffs
401Maple Leafs Top Scorers
399Montreal Canadiens roster
398NHL Teams By Player
398Montreal Canadiens' Players 2013-2014
392Edmonton Oilers Records
392NHL All Time Hat Trick Leaders Top 15
383Nashville Predators Roster 2022
3772019 Stanley Cup Playoffs
375NHL Teams from North to South
374NHL Teams By Past and present players
3692015-16 NHL Team's Best 6
365Pittsburgh Penguins Roster
360Top 50 Toronto Maple Leafs of all time
359NHL Top 100 Players 2016-17
356NHL Top 20 All-Time Rookie Point Scorers
3492023 Stanley Cup Playoffs
346Top 50 in NHL Points - 2016-2017 Season
342NHL Goal Scoring Leaders by Season
341Highest Ranked NHL 14 Players
338Top 3 Highest Ranked Players on Each NHL Team
337Toronto Maple Leafs Jersey Numbers 2014-2015
337NHL Teams By Pictures
3332009 NHL Entry Draft 1st Round Selections
3262010 Stanley Cup Playoffs
3262014-2015 Top NHL Scorers Per Team
326New York Rangers National Hockey League Award Winners
325MLB, MLS, NBA, NFL or NHL? #2
325New York Rangers Roster
324NHL Retired Numbers
322Biggest NHL Cities by Population
3172017 Stanley Cup Playoffs
317NHL Expansion Teams
313NHL Teams that have won the Stanley Cup since 2000
307Pittsburgh Penguins 2013-2014 roster
3032012 Stanley Cup Playoffs
302Colorado Avalanche Records
301NHL -- 1500 game players
299NHL Teams by clue
295NHL Original Six
295NHL Teams by main colors
295NHL Canada 2002 Olympic Hockey Team
294Boston Bruins 2014-2015
292NHL Nicknames
2912015 Stanley Cup Playoffs
2902018-19 NHL Arena Names
288NHL Jersey Numbers 2015-16
287NHL Starting Line ups 2017
286NHL Mascots
286NHL Players Nationalities
2802017 NHL All-Stars
280Montreal Canadiens
273NHL teams by home arena
272Top 5 NHL Players per Country
271NHL Top 50 Goal Scoring Forwards
271Least Guessed NHL Teams on JetPunk
2702011 Stanley Cup Playoffs
269NHL Teams By Goalies (2015)
268top 10 most playoffs points in the nhl history
267All-Time Boston Bruins
267NHL Teams of 1979-1980 Quiz.
266Top 5 Best NHL teams of the 90's
263Every NHL Team Ever
2632016 Stanley Cup Playoffs
262Hart Memorial Trophy - NHL MVP of the season
2612014 Stanley Cup Playoffs
260Canadian NHL Teams in History
260Carolina Hurricanes Quiz
260Stanley Cup Champions Tile Select Quiz
259NHL Playoff Teams 2019
249Face of Franchise: NHL
248NHL players who have had 50 goal seasons since 2000
248Dallas Stars Roster
2462016-2017 Stanley Cup Champion Penguins
244Buffalo Sabres roster
243NHL Stanley Cups
2432013 Stanley Cup Playoffs
242montreal canadiens 100 point getters
242NHL Awards
239MLB, MLS, NBA, NFL or NHL? #6
238Chicago Blackhawks Records
236Toronto Maple Leafs head coaches
236Detroit Red Wings All-time Leading Goal Scorers
237second overall pick nhl draft
235Pittsburgh Penguins All-time Leading Goal Scorers
234All-Time Detroit Red Wings
233NHL - New Jersey Devils' 40 goals club
231NHL players from non-traditional hockey countries
229NHL All Time Games Played Top 40
228NHL Stanley cup winner Head Coach
227NHL Players Scoring 5 Goals in a Game
225NHL Most Points by a Defenseman Single Season
223Vancouver Canuck Captains
223NHL Most Goals During the 2000's
222Longest tenured player on every NHL team
218NHL Most Assists in a Single Season
218Philadelphia Flyers Roster
216Top 100 Fantasy Ranking for 2018-19 NHL Season
216NHL team names in French
216Boston Bruins Players
216Buffalo Sabres Records
214Minnesota Wild Roster
214Defunct NHL Teams
213Winnipeg Jets Roster 2021
212NHL Canada 1998 Olympic Hockey Team
211Toronto Maple Leafs Captains
208Top 5 Best NHL teams of the 80's
207NHL Franchise History
20746 of the best rivalries in the NHL
207NHL Leading Goal-Scorers 2017-2018
206NHL Starting Goalies
205Top 50 NHL Fantasy Defensemen 2018-2019
205NHL Team by Hint
205Detroit Red Wings Roster
204Edmonton Oilers Roster
204New York Islanders Roster
2022019 NHL All Stars
202Toronto Maple Leafs Top Players since 2000
202NHL Winter Classics
201MLB, MLS, NBA, NFL or NHL? #5
201NHL Teams & Players Multiple Choice
200NHL Players with 600+ Goals all time
198Vancouver Canucks Roster
197Top 10 Countries in NHL
196Pittsburgh Penguins Leading Point Scorers By Season
196=nhl playoff teams 2015
196NHL All-Star Team of the season
195NHL Canada 2006 Olympic Hockey Team
195MLB, MLS, NBA, NFL or NHL? #3
194NHL and AHL Affiliations.
1922015-2016 NHL Point Stats
192NHL Players by Nickname
192All-Time New York Rangers
1902017-2018 Washington Capitals Roster
190Anaheim Ducks Records
189NHL Cities Quiz
186All-Time New York Islanders
185NHL Teams from East to West
183Best Current Russian NHL Players
183Most Valuable NHL teams
182MLB, MLS, NBA, NFL or NHL? #4
182Winnipeg Jets Roster
181All-Time Edmonton Oilers
179NHL players with 60 Assist seasons since 2000
178Quiz about the NHL
177Montreal Canadiens Starting Lineup 2019-2020 Season
176San Jose Sharks Roster
175NHL Norris Trophy Winners
1752008 NHL Entry Draft 1st Round Selections
174NHL Rocket Richard Trophy Winners
174All NHL Teams Ever
174Top NHL Video Game Players By Rating
172Highest Scoring NHLers
171Top 5 Best NHL teams of the 70's
169NHL quiz
169Calgary Flames Records
169Current NHL teams that have won the Stanley Cup
169Edmonton Oilers Captains
168NHL Career Shutout Leaders
167Edmonton Oilers head coaches (NHL)
167NHL Goalie Tandems
166NHL Goaltenders 2019-2020
165Most Guessed NHL Teams on JetPunk
165Tampa Bay Lightning Roster
164All NHL nationalities
163NHL Stadiums Quiz
162Washington Capitals Roster 2015-16 Hockey
161Pittsburgh Penguins Team Records
161Top 25 NHL Goalscorers 2017-2018
161NHL Captains Quiz (2017-18)
160NHL 1st Overall Picks 2000-Present
160Toronto Maple Leafs