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Take a Random Nickname Quiz
Based on a nickname, guess the real names of these current and former basketball players.
It's not called the Windy City because of the weather - look it up!
For each selected nickname, name the U.S. state!
Based on the nickname, guess the superhero.
Based on a nickname, guess the real names of these current and former basketball players.
We give you the birth name. You give us the name they are more commonly known by.
Can you guess each state based on two unofficial or prior nicknames?
Try to guess the official nicknames of the U.S. states, according to Wikipedia.
City nicknames are more of an American thing, but let's give it a shot.
Guess the people, places and things that have these nicknames.
Can you guess these historical figure based on their nickname?
130,748 NBA Basketball Nicknames Quiz #1
93,401 Country Nicknames
86,646 U.S. City Nicknames
83,488 NFL Team Nicknames
60,970 U.S. States by Nickname
55,752 Rapper's Real Names
54,169 Superhero Nicknames
48,121 NBA Basketball Nicknames Quiz #2
45,994 Birth Names
40,025 U.S. States by Alternate Nicknames
37,259 U.S. State Nicknames Quiz
32,526 Random Nicknames #1
32,471 World City Nicknames Quiz
29,069 Nicknames in U.S. History
27,505 Also Known As #3
26,766 Musician Nicknames Quiz
25,808 Baseball Player Nicknames #1
24,263 Random Nicknames #2 (US Centric)
21,639 Pro Wrestler Nicknames
20,649 Nicknames in World History
20,473 NFL Football Player Nicknames Quiz
17,274 Also Known As #1
16,136 Also Known As #2
15,264WWE Nicknames Quiz
14,411 Baseball Player Nicknames #2
7,260 American TV and Movie Nicknames
4,284NHL Player Nicknames
4,282Soccer player and manager nicknames
4,244NBA Player Nicknames
3,160NBA Basketball Nicknames #3
2,830New York Yankees Nicknames
2,268Nascar Nicknames
1,821ALL TIME NBA-players nicknames
1,810US Presidential Nicknames (Complete)
1,703Boston Red Sox Nicknames
1,587Hall of Famer Baseball Nicknames
1,567NBA Nicknames
1,536St. Louis Cardinals Nicknames
1,413Geography Nicknames
1,409Atlanta Braves Nicknames
1,360Chicago Cubs Nicknames
1,293Philadelphia Phillies Nicknames
1,243National Football Teams by Nickname
1,226New York Mets Nicknames
1,174NFL Nicknames
894Cincinnati Reds Nicknames
888Country Nicknames
878Houston Rockets Nicknames
802NBA Nicknames
800San Francisco Giants Nicknames
760Nicknames of U.S. States Map Quiz
755Detroit Tigers Nicknames
754Present basketball players nicknames
706Seattle Mariners Nicknames
705Epithets of Famous Historical Figures
704MLB Player Nicknames
700NBA Monikers
677Toronto Blue Jays Nicknames
627Minnesota Twins Nicknames
612NFL Players Nicknames
608Superhero Nicknames #2
589English football nicknames
589NBA players by there nicknames
574Baltimore Orioles Nicknames
571Houston Astros Nicknames
537Los Angeles Dodgers Nicknames
536Cities and Their Nicknames
536Milwaukee Brewers Nicknames
502Country nicknames
494Texas Rangers Nicknames
470Chicago White Sox Nicknames
435Kansas City Royals Nicknames
411Colorado Rockies Nicknames
398Indian City Nicknames Quiz
395Baseball Greats by Nickname
379Scottish Football Clubs by Nickname
371Real Names of Historical Figures
370Tampa Bay Rays Nicknames
344Oakland Athletics Nicknames
317Famous People with Nicknames
307Baseball Greats by Nickname #2
305Cleveland Indians Player Nicknames
305San Diego Padres Nicknames
271Los Angeles Angels Nicknames
262Miami Marlins Nicknames
206MLB Franchise by Nickname
186Country Nicknames
160NBA Player by Nicknames
134Random U.S State to Nickname
96NHL Player Nicknames
92City Nicknames
79Aston Villa Player Nicknames 🦁⚽️
78Footballer's Nicknames
69States and their nicknames!
64US States Without a "(Something) State" Nickname
63Indian Cities and Nick names
57Match the U.S City to it's Nickname - Click Quiz
55AFL Player Nicknames - Current
48Footballers' Nicknames #2
36music trivia: the "kings" of music
32National Football Team's Nicknames
31Match the U.S State to it's Nickname
20Music Trivia: Blues Artists' Nick-Names/Stage Names
19Nicknames of Australian National Sports Teams
18Match the Wrestling Nickname to the Wrestler
14Nicknames for the former guy
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