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206Municipalities of Denmark
206Mamma Mia actors/actresses
20650 Biggest Cities in Finland
204Countries Closest to Norway - 15 Second Sprint
201Most Common Last Names in Denmark
200Historical Timeline of Norway
197Biggest Cities in Sweden • A-Ö
197Cities in Skåne, Sweden
193Political parties of Sweden
1915 Biggest Cities : Denmark
188Historical Timeline of Sweden
182Top 30 biggest suburbs in Helsinki, Finland
182Most Guessed Countries of the World, Nordic Language edition
18015 grootste steden van Zweden op een kaart
178Most Distant Capital Cities from Helsinki
178Municipalities of Greenland with a Map
17715 biggest cities of Sweden on a map
177Nordic Inventions
176Countries Closest: Denmark Yes or No
175Finland multiple choice (harder)
173Norske spillere i Premier League/Norwegian players in Premier League
172Former provinces of Norway on a Map
172Top 10 ABBA Songs by Plays
170Countries that beat Finland
169ABBA Quiz
168Euro 2020 Semi Finals - England - Denmark
164Countries Closest to Greenland - One Minute Sprint
162New Finland Quiz
161Norway A-Z
161Denmark First Level Subdivisions
160ABBA - Happy New Year - Lyrics
160Historical Timeline of Denmark
159Countries Norway have played against in Football
159Finland By Picture
158Countries that have been part of Denmark
158Former and Present Countries, Dominions and Colonies of Denmark
157ABBA 101
156Sweden Quiz
156Teams that Christian Eriksen Has Played For
155U.S. States with the Largest Icelandic Populations
154Sabaton Lyrics
150Biggest Trading Partners - Sweden
150Norway Quiz(HARD)
148Sweden Quiz - Hard
147Der er et yndigt land (Anthem of Denmark) Lyrics Quiz
147Countries Closest to Iceland - One Minute Sprint
146Countries Closest to Stockholm
145Iceland multiple choice
145Largest Municipalities (Kommuns) in SWEDEN by First Letter
142Which City in Norway?
141Helsinki's tram lines
1415 Biggest Cities : Finland
140Swedish soccer players scoring during the World Cup
139Ice hockey final goal scorers from Finland
139Biggest Cities in Norway Quiz
136Countries Closest to Greenland - 30 Second Sprint
136Iceland Country Quiz
134Countries with embassies and consulates in Iceland
133Countries that Visit Denmark the Most
132Norwegian Prime Ministers after WWII
1305 Biggest Cities : Sweden
130Norway at the Eurovision Song Contest
129Countries that Beat Finland
129Closest Countries to Finland
127England 2018 World Cup Squad
127Countries Bordering Sweden
126Biggest Cities in Iceland on a Map
125Prime Ministers of Sweden
125Rulers of Finland 1250 - 2017
123Nordic artists/bands that hit #1 in the US or UK
122Countries Closest to Iceland - 15 Second Sprint
120Finland... or Estonia?
119Countries closest to Norway
118Nearest Country to Iceland
118Countries with Icelandic embassies
11720 biggest nordic urban areas
117Iceland Quiz
117City by Picture 17 (Norway)
11530 Biggest Cities in Denmark
113Countries Sweden has owned
113Monarchs and their Descendants - Norway
112Finland quiz
111Denmark Quiz
111Countries with embassies and consulates in Finland
111Nordic Word Chain
109Monarchs and their Descendants - Sweden
108Counties of Norway
106Historical Timeline of Iceland
105Finnish History A-Z
105Countries with embassies and consulates in Sweden
105UEFA Euro 1992 Final Germany - Denmark
104Sweden Immigration by Birth Country (2020)
104Denmark general knowledge #1
103Largest Municipalities in FINLAND by First Letter
102Biggest cities in Denmark (50k)
101Helsinki Metro Stations
101Countries Closest to Iceland With Exceptions
97A Quiz about the Nordic Countries
96US President who have visited a Nordic country
95Largest Cities in Finland
95Sweden Trivia
94Monarchs and their Descendants - Denmark
94Condom Fish and Tone Art: Translate Common Words From Icelandic To English
94Countries Closest to Sweden - One Minute Sprint
94Denmark - Groups of six
942022 FIFA World Cup Group D - France - Denmark
92Islands in Denmark
92Largest cities in Sweden
92Mamma Mia
92Weekdays in Icelandic
90Presidents of finland: from the first to ->
89Denmark Trivia
88Sweden Football Top Goalscorers
86Finland quiz
86Biggest nordic cities within 100 km, with a map.
86Largest Cities in Norway
85Norway Trivia
85Biggest Cities in Norway • A-Å
85Nordic Cities A-Z
85History of Finland
84Top 10 Biggest cities in Finland
84Top 10 Tennis Grand Slam Swedish Men's Players in Open Era
8425 biggest cities in Finland by flags
83Countries that Beat Denmark
83Attractions of Finland
83Largest Municipalities in NORWAY by First Letter
82Swedens Squad Football
81Finland in the Eurovision Song Contest
81Danish soccer players scoring during the UEFA Euro
81Gustavus Adolphus Quiz
80Euro 2020 Group B - Denmark - Belgium
80Countries that was part of Kalmar Union
80Municipalities of Faroe Islands with a Map
79England - Iceland UEFA Euro 2016 - Round Of 16
78Footballers by Picture - Denmark
78Helsinki City Trivia
77Top 20 Largest Cities in Greenland
77Countries Closest to Sweden - 30 Second Sprint
75Most Capped International Footballers For Sweden(Men)
75Sweden City Suffixes
75Largest Cities in Denmark
75Languages of Sweden
75Swedish Musical Acts
75Norway A-Z
74FC Copenhagen Starter Lineup 2017/18
73Swedish Geography General Knowledge #1
73Modern countries the Scandinavians had settlements in
73Modern countries once owned by Denmark
72Prime Ministers of Sweden by Picture
72Sweden Cities Map Quiz
71Countries Closest to Sweden - 15 Second Sprint
70Communes in Norway with more than 20,000 inhabitants
70Football Clubs Managed by Sven-Göran Eriksson
69Countries Closest to Iceland (in Icelandic - á íslensku)
68Islands belonging to Norway
6830 Biggest Cities in Finland
67The Official Denmark Quiz
67Months in Icelandic
67Famous Norwegian People
65Most Populous Cities of Greenland
64Countries Closest to Greenland - 15 Second Sprint
63Largest Lakes in Sweden and Finland
63Italy - Sweden UEFA Euro 2016
6210 Largest Cities in Iceland
61Biggest Lakes in Finland
61Mamma Mia Lyrics
6120 biggest nordic cities
6110 largest lakes in Norway
60Regions of Norway
60Largest cities in Iceland
59Countries that Visit Finland the Most
59Euro 2020 Round of 16 - Wales - Denmark
57Iceland Trivia
56Swedish soccer players scoring during the UEFA Euro
55Euro 2020 Group E - Spain - Sweden
55Euro 2020 Group B - Denmark - Finland
5510 Largest Cities By Population In Finland
54Euro 2020 Round of 16 - Sweden - Ukraine
54Footballers by Picture - Sweden
5375 Nordic Musical Acts by Songs
52Nordic Council Countries
51Norway in the Eurovision Song Contest
51Nordic subdivisions
51Biggest urban area in the Nordic countries A-Å/Ö
51Top 25 Trading Partners - Norway
50Movies Set in Sweden
50Largest Cities in Norway
49Top 25 Trading Partners - Sweden
49Longest Rivers in Finland
48Sweden - Belgium UEFA Euro 2016
48Biggest Swedish Counties by Area
48Largest Cities in Sweden
4720 most populated nordic islands
47Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest
46Countries within 300km of Denmark
46Largest Lakes In Finland