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Played: 10,875,812
Rating: 5.00
Name all 50 states in the USA. Easy, right?
Played: 3,424,872
Rating: 4.97
Do you know where all 50 states are located? Fill in the map of the U.S. by correctly guessing each highlighted state.
Played: 2,639,920
Rating: 4.30
I've never even come close - and it's not for lack of trying!
Played: 2,441,402
Rating: 4.99
Name as many U.S. Presidents as you can!
Played: 1,836,095
Rating: 4.57
When you guess a state, all the states it borders will also be completed.
Played: 1,223,335
Rating: 4.99
I finally learned them all. Can you name all 50?
Played: 983,297
Rating: 4.64
Stay calm. But be fast! Because you'll need twitchy fingers and quick thinking to defeat this geography test.
Played: 756,767
Rating: 4.86
Fill in the map of Central America and the Caribbean.
Played: 616,667
Rating: 5.00
Name the 23 countries generally considered to be part of North America.
Played: 607,352
Rating: 4.08
Beat the clock to guess the two-letter abbreviation for each selected U.S. state.
Played: 487,694
Rating: 4.99
Fill in the blank map of Canada by clicking the name of each highlighted province or territory.
Played: 404,069
Rating: 5.00
Name the 50 states of the the USA. Every time you enter a state, it will appear on the map.
Played: 361,623
Rating: 4.94
Beat the clock to unscramble the names of these American states.
Played: 324,613
Rating: 4.82
Based on the portrait, name the president.
Played: 288,094
Rating: 4.95
15 random U.S. States have been shaded on a map. Can you name them all?
Played: 282,523
Rating: 4.98
Name all fifty U.S. states in order from A to Z.
Played: 274,772
Rating: 4.84
Try to guess the first names of all the American Presidents.
Played: 272,106
Rating: 4.79
It's election day and you are representing the Lime Green Party of America. Name any state to grab its electoral votes and defeat the hated Periwinkle party.
Played: 222,744
Rating: 4.99
Name the Canadian provinces and territories, eh.
Played: 215,337
Rating: 4.35
Name as many U.S. Presidents as you can in one minute!
Played: 204,303
Rating: 4.37
Nearly impossible to get 100%, but give it a try!
Played: 202,607
Rating: 4.95
Can you guess the six random pairs of states that have been merged on the map of the U.S.?
Played: 178,431
Rating: 4.93
There are 3,143 counties in the United States. How many can you name?
Played: 168,514
Rating: 4.45
Name the countries which are geographically closest to the United States.
Played: 158,976
Rating: 5.00
Name every U.S. State, in sequence, in a randomly generated order.
Played: 158,679
Rating: 4.83
Can you answer these questions that appear on the test to become a U.S. citizen?
Played: 148,764
Rating: 4.29
Can you guess all the lyrics to the first verse of the U.S. national anthem?
Played: 147,459
Rating: 4.92
You can smell the maple syrup from here. Try to name the 20 countries that lie geographically closest to Canada.
Played: 145,286
Rating: 4.52
Try to name the languages with the most native speakers in the United States.
Played: 140,573
Rating: 4.91
Guess the state that fits in each series of categories until only one state remains.
Played: 138,717
Rating: 4.95
Can you name the 10 states of the U.S. that have the smallest populations?
Played: 138,588
Rating: 4.99
Name the capitals of all the countries in North America.
Played: 135,921
Rating: 4.90
Name any of the U.S. states that belong in each selected category.
Played: 134,769
Rating: 4.65
Guess the countries that American citizens perceive as the #1 greatest enemy of the U.S.
Played: 132,848
Rating: 4.74
Name the American military conflicts that resulted in at least 1,800 American military deaths.
Played: 130,562
Rating: 4.98
Name the countries that U.S. presidents have visited the most.
Played: 128,130
Rating: 4.97
Fill in the map of North America by correctly guessing each highlighted country.
Played: 126,873
Rating: 4.04
How many US state capitals can you name in one minute?
Played: 126,720
Rating: 4.92
You're going to forget a different one every time!
Played: 125,992
Rating: 4.57
Can you guess these United States based on a picture of their shape?
Played: 125,063
Rating: 3.86
Answer these questions about the best basketball player on the planet.
Played: 123,685
Rating: 4.97
Can you name the 10 smallest US states by area?
Played: 117,289
Rating: 4.92
Can you name all the countries the U.S. State Department gives a Level 4 "Do Not Travel" travel advisory?
Played: 115,153
Rating: 4.32
I remember when this was all orange groves... Far as the eye could see.
Played: 115,112
Rating: 4.96
Can you name the 10 states of the U.S. that have the largest populations?
Played: 114,214
Rating: 4.94
Name any U.S. President that belongs in each selected category.
Played: 113,372
Rating: 4.93
Can you guess the largest states of the U.S.A. by land area?
Played: 111,437
Rating: 4.93
Another opportunity to miss one completely obvious answer.
Played: 111,330
Rating: 4.92
There are 11 U.S. states that share a land or bridge border with Canada. How many can you name in 90 seconds?
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