North America Quizzes - Page 4

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Name the ten cities nearest to New York that have an urban area population greater than 10 million.
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Guess the U.S. states and European countries that have the largest land areas.
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Name the 10 most Republican states as measured by the Republican margin of victory in the last four Presidential elections.
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Name the states with the highest percentage of people who report themselves to be Hispanic or Latino.
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Name the American cities that have a population of at least one million within the city limits.
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Can you name all the states featured on this pixelated map?
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Can you name every city in the United States with a population over 100,000 - with the help of a map?
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Name the 10 states with the smallest vote differential between Democratic and Republican candidates over the last 4 Presidential elections.
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Can you name the eight U.S. states that start with a letter no other U.S. state starts with?
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Can you guess these answers that all contain the word "free"?
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See if you can correctly guess each highlighted Florida city.
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Given the statement, name the only U.S. state which fits with the clue.
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Many presidents are easily recognized from photographs and well-known paintings, but can you identify these presidents made from Play-Doh?
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Name the 10 most Democratic states as measured by the Democratic margin of victory in the last four Presidential elections.
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Try to name the 10 U.S. states with the highest maximum elevations in just one minute.
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With the help of a map, can you name the 50 states of the U.S. and also their capitals?
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How many of America's 27 most valuable cash crops can you name?
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Can you guess the states of the U.S.A. with the highest population density?
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Guess the lyrics to the English version of the Canadian national anthem.
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Name the states with the highest percentage of people who report their race as Native American.
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Name the U.S. state based on its commemorative quarter.
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Name the states where the lowest percentage of people over 25 have a four year college degree.
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Name these political figures and celebrities whose picture was taken with Barack Obama.
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Add a letter to these words, then rearrange the letters to make the name of a U.S. state.
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50 states, 50 quizzes. Day 40: Hawaii.
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Name the U.S. states that had the highest murder rates in 2020.
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There wasn't anything civil about it.
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What are the ten U.S. states that have the most coastline?
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Can you guess the U.S. states - including D.C. - in which each pair of TV shows is set?
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Name the states where the highest percentage of people over 25 have at least a bachelor's degree
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Rating: 4.59
Given a random U.S. state capital, can you name the U.S. state it’s the capital of?
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Can you answer these 20 easy questions about American history?
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Can you guess each state based on two unofficial or prior nicknames?
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Guess the state based on a picture of its license plate.
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Beat the clock to unscramble the names of these American state capitals.
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Can you name the five U.S states whose names come from Spanish?
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Name the cities in the United States that were the first to reach a population of one hundred thousand.
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Can you name the U.S. Presidents who are associated with these quotes?
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A place where marginally employed twenty-somethings can afford marvelous apartments!
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Try to name the U.S. states that start with letter M based on their shapes.
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In 60 seconds, can you match each letter with the US states that start with it?
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Name the U.S. states that have the highest ever recorded temperatures.
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Without the revolution, we might have ended up like Canada!
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Solve the puzzles to guess the names of these U.S. states.
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Name the six states in the U.S. region of New England.
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Name the countries that send the most visitors to the United States.
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Name the ten states which have the highest percent of their land area used for farming and ranching.
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Name the busiest air routes that start in New York City. With a map!
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Name the states with the highest percentage of people who report their race as Asian.
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Name the states with the highest percentage of residents who commute to work on public transit.