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49,339 Norway Country Quiz
7,371Biggest Cities in Norway
7,324Counties of Norway (with map)
4,976Countries Closest to Norway
4,517Denmark.... or Norway
3,650Country Flags Hidden in the Norwegian Flag
3,259All Municipalities of Norway on a Map
2,498Click to Translate - Norwegian
2,326100 biggest cities in Norway
2,285All 50k+ Cities in Norway with a Map
2,141Countries that have been/is part of Norway
2,106History of Norway
1,677Norway Immigration by Country
1,267Norway True or False?
1,234regions of norway
1,148Urban areas in Norway with more than 20,000 inhabitants / Tettsteder i Norge med mer enn 20,000 innbyggere
1,024Norwegian Baby Girl Names by Year
831Faroe Islands Map Quiz
803Norway by Picture
75525 Biggest Cities in Norway
747Biggest Cities in Norway on a Map
690Famous Norwegians
662Biggest Trading Partners - Norway
620Countries Closest to Norway - distance order
587Countries Visiting Norway the Most
548Norway A-Z
519Norwegian Baby Boy Names by Year
465Teams that Erling Haaland Has Played For
425Norwegian Top Division Teams 2012 (European Football)
408Countries and territories with Direct Scheduled Flights to/from Norway
390Countries bordering Norway
377Norway or Sweden
351Geography of Norway
336Most popular boy names Norway
327Languages of Norway
326Countries Once Held by Norway
321Norway Multiple Choice
319Biggest cities once in the Norwegian Empire
316Flags Visible Within the Flag of Norway
280Overseas Territories of Norway
280Norwegian Prime Ministers since 1814
262Norway... Or Sweden?
254Countries Closest to Norway - One Minute Sprint
254Ja, vi elsker dette landet (Anthem of Norway) Lyrics Quiz
231Top 10 largest immigrant groups in Norway
231Towns in Norway
228Groups of Things - Norway
222Largest Cities of Norway on a Map
199Countries Closest to Norway - 15 Second Sprint
193Historical Timeline of Norway
189Languages Most Similar to Norwegian
162Former provinces of Norway on a Map
159Norske spillere i Premier League/Norwegian players in Premier League
158Norway A-Z
151Countries Norway have played against in Football
145Norway Quiz(HARD)
129Biggest Cities in Norway Quiz
127Norwegian Prime Ministers after WWII
116Norway at the Eurovision Song Contest
117Countries closest to Norway
115City by Picture 17 (Norway)
112Which City in Norway?
107Counties of Norway
106Monarchs and their Descendants - Norway
84Norway Trivia
82Biggest Cities in Norway • A-Å
80Largest Municipalities in NORWAY by First Letter
78Largest Cities in Norway
72Norway A-Z
68Islands belonging to Norway
68Communes in Norway with more than 20,000 inhabitants
63Modern countries the Scandinavians had settlements in
60Famous Norwegian People
59Regions of Norway
5510 largest lakes in Norway
49Norway in the Eurovision Song Contest
47Largest Cities in Norway
46Top 25 Trading Partners - Norway
42Every Time Norway Have Finished 1st In Vinter-Olympics
39Regions of Norway
37Municipalities in Telemark, Norway
35Counties of Norway
33Norwegian football league champions
31Municipalities in Sogn og Fjordane, Norway
29Country of the Day #8-Norway
28Biggest towns in Telemark, Norway
28Prime ministers of Norway
25Norwegian football cup champions
23Municipalities in Møre og Romsdal, Norway
19Norwegian Prime Ministers before WWII
11Winners of Norway Chess
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