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Based on the portrait, name the president.
Can you identify the 20 historical figures pictured in this quiz?
Can you name the historical figures depicted in these photographs and paintings?
Name the celebrities who appear in these mugshots.
Can you name the historical figures depicted in these photographs and paintings?
Can you identify these former and current world leaders?
Can you identify these Oscar-nominated actors?
Can you name the historical figures depicted in these photographs and paintings?
Can you identify these mostly-American celebrities from the decade of the 2010s?
Can you identify these Oscar-nominated actresses?
Can you identify these mostly-American celebrities from the decade of the 2000s?
350,363 U.S. Presidents by Picture
265,545 Name that Historical Figure #1
230,705 Celebrity Mugshots Quiz #1
222,036 Name that Historical Figure #2
191,056 Name that Historical Figure #3
186,604 World Leaders by Picture
138,738 Oscar Nominated Actors by Picture #1
129,903 Celebrity Mugshots Quiz #3
123,341 Name that Historical Figure #4
120,088 2010s Celebrities by Picture #1
102,571 Celebrity Mugshots Quiz #2
102,232 Oscar Nominated Actresses by Picture #1
100,242 2010s Celebrities by Picture #2
76,528 Name that Historical Figure #5
75,091 Rappers by Picture
69,200 2000s Celebrities by Picture #1
63,117 Play-Doh Presidents
61,929 2000s Celebrities by Picture #2
59,359 Famous Foreheads #1
58,623 Musicians by Picture #1
58,539 Name that Historical Figure #6
56,056 Play-Doh People from History
54,632 1990s Celebrities by Picture #1
48,933 1960s Celebrities by Picture #1
47,195 1990s Celebrities by Picture #2
47,115 1980s Celebrities by Picture #2
41,103 1980s Celebrities by Picture #1
38,828 Dictators by Picture
37,476 Random U.S. Presidents by Picture
35,796 International Footballers by Picture
35,049 1950s Celebrities by Picture #1
34,975 1960s Celebrities by Picture #2
33,874 Oscar Nominated Actors by Picture #2
32,327 1940s Celebrities by Picture
31,798 Musicians by Picture #2
31,760 1950s Celebrities by Picture #2
31,291 2020s Celebrities by Picture
28,905 Name that Historical Figure #7 - U.S. Edition
27,347 Famous Canadians by Picture
26,744 Musicians by Picture #4
26,567 Musicians by Picture #3
25,423 Oscar Nominated Actresses by Picture #2
23,320 Musicians by Picture #5
21,157 Women in History by Picture
21,108 People in Pictures with Queen Elizabeth II
17,755 U.S. Presidents With Facial Hair By Picture
16,677 Current NBA Players by Picture
15,898 First Names A - Z by Picture
13,523Guess The Celebrity - By Picture
13,449 Famous Germans by Picture
13,410 Princesses by Picture
13,126 Famous French People by Picture
12,635 Famous Foreheads #2
12,309 People by Country - Tile Select
12,041Guess the Rapper by the Picture - Modern
11,753 Famous Australians by Picture
11,306 Famous Italians by Picture
10,338Guess the Celebrity - By Picture #4
9,667Current US Senators by Picture
9,122Guess The Celebrity - By Picture #2
8,334Football Players by Picture #2 - General
7,872Guess The Celebrity - By Picture #3
7,655Celebrities Revealing Celebrities
6,346Football Players by Picture #10 - Spain
5,728Football Players by Picture #5 - Brazil
5,495Football Players by Picture #3 - General
5,365Revealing Pictures of Hollywood Stars
5,226Guess the Celebrity - By Picture #5
5,206Guess the Singer by Picture
5,064Football Players by Picture #6 - England
4,551Football Players by Picture #8 - France
4,264Guess the Celebrity - Close Up
4,076Guess the Celebrity - By Picture #6
4,022Guess the Stray Kids Member by Picture
3,888Football Players by Picture #13 - Youngsters 2018
3,807Football Players by Picture #7 - Germany
3,705Random Representatives of Congress by Picture
3,662Football Players by Picture #9 - Italy
3,480Name that Historical Figure #7
3,374Guess the Celebrity - By Picture #8
3,373100 People by Picture
3,316Guess the Celebrity - By Picture #7
3,213Football Players by Picture #14 - Managers
3,101NBA Players by Face
2,97840 Historical People that Everyone Should Know by Picture
2,907Guess the NBA players by face
2,895Picture Click: US Presidents
2,883Guess the Celebrity - Close Up #2
2,876Guess the Celebrity - by Picture #10
2,822Athletes by Picture #1
2,676Guess the Soccer Player by Picture
2,631 1930s Celebrities by Picture
2,569Sexiest Man Alive by Picture
2,502Guess the Celebrity - By Picture #9
2,501Men in History by Picture
2,412Famous People by Picture Clue #1
2,325Celebrities By Pictures #2
2,288Female Singers by Picture
2,267A-Z Famous People by Pictures
2,238British Prime Ministers by Picture
2,233Chess Players Photo Quiz
2,1612010's Singers by Picture
2,155Name that Historical Figure #8
2,134Guess the Celebrity - Close Up #3
2,057Football Players by Picture #15 - Youngsters 2019
2,008Current Members of the House of Representatives by Picture
1,973NFL Players by Face
1,910Male Singers by Picture
1,884Guess the LOONA Members By Picture
1,873Who is that general?
1,847Famous Bald Men - Picture Quiz
1,779Countries by Picture of Ruler - 1980
1,725Famous British People by Picture
1,690People of the 20th Century-Picture Quiz
1,682Guess the NBA Player by Picture #2
1,646Pop Musicians by Picture
1,645Football Players by Picture #15 - Nordics
1,627Celebrities Being Painted
1,595Top Footballers By Pictures
1,566Soccer Players by Picture
1,542Can You Name These Famous People By Pictures
1,527Name that Historical Figure #10
1,501Classical Composers by Picture
1,486U.S. Vice Presidents by Picture Quiz
1,374Bands by Pictures
1,363Members of Blackpink by Picture
1,363British Monarchs by Picture
1,354Suomen Presidentit, Kuvat- Presidents of Finland, Pictures
1,348Random Celebrity Caricatures Picture Quiz
1,330Current Governors of the United States by Picture
1,29280's Singers by Picture
1,289Name that Historical Figure #9
1,222First Ladies Picture Quiz
1,2202000's Singers by Picture
1,18480's Actors by Picture
1,173Members of TXT by Picture
1,154Famous TikTokers by Picture
1,131Famous Football Players Picture Quiz - Serbia
1,130Celebrity Look-alikes
1,110Name the Actor - Picture Quiz
1,103Historical figures by picture - C
1,086Random Formula One Drivers by Picture
1,086Famous people less and less well drawn
1,072Presidents by Official White House Portrait
1,061Historical Europeans #1
1,024Famous people by their caricature
1,020Famous Polish People on Pictures
1,013People by Picture - A
1,005Soccer Players by Picture #2
97660s Singers by Picture
9762023-24 NFL WR BY PICTURE
951Famous Football Players Picture Quiz - England
939Guess The Famous Singer by Picture
912Famous Football Players Picture Quiz - Brazil
905Famous Faces - January Birthdays
900Portraits of Roman emperors
888American Politicians by Picture
883Female Singers by Picture #2
868Name these Americans
866Athletes by Picture #2
85870's Singers by Picture
856Famous Baseball Players by Photo
830Members of Itzy by Picture
826Historical figures by picture - P
820Famous Irish People By Picture
814Famous Welsh People By Picture
803People by Picture - B
792Historical People by Paintings
777Famous Historical People - Picture Quiz
75590's Singers by Picture
753Famous People by Picture Clue #2
739Countries by Picture of Ruler - 1960
717English Monarchs by Picture
700Name someone from Every Landmass (>1mil pop.)
699Famous Football Players Picture Quiz - France
697Famous People in Postage Stamps
696Famous People by Picture Clue #3
692People by Picture - D
681People by Picture - C
675Random Senators by Picture
673People by Picture - J
645People by Picture - F
644Guess The Female Singer - Picture Quiz
635Famous Football Players Picture Quiz - Portugal
632Famous Football Players Picture Quiz - Germany
622A-Z Famous People by Pictures #2
618People by Picture - M
617People by Picture - K
604People by Picture - E
602Picturequiz Musicians #1
596People by Picture - H
589People by Picture - G
584Members of Loona by Picture
584English Monarchs - History Picture Quiz
570Famous Football Players Picture Quiz - Spain
570Famous Faces
561Can You Guess The NBA Player By Their Face?
551Photo Quiz: 1970's Bands, Singers & Musicians
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