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Less than 1% of the world's population - they definitely punch above their weight.
I've got a fever, and the only prescription is this quiz!
Guess the men who wore these famous beards.
Can you identify these famous nerds – real and fictional?
Name these Roman Catholic people from the past and present.
Name these historically-significant African Americans.
They hit the big time, in the U.S.A.
Name these famous people of Caribbean heritage.
How come no one wears hats anymore?
Name these famous Africans, past and present.
Can you guess the middle initials of these famous people from history and the present?
34,013 Famous Jewish People
33,120 Famous Doctors Quiz
32,696 Famous Redheads by Picture
29,572 Famous Misters Quiz
25,783 Famous Missuses Quiz
24,767 Famous Beards (and the Men Who Wear Them)
24,477 Famous Nerds by Picture
22,918 Famous Catholics Quiz
20,059 Famous Men with Mustaches Quiz
19,120 Famous Tall People
15,514 African-American Historical Figures
14,220 Famous Muslims
13,322 Famous US Immigrants
11,228 Famous Caribbean People
11,076 Famous Hat-Wearers
9,435 Famous People from Africa
8,963 Famous Mormons Quiz
8,893 What's The Middle Initial (U.S.)
8,193 Famous People from South America
6,688 Famous Italian-Americans
6,293 Bald People – Real and Fictional
5,283 Famous Asian-Americans
4,362 Mayors – Fictional and Real
3,658Famous Cigar Smokers Quiz
1,224Famous Mistresses, Masters, Lovers and Cheaters
779Members of the Family
758Famous Turkish People
717Famous People named Louis
600Famous People with Hyphenated Names
555Famous Left-Handed People
518Famous Hat-Wearers by Picture
466Countries by Age of Oldest Resident Ever
459Famous People With Disabilities
419Famous Explorers
401Famous People who Died in Vehicular Accidents
399Famous People Named Ryan
392Famous People Named Martin
386Famous Left-Handers
381Famous People with HIV/AIDS
336Famous People who Died in Air Accidents
284Notable Noses
281People Born in 1981
252Famous African People by Picture
241Famous People Named Carol, Carole, or Carroll
237Famous Russians by Picture
234People Who Lived to be 100
232Famous People with Sideburns (by Picture)
228Famous People Named Taylor
218Famous People who were Slaves
215Americans Who Were Knighted
215Famous Oscar Singers
191Famous Iranian People
190Famous Arabs
183Famous People who were Polyglots (Knew Many Languages)
181March Birthdays
180Famous People Named Anderson
177Famous Brazilians
174July Birthdays
171Famous Buddhists
169Famous People Named Wayne
168Famous People Named Tommy
163Famous People Named Roger or Rogers
162Non-Lawyers Who Studied Law
149Famous Portuguese People
147February Birthdays
145People Buried at Arlington Cemetery
140Born in 1940
139Famous People who were Native Americans
138Famous People Named Simon or Simone
134Famous People Named (or Titled) "Lord"
134October Birthdays
133Famous People Named Ernest, Ernesto, or Ernie
127November Birthdays
123Famous People who Went Missing
123Born in 1935
120April Birthdays
119Famous People Named Jackie
118Most Googled People in 2022
117Famous Hispanic-Americans
115Famous Pilots
115January Birthdays
114Most Famous Person From Every Century
113December Birthdays
111Famous People who were Considered to be Jesus
111Famous People from the Middle East
110August Birthdays
110Famous People Named Andrew
109Famous People who Died from Drowning
104Famous Stans Quiz
102June Birthdays
102Famous People Named Grey or Gray
101Famous People Named Vanessa
98Famous People Named Ralph
97May Birthdays
91Famous Asian-British People
90Beret Wearers
90Click the Century of Birth
87September Birthdays
87Famous Buddhists
77Types of Guard
76Famous Bald People
76Famous People from Southeast Asia
73Famous South Americans by Picture
71Famous People who Died from Pneumonia
71Famous People who were Eagle Scouts
66Most Famous Person by Decade
56Famous Indian Americans Quiz
55Famous Methodists Quiz
52Hosts of Family Feud
45Famous Central American People
42Famous Black European People
32When Were They Born? Click Quiz #1
31Second-most Famous Person by Decade
23When Were They Born? Click Quiz #2
18Third-most Famous Person by Decade
17When Were They Born? Click Quiz #4
16When Were They Born #6 – CE or BCE?
12Fourth-most Famous Person by Decade
11When Were They Born? Click Quiz #5
11When Were They Born? Click Quiz #3
9Oldest Living Person since 1988
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