People by Trait Quizzes

Take a Random People by Trait Quiz
Played: 32,255
Rating: 4.16
I've got a fever, and the only prescription is this quiz!
Played: 32,037
Rating: 4.20
Less than 1% of the world's population - they definitely punch above their weight.
Played: 31,806
Rating: 3.77
Can you identify these famous people with red hair based on a picture?
Played: 29,140
Rating: 3.93
It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood.
Played: 25,424
Rating: 3.78
Guess these famous Mrs, Ms or Misses.
Played: 24,083
Rating: 4.02
Guess the men who wore these famous beards.
Played: 21,917
Rating: 4.06
Name these Roman Catholic people from the past and present.
Played: 19,586
Rating: 3.94
It's Movember! Name these famous mustachioed men.
Played: 18,670
Rating: 3.89
Can you name these celebrities and historical figures who were much taller than average?
Played: 14,432
Rating: 4.15
Name these historically-significant African Americans.
Played: 13,179
Rating: 3.79
Name these famous Muslims, past and present.
Played: 12,610
Rating: 4.05
They hit the big time, in the U.S.A.
Played: 10,455
Rating: 4.21
Name these famous nerds real and fictional.
Played: 10,315
Rating: 4.22
How come no one wears hats anymore?
Played: 10,024
Rating: 4.32
Name these famous people of Caribbean heritage.
Played: 8,509
Rating: 3.91
Can you name these people who are practicing Mormons or were raised in the faith?
Played: 8,091
Rating: 4.31
Name these famous Africans, past and present.
Played: 7,445
Rating: 4.08
Name these famous South Americans, past and present.
Played: 6,163
Rating: 4.07
Name these famous Americans of Italian descent.
Played: 5,919
Rating: 3.79
Based on the description, name the bald person,
Played: 4,885
Rating: 3.80
Name these famous Americans of East Asian or Indian descent.
Played: 4,065
Rating: 4.04
It takes a lot to govern a city. Or a shire.
Played: 3,579
Rating: 3.70
Stars with stogies! Can you name these well-known puffers?
Played: 554
Rating: 5.00
Played: 518
Rating: 4.63
Played: 389
Played: 372
Played: 364
Played: 272
Played: 195
Played: 158
Played: 151
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