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105Largest Cities that Contain a Letter by Continent
10525 Biggest Cities in France
105Largest cities in Kosovo
10410 Bigges Cities in Ukraine
104All Megalopolises of the World
1045 Biggest Cities : New Zealand
104Biggest Cities in Taiwan
104Largest Cities and Towns of SOUTH DAKOTA by First Letter
104Biggest Cities in Belgium
10410 Most Populous Cities in Germany (extra time)
104Victorian Towns over 1000 People
104Largest Cities in Asia Beginning With 'C'
103Biggest Asian Cities by Letter - N
103Five Biggest Cities in New England by State
1035 Biggest Cities : Albania
103Largest Cities in South East Asia
103Biggest Cities Starting with F by Country
102Biggest German Cities within 50 kilometres
102Largest cities in Uganda
10110 most populous countries on the world map
101Biggest Cities in Nigeria
101Biggest Coastal Cities of China
10130 biggest European cities by letter (with a map) -X
101The 30 most populous cities in Canada
101Countries with More Cars than People
101Largest Cities in the World that End in 'i'
101Biggest North-American cities in each cardinal direction, with a map
100Largest European and American Cities
100Biggest cities in Switzerland
100Cities by clues: Germany
100Most Populous Islands Outside the Tropics
100All 5k+ Cities in Botswana with a Map
10010 Biggest Cities in Order: Island of Ireland
100Biggest Cities on the Gulf of Mexico on a Map
99Biggest Countries by Population, but... #4
99Biggest Canadian Cities as a Percent of the Province / Territory
99Largest Cities in Asia With 4 Letters or Less
99Biggest Cities in Arkansas - Extreme
99Largest Cities in Asia Beginning With 'T'
99Most Populous Landlocked Countries
99Top 100 Biggest Cities in US States that Start with W
9910 Biggest Cities in Sudan
98Most Populous Border Cities
98Biggest Cities in "T" Countries
98Biggest Cities in Djibouti
98Largest cities of Somalia
98All 100k+ Cities in China on a Map
9810 Biggest Cities in Nigeria in 2100
98Biggest Cities in "P" Countries
9820 Least Densely Populated Countries
98100 Largest Cities in Mexico
98Biggest Cities Starting with P by Country
98Biggest Australian Cities A-Z
97Biggest Cities Starting with I by Country
97Largest Municipalities in ROMANIA by First Letter
97Biggest Cities in "I" Countries - Not India
97International Cities
97Biggest Cities in Namibia
9730 Biggest Cities in Germany 2019
97Top 10 EU countries by % born in country
97Largest cities in Tuvalu
97Oceanian Countries by Largest Non-Capital City
97Canadian Provinces and Territories by Most Populous City
96All German Cities with a Population over 50,000
9620 Asian cities furthest from a bigger, with a map.
965 Biggest Cities : Egypt
96Largest Cities Starting and Ending in the Same Letter
9610 Biggest Cities in Ecuador
96Biggest cities of Japanese prefectures
96Biggest Cities in Nigeria
96Most Populous Cities in Australia
95Least Populous Landlocked U.S. States
95Largest Cities In Mexico
95Largest cities in the USA!
95100 Biggest Cities in Saskatchewan
95Largest cities in Cameroon
95Higher or Lower - Country Population
94Largest cities in Tonga
9410 Biggest Cities in Cambodia
94Biggest Cities in Texas A-Z
94Biggest countries with smallest population
94Largest Cities in Pakistan
9410 Biggest Cities in Nicaragua on a Map
94Largest Cities, Townships & Boroughs of PENNSYLVANIA in 1850
94Largest Cities, Towns and Townships of OHIO in 1850
93Ten Biggest Cities in the Philippines in Population
935 Biggest Cities : Japan
935 Biggest Cities : Bangladesh
93Top 100 Biggest Cities in US States that Start with K-L
93Biggest U.S. Cities as a Percent of Their State
93Biggest Cities in Poland - Extreme
93Most Populous Pacific Ocean Islands
93U.S. Urban Areas Containing a U.S State Name
93U.S. Metro Areas With Population > 1 Million
93Top 50 -- Largest City in Each Country Beginning With 'B'
93Ohio Cities by Peak Population
92Biggest Cities Starting with K by Country
92Cities of Arkansas by Population
92Biggest Cities in the Republic of Congo
92Top 10 Vietnamese cities by population
92Cities of Portugal On a Map
9210 Biggest Cities in Myanmar
91All 1M+ Cities in Japan
91Top 10 Least Populated Countries In the World(According to density)
91All 100k Cities of Colombia - With a Map
91Countries by Product of Area, Coastline & Population
91Five cities furthest from a bigger in the same continent, with a map.
915 Biggest Cities : Cuba
91Biggest Asian cities in each cardinal direction, with a map
91Biggest modern day cities in the Ottoman Empire
91Largest Municipalities in QUEBEC Province by First Letter
9110 Biggest Cities in Order: Russia
91Largest Cities of NEVADA by First Letter
9010 Biggest Cities in Tanzania
9010 Biggest Cities: Mexico
90Biggest Cities in Qatar
90Biggest Cities Starting with J by Country
90Largest U.S. Cities With "Port" in Their Name on a Map
89Largest Cities in US States That are Commonwealths
89Biggest U.S. Cities in Order without Hints
89200 Cities/Towns in Sri Lanka
89Largest Cities in North Carolina
89Biggest Cities Starting with O by Country
89Biggest Cities in Afghanistan
89100 Biggest Cities in the Arabian Peninsula on a Map
895 biggest cities in Israel / 5הערים הגדולות בישראל
88Largest Cities in Africa Beginning With 'L'
88Largest Cities in Africa Beginning With 'D'
88Biggest Cities in Southern France on a Map
88Top 5 Population by Category
8810 Biggest Cities in Order: Israel
88Largest Cities in Europe Ending in 'S'
88Largest cities in Laos
8820 Most Populated U.S States
88Largest Cities in Indonesia
88Largest Cities & Towns of OREGON by First Letter
88Biggest Cities in Uruguay on a Map
88Biggest Cities in Sierra Leone
88Largest Municipalities of NORTH CAROLINA by First Letter
87Largest cities in Benin
87Largest Cities in Europe That Begin With 'W'
87Most populous city in each timezone
87Most Populous Countries with No FIFA World Cup Appearances
8710 Biggest Cities in Kenya
87Mississippi 100 Largest Cities
8710 Biggest Cities in Order: Asia
86Most Populated European Cities by Color
865 Biggest Cities : Belarus
86Largest Cities and Towns of UTAH by First Letter
86Biggest Cities in Zambia Quiz
86Biggest Cities in Guinea
86Biggest cities in Denmark (50k)
86Biggest Cities on Sicily
86Five Biggest Cities by River
86Biggest Cities in Austria-Hungary
85Indian Cities over 5 Million
85Most Populous Islands of Asia
85Top 100 Biggest Cities in US States that Start with D-H
85Cities with the Highest Population Density
8520 biggest nordic urban areas
84Biggest Cities with Short Names
84U.S. Cities With The Largest Population Density
84Biggest African Cities by Letter - B
84Biggest Cities in "G" Countries
84Largest Cities in Asia Beginning With 'E', 'O' or 'U'
84Countries by Highest and Lowest Population Density.
84Biggest cities in Japan
84Largest Cities in the World that End in 'r'
84Almost Megacities
84All 100k+ Cities in the United States (with CDPs)
84Higher Population - Multiple Choice
84Biggest African Cities by Letter - C
83Largest cities in Sweden
83Biggest 100 Cities in Australia
83Biggest Cities in Germany
8310 Biggest Cities in Order: Japan
83Top 10 New Zealand Cities by population
83Countries With The Lowest Population Density With Exceptions
8350 Biggest Towns in New Zealand
83Largest cities in Eritrea
83Cities of Alabama by Population
82Updated Top 5 Cities in Texas by Population
825 Biggest Cities : El Salvador
82Largest Cities in Kazakhstan by Population
82Largest cities in Greece
82Largest Cities in Finland
82Second-biggest cities of Europe
8275 Biggest Cities in India
82Top 65 Biggest Cities in Saudi Arabia
8210 Biggest Cities in the World in 2100 by letter - D
82Cascadia Megalopolis Largest Cities
82Biggest U.S. Cities that Haven't Declined in Population
82Most Populated Cities in China With a Million People
81Five biggest cities by continent
81Largest Cities and Towns of WYOMING by First Letter
8120 Oceanian cities furthest from a bigger, with a map.
8115 Largest Cities in California
81Biggest Cities in Argentina
81Biggest Cities in Tajikistan
81The largest cities in Western Australia