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Can you guess these facts about the country of Portugal?
Can you name the modern-day-countries whose current territory was part of the Portuguese Empire in 1822?
With the help of a map, can you guess all modern day countries that were at one point under Portuguese rule?
For each selected category, name any of the countries that ranks higher than Portugal.
Name the 15 biggest cities in Portugal.
Answer these questions related to the history and geography of the Portuguese Empire.
56,331 Portugal Country Quiz
38,256 Modern Day Countries of the Portuguese Empire on a Map
28,942 Countries that Beat Portugal
28,713 All Modern-Day Countries Ever Controlled by Portugal
15,861 Biggest Cities in Portugal
10,238 The Portuguese Empire
8,800Districts of Portugal Map Quiz
4,424Poland... or Portugal?
4,163Football Players by Picture #12 - Portugal
3,935Click to Translate - Portuguese
3,499Portugal 2022 FIFA World Cup Squad
3,044Primeira Liga Top 4 (Portuguese Football)
2,879Countries With the Most Portuguese Speakers
2,292Top 20 immigrants in Portugal by country of origin
1,988Portugal 2018 FIFA World Cup Squad
1,977Countries Closest to Portugal
1,924Portugal Football Team World Cup Starting XI
1,718Portugal Euro 2020 Squad
1,722Districts of Portugal
1,623Countries of the Portuguese Empire
1,616Kings of Portugal
1,432All 50k+ Cities in Portugal with a Map
1,349Portugal Map Quiz
1,326Countries that Gained Independence from Portugal
1,216UEFA Euro 2016 Final Portugal - France
1,197Spain... or Portugal?
1,128Portugal Immigration by Country
1,112Portugal World Cup 2014 squad
1,068History of Portugal
1,035Portugal National Football Team
1,007Benfica 2020's Starting XI
962Portugal Euro 2012 Squad
942All Portuguese Football League teams
937Portugal Euro Squad 2016
933Porto 2010's Starting XI
921Geography of Portugal
871Portuguese Immigration by Country
851Portuguese Cities by Picture
846Languages of Portugal Quiz (with map)
794Busiest air routes from Lisbon
760Regions of Portugal
674Porto 2020's Starting XI
670Lisbon City Trivia
66735 Largest Portuguese-speaking cities
640Portugal Euro 2004 Squad
616Portuguese Primeira Liga title winners
614Famous Football Players Picture Quiz - Portugal
614Geography Questions #3
608Top 10 Benfica Starting XI
606Lisbon Airport (LIS) Destinations
603Portugal A-Z
595Teams that Cristiano Ronaldo Has Played For
575Football Clubs Managed by José Mourinho
561Countries that Visit Portugal the Most
540Top 10 emigrants from Portugal by target country
531Top 10 S.L. Benfica Goalscorers
514Countries Bordering Portugal
503Top 100 Baby Girl Names in Portugal (2016) - Alphabetical
486Benfica Best Scorer By Year
447Portugal National Football Team Scorers 2010s
433100 most common surnames in Portugal
433Portuguese Primeira Liga Champions
430Foreign Countries With the Most Portuguese
428Portugal National Football Team Best Scorer By Year
416Top Ten Best Portuguese Footballers of All Time
412Most Capped Footballers for Portugal
410Portuguese Primeira Liga Clubs by Badges
406Sporting CP 2020's Starting XI
398Portugal Country Quiz #2
395Sporting Lisbon Trivia
365Biggest Cities of Portugal
365Benfica Current Squad
364Top 10 Porto Starting XI
363Countries of the Portuguese Empire
363Biggest Cities in the Portuguese Empire on a Map
361Iberian Peninsula Geography Quiz
354Portugal - Best cities to live in
351Countries Portugal Invaded, Occupied or Fought
348Presidents of Portugal
340Former Portugese Colonies
336Portugal Country Quiz #3
318Football players who have played for Chelsea and Benfica
317Busiest air routes from Porto
314Taça Portugal Winners
313Champions League Portuguese Best Scorer by Year
292Benfica Trivia
291Premier League Portuguese Best Scorer by Year
289Portugal Top Goal Scorers
286Football players who have played for Chelsea and Porto
285On the Route to Glory - UEFA Euro 2016 - Portugal
284Biggest Trading Partners - Portugal
278Azores Islands
275FC Porto Current Squad
275Portugal Cities Map Quiz
268Most Expensive Transfers from SL Benfica
266Porto Best Scorer By Year
249Biggest Cities in Portugal on a Map
244FIFA 20 - Portuguese Player Names
236Provinces of Portugal
236Jogadores de futebol que jogaram nos 3 grandes (Benfica, FCPorto e Sporting)
234Which city in Portugal?
2292004 Champions League Final Monaco - Porto
229Portuguese Football League Top scorers
223Kings of Portugal
224Sporting CP Best Scorer By Year
21910 Biggest Cities in Portugal
213Busiest air routes from Faro - Portugal
210Airlines Serving the Airports of Portugal
209FC Porto Trivia
206Regions of Portugal
203Sporting Lisbon Current Squad
198Poland - Portugal UEFA Euro 2016 - Quarter Finals
192Countries Colonized by Portugal by Continent
192Most Expensive Football (Soccer) Transfers Ever from Portugal
191Benfica Goalkeeper By Year
190Record transfers: FC Porto
188Teams that Bruno Fernandes Has Played For
186UEFA Euro 2004 Final Portugal - Greece
182Countries in the Portuguese Empire
181Football Clubs in Lisbon
177Top XIs: SL Benfica (1975-2023)
175Porto Champions League Winner Starting XI
174Portugal's District Capitals
170Portugal by Picture
165Azores islands with a map
159Top25 Portuguese Football Players by Market Value
156Porto Champions League XIs
153FC Porto 2019/2020 Squad
153Record transfers: SL Benfica
148Countries Closest to Portugal - One Minute Sprint
148Famous Portuguese People
146Benfica Champions League Winner Starting XI
1442013 UEFA Europa League Final (Chelsea vs Benfica) - Lineups
143Croatia - Portugal UEFA Euro 2016 - Round Of 16
140SL Benfica 2020/21 Squad
139Benfica Scorers in 2010s Champions League
136Countries Bordering Portugal
136Portugal's 2016 Football Team (last three letters)
135All-Time Portuguese Football Honours
133Top 10 Sporting CP Starting XI
130Countries That Gained Independence From Portugal
130Porto Goalkeeper By Year
128Highest Goalscorers in International Football for Portugal
128World Capitals Closest to Lisbon
127Portuguese Association Football Champions
127Primeira Liga Winners
126Historical Timeline of Portugal
125Football Clubs Cristiano Ronaldo has Played for
1222013 Europa League Final Benfica - Chelsea
121Portuguese Soccer Club
122Sporting CP Goalkeeper By Year
121Current Countries Colonized By The Portuguese Empire
1202022 FIFA World Cup Round of 16 - Portugal - Switzerland
119Portuguese Baby Boys' Names Top 100 (2017)
1185 Biggest Cities : Portugal
117Euro 2020 Round of 16 - Belgium - Portugal
115Euro 2020 Group F - Portugal - France
1092022 FIFA World Cup Quarter Finals - Morocco - Portugal
107S.L. Benfica 2019/2020 Squad
1022019 UEFA Nations League Final Portugal - Netherlands
96Cities of Portugal On a Map
95Portugal - Wales UEFA Euro 2016 - Semi Finals
95Euro 2020 Group F - Portugal - Germany
94Guess 50 Porto footballers by image
932022 FIFA World Cup Group H - Portugal - Uruguay
90Countries Closest to Portugal - 15 Second Sprint
89Sporting Lisbon Champions League XIs
88Portugal Euro 2016 squad
86Portuguese Football Players That Play Abroad
85Roman cities in Portugal
852018 World Cup 23 Man Roster - Portugal
85Porto Players Quiz
81Portuguese Footballers Overseas -- Which Countries?
80Most Appearances & Goals at the FIFA World Cup for Portugal
80Sporting CP Scorers in 2010s Champions League
79Porto Scorers in 2010s Champions League
78Top XIs: FC Porto (1978-2023)
77Azores Islands - Map Quiz
772014 Europa League Final Sevilla - Benfica
77SL Benfica 2016-17 Roster
76Portuguese Empire Trivia
74Cities in Portugal
72Biggest Trading Partners - Portugal
71Euro 2004 PORTUGAL - Host Cities
69Highest Goalscorers in the Champions League From Portugal
68Footballers by Picture - Portugal
67Primeira Liga 2013-2014 Ranking
6510 Biggest Cities in Order: Portugal
64Portuguese Presidents Quiz
64Top Goalscorers in the Champions League for Benfica
63Most Appearances in the Champions League from Portugal
62Portuguese Monarchs Quiz
61Portuguese knowledge
60Portugal - Austria UEFA Euro 2016
58Porto's 2003-04 Champions League Run
54Top 25 Trading Partners - Portugal
512022 FIFA World Cup Group H - Portugal - Ghana
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