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206Country Transits: Closest Countries to Afghanistan by Starting Letter
204Non Bordering Countries Closest to Germany A-Z
203Furthest Countries from China
202Five Closest World Capitals by Capital #2
202Capital Cities Closest to an Unknown Capital City A-Z #5
199Countries Closest to Poland by first 2 letters
198Closest Countries To Greece
19710 Closest C Countries to United Kingdom
193Countries Closest to Palestine - One Minute Sprint
193Countries Closest to Cabo Verde A-Z
193Countries Closest to Pakistan by Name Length
192Countries Closest to Norway - 15 Second Sprint
192Countries Closest to Lithuania - One Minute Sprint
192Countries Closest to Aruba with a Radial Map
191World Capitals Closest to Suva
189Countries Closest to Qatar by first two letters
189Countries Closest to Germany by first two letters
186Closest Countries to Sweden
184Countries Closest to Hungary - One Minute Sprint
182Countries Closest to Poland - One Minute Sprint
181Five Closest World Capitals by Capital #3
18110 Closest Capitals to Stockholm
180Mainland Countries Closest To Island Countries
180Countries Closest to Estonia
179Countries Closest to Saudi Arabia A-Z
177Countries Closest to Micronesia
173Countries Closest to Canada - One Minute Sprint
173Countries Furthest From Kazakhstan
173Countries Closest to Malta - One Minute Sprint
172Countries Closest to India by first two letters
172Countries Closest to Indonesia - distance order
171Countries Closest to Canada A-Z
171Countries by Their Five Closest Countries - Alphabetical
170Capitals Closest to Washington DC; A to Z
170Countries Closest to Germany - One Minute Sprint
169Countries Closest to Japan - One Minute Sprint
169Countries Closest to Mexico by first two letters
169Most Distant Capital Cities from Helsinki
168Closest pairs of capitals
168Closest Countries to Saudi Arabia
167Closest City to UK Towns #1
166Countries Closest to Kenya by first two letters
166Closest Countries on Different Continents
163Countries Closest to Poland - 15 Second Sprint
163Countries Closest to Thailand by first two letters
163Countries Closest to European Union
161Countries Closest to Jamaica - One Minute Sprint
161Countries Closest to Thailand
161World Capitals Closest to Jerusalem A-Z
160Countries Closest to Eritrea by first two letters
159World Capitals Closest to Brussels
159Countries Closest to Venezuela - One Minute Sprint
159Find The Mystery US Capital Using Miles Clues
158Countries Closest to Greenland - One Minute Sprint
156Countries Closest to Serbia - One Minute Sprint
155Countries Closest to Guinea-Bissau
15410 Closest M Countries to Japan
153Countries Closest to Comoros
151World Capitals Closest to the Prime Meridian
151Closest Countries to China that Don't Share a Border
151World Capitals with the Most Neighbors within 1,000 Kilometers
150Countries Closest to China - One Minute Sprint
14910 Closest S Countries to Chad
148Countries Closest to Somalia A-Z
146Countries Closest to the Equator but Don't Touch It
145Closest Countries to London
143Countries Closest to New Zealand - One Minute Sprint
143Countries Closest to Alaska - One Minute Sprint
141Largest Cities Located at Maximum 500 Miles away from Seattle
141Countries Closest to Portugal - One Minute Sprint
140Countries Closest to Canada - 15 Second Sprint
139Countries Closest to Qatar - One Minute Sprint
138Countries Closest to India A-Z
138Countries Closest to Kazakhstan - One Minute Sprint
137World Cities Closest to Rome
137Countries Closest to St Kitts and Nevis - One Minute Sprint
137World Capitals Closest to Manila
135Countries Closest to Ukraine - One Minute Sprint
135U.S. Cities Closest to Dallas
135Countries Closest to Iceland - One Minute Sprint
134Countries Closest to Iraq by first 2 letters
134Countries Closest to Somalia
134Countries Closest to Lebanon - One Minute Sprint
134Countries Closest to the Center of the Map
134Closest Next Biggest Cities to San Francisco
134Countries Closest to Mongolia - One Minute Sprint
133Countries Closest to Germany - 15 Second Sprint
133London Underground Stations Closest to London Bridge
133Countries Closest to Romania - One Minute Sprint
131Countries Closest To Syria
131Countries Closest to Pakistan - One Minute Sprint
130World Capitals Closest to Beijing
130Countries Closest to DR Congo with an empty map
129Countries Closest to Stockholm
129Countries and Capitals Closest to the Baltic Sea
129Countries Closest to China A-Z
127Closest Countries to Moscow
127Countries Closest to Serbia - 30 Second Sprint
127Closest Countries to Rome
127Countries Closest to Germany A-Z
126World Capitals Closest to Andorra la Vella
126Countries Closest to Indonesia - 15 Second Sprint
125Country Transits: same distance from Lesotho, South Korea, Sweden
12410 Closest Non Bordering Countries To Germany
124Languages Most Similar to Czech
123Countries Closest to Greenland - 30 Second Sprint
123Closest countries to Greece
122Countries Closest to Tajikistan by first two letters
121Countries Closest to Morocco - One Minute Sprint
121World Cities Closest to Frankfurt
121Countries Closest to Hawaii - One Minute Sprint
120Top 10 World Capitals Closest to Rome
120Closest Countries to Finland
120Countries Closest to Slovenia - One Minute Sprint
120Closest Countries to Athens
119Major Cities Closest to Europe
119U.S. States Closest to the Atlantic Ocean Without a Shoreline
118Countries Closest to Nigeria A-Z
118The 20 Furthermost Capitals - Berlin
118Countries Within 2000km from Athens
117Countries Closest to the Maldives - One Minute Sprint
117London Underground Stations Closest to Piccadilly Circus
117Countries Closest to Brazil A-Z
116Countries Closest to Serbia - 15 Second Sprint
115Closest Countries to Berlin
11510 Closest AEIOU Countries to New Zealand
114Countries Closest to Algeria - 15 Second Sprint
114Countries closest to Paris
114World Capitals Closest to New Delhi - distance order
114Countries Closest To Benin
112Countries Closest to Iceland - 15 Second Sprint
112Countries Closest to Papua New Guinea - One Minute Sprint
111Country Transits: Closest Countries to Poland by Starting Letter
112Countries Closest to Mongolia - 15 Second Sprint
110Countries Closest to Malaysia - One Minute Sprint
110Countries Closest to Italy - 15 Second Sprint
110Countries closest to Beijing
109Countries Closest to Lebanon - 30 Second Sprint
109Countries Closest to Antarctica
108Counties of England Closest to Big Ben with a Radial Map
108Countries Closest to Kansas
108Countries Closest to Mexico - One Minute Sprint
107European Capitals Closest to Washington DC - One Minute Sprint
107Countries Closest to Taiwan
107Countries Closest to the Golden Gate Bridge
107Nearest Country to Iceland
107Major Cities Closest to New York City A-Z
106Countries Closest to Sri Lanka - One Minute Sprint
106Countries Closest to Liechtenstein - One Minute Sprint
106World Capitals Closest to Sarajevo - One Minute Sprint
105Countries Closest to Washington State
105Countries Closest to Vietnam A-Z
105Countries Closest to Iraq - One Minute Sprint
104Closest Cities to Las Vegas
104World Capitals Closest to Lisbon
102Countries Closest to Florida - One Minute Sprint
102Countries closest to Norway
102Countries Within 500 Miles of Paris
102Countries Closest to Malta by Name Length
100Countries Closest to Kerguelen
1005 Closest U.S. States to Every Great Lake
99State Capitals Closest to New York City
98The 20 Furthermost Capitals - Wellington
98Furthest Countries from New York
98World Capitals Closest to Tokyo - distance order
97Countries Closest to Türkiye - 15 Second Sprint
97Countries Closest to New York City
97Closest Capitals by Lake Quiz
97Cities Closest to New York City by Number of Inhabitants
97U.S. State Capitals Closest to Kansas City
97Cities Closest to Ho Chi Minh City with 2+ Million People
96Countries Closest to St Kitts and Nevis - distance order
96Countries Closest to Switzerland - One Minute Sprint
96Cities Closest to Switzerland
96U.S. State Capital Cities Closest to Cuba
96Countries Closest to Palau - One Minute Sprint
95World Capitals Closest to Bucharest
95Countries Closest to Romania - 30 Second Sprint
94Countries Closest to Lithuania - 30 Second Sprint
93Countries Closest to Malta - 15 Second Sprint
94U.S. States Closest to the Pacific Ocean Without a Shoreline
93Countries Closest to Algeria - One Minute Sprint
92Countries Closest to Moldova - One Minute Sprint
9110 Closest M Countries to Monaco - One Minute Sprint
91State Capitals Closest to Atlanta
90Five Closest Cities to a Random 1M+ City
89Closest Countries to New York City
89Countries closest to Malta
89Which Countries are Closest?
89Non-Bordering Countries Closest to Germany - One Minute Sprint
89Countries Closest to Portugal - 15 Second Sprint
88Countries Closest to Thailand - 30 Second Sprint
88Countries Closest to Zurich
88Countries Closest to Iceland With Exceptions
88Countries Closest to the Centre of Europe
87Countries Closest to Montenegro
86Countries Closest to Türkiye - 30 Second Sprint
86Countries Closest to Ireland - One Minute Sprint
85Closest City by City