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84State Capitals Closest to Las Vegas
84Countries Closest to Sweden - One Minute Sprint
84Countries Closest to Mongolia by Continent
84Nearest cities in Great Britain to Ireland
83Closest countries to Turkey
83U.S. States Closest to Mexico Without Bordering Mexico
83Countries closest to Haiti
83Major Cities Closest to Paris A-Z
83U.S. States Closest to Bermuda
83Countries Closest to Indonesia - 30 second map sprint
82The 20 Furthermost Capitals - Tokyo
81Countries Closest to Singapore - 15 Second Sprint
81Countries Closest to South Africa - One Minute Sprint
81Capitals Closest to Vilnius
81Closest countries to China
81Countries Closest to Panama - 15 Second Sprint
8110 Closest Capitals To Monaco
80Countries closest to Mexico
80Biggest German Cities within 50 kilometres
80State Capitals Closest to Boise
80Countries Closest to Barbados
79State Capitals Closest to Baltimore
79Countries Within 500 Miles of Madrid
78Major Cities Closest to the United States
78Countries Closest to North Korea - One Minute Sprint
78Closest Cities to New Orleans
77U.S. Cities Closest to Chicago
77European Capitals Closest to Washington DC
76Countries Closest to Syria - One Minute Sprint
76Countries Closest to Munich
75World Capitals Closest to Sarajevo - 15 Second Sprint
75Countries Closest to Moscow in 1960
75U.S. States Closest To The Great Lakes Without Bordering
75Capitals Furthest From Washington DC
75Countries Closest to Kazakhstan - 15 Second Sprint
75Major Islands Closest to the United States
74Countries Closest to Buenos Aires
74World Capitals Closest to Kabul
74Major Cities Closest to Asia
74Capital Cities: Equidistant from Reykjavik and Wellington
73Closest Countries to Ireland
73Countries Closest to Romania - 15 Second Sprint
73Countries Closest to Ukraine - 30 Second Sprint
72Countries Closest to Guatemala
72Countries Closest to Barbados - in distance order
72Countries Closest to India - 15 Second Sprint
72Countries closest to Central Singapore
71Countries Closest to Dublin
71World Capitals Closest to Ankara
71State Capitals Closest to Cleveland
71State Capitals Closest to Dallas
71Furthest pairs of capitals
71Closest City to UK Towns #2
71World Capitals Closest to Kuwait City
71Countries Closest to Sweden - 30 Second Sprint
70Closest Cities to Nashville
70Countries Closest to Barbados - One Minute Sprint
69What are the closest countries to Nauru?
69Countries Closest to Morocco - 30 Second Sprint
69Countries Closest to Mexico City
69Capitals Closest to Valletta
69Closest Cities to New York City
69Countries Closest to San Juan
69World Capitals Closest to Tokyo - One Minute Sprint
6810 Closest US state capitals to Mexico City
67World Capitals Closest to Bogota
67State Capitals Closest to Minneapolis
67US States & Canadian Provinces Closest to Maine - One Minute Sprint
67Capitals by Closest 1M Cities
67Countries Closest to Tuvalu - One Minute Sprint
66Which of These U.S. Cities is Within...?
66U.S. States Closest to Chicago
66Countries Closest to Liechtenstein - 30 Second Sprint
66World Capitals Closest to Damascus
66Countries Closest to Belgium - One Minute Sprint
66Closest Cities to Chicago
65State Capitals Closest to Detroit
65Capital Cities: Equidistant from Tokyo and New Delhi
65State Capitals Closest to El Paso
65Countries Closest to Ireland - 30 Second Sprint
65Countries Closest to Iceland (in Icelandic - á íslensku)
65Countries Closest to Singapore - 30 Second Sprint
65Largest Cities Located at Maximum 505 Miles away from Denver
64Closest countries to Washington, D.C.
64World Capitals Closest to Los Angeles - One Minute Sprint
64US State Capitals Closest to Los Angeles
64Countries Closest to St Kitts and Nevis - 30 Second Sprint
64U.S. State Capitals Closest to Pittsburgh
63World Capitals Closest to Germany - 30 Second Sprint
63Countries That are Closest to Paris
63Countries Closest to Israel - 30 Second Sprint
63State Capitals Closest to Seattle
63Closest World Capital Pairs
63State Capitals Closest to Boston
62U.S. State Capitals Closest to Miami
62Longest World Rivers With a National Capital On Their Shore
62Five Closest Cities by City
62Countries Closest to Switzerland - 15 Second Sprint
62Cities Closest to Paris by Number of Inhabitants
62Capital Cities Closest To Athens
62Closest Cities to Miami
61Countries Closest to New Zealand - 15 Second Sprint
61Countries Closest to Italy - 30 Second Sprint
60Countries Closest to Greenland - 15 Second Sprint
60Countries Closest to Kenya - One Minute Sprint
60Closest Capital City
59Nearest English cities to France.
59Big U.S. Cities Closest to Atlanta
59Big U.S. Cities Closest to Phoenix
59State Capitals Closest to Philadelphia
59U.S. State Capitals Closest to the Atlantic Ocean
58World Capitals Closest to Miami - One Minute Sprint
58Closest Cities to Seattle
58World Capitals Closest to Germany - One Minute Sprint
58Big U.S. Cities Closest to Denver
58Countries Closest to Lima
57Countries Closest to Kiribati - One Minute Sprint
57Countries Closest to Syria - 30 Second Sprint
57State Capitals Closest to Orlando
57State Capitals Closest to Charlotte
57Countries Closest to Pakistan - 15 Second Sprint
57Countries Closest to Palau - 15 Second Sprint
57Countries Closest to Qatar - 15 Second Sprint
57Countries Closest to Berlin
57Countries Closest to Turkmenistan - 30 Second Sprint
56Closest Cities Starting with the Same Letter
56State Capitals Closest to Chicago
56Countries Closest to Monaco - One Minute Sprint
56Countries Closest to Moldova - 30 Second Sprint
56Countries Closest to Monaco - 30 Second Sprint
55Closest U.S. Capital City Pairs Quiz #1
55Closest Cities to Denver
55State Capitals Closest to Trenton
54Countries Closest to Poland - 30 Second Sprint
54Capitals Closest to France
54State Capitals Closest to Corpus Christi
53State Capitals Closest to Nashville
53State Capitals Closest to Houston
53Countries Closest to the Netherlands - One Minute Sprint
53Countries Closest to Israel - 15 Second Sprint
53Countries Closest to Nepal - 15 Second Sprint
53U.S. States Closest to Canada Without a Land Border
52Countries Closest to Sydney
52State Capitals Closest to Indianapolis
52Countries Closest to Japan - 15 Second Sprint
5210 Closest Megacities to Lagos
52World Capitals Closest to Kinshasa
51Countries Closest to the Netherlands - 30 Second Sprint
51Countries Closest to Moldova - 15 Second Sprint
51State Capitals Closest to San Antonio
51Capital Cities Closer to Cyprus
50Countries Closest to Uzbekistan - One Minute Sprint
50Countries Closest to Sri Lanka
49Countries Closest to Miami
49State Capitals Closest to Phoenix
49U. S. Cities closest to Mexico City
48Big U.S. Cities Closest to Dallas
48State Capitals Closest to San Francisco
47State Capitals Closest to Memphis
47World Capitals Closest to Berlin - 30 Second Sprint
47World Capitals Closest to Mexico City - One Minute Sprint
47Countries Closest to Japan - 30 Second Sprint
47Countries Closest to Nepal - 30 Second Sprint
47State Capitals Closest to Vancouver
46State Capitals Closest to Buffalo
46Countries Closest to Taiwan - One Minute Sprint
46Big U.S. Cities Closest to Seattle
45Countries Closest to Tuvalu - 30 Second Sprint
45State Capitals Closest to Little Rock
45Closest City to UK Towns #3
44Countries closest to Bouvet Island
44World Capitals: flying South from Wellington
44Countries Closest to India - 30 Second Sprint
4410 Closest M Countries to Japan - One Minute Sprint
44World Capitals Closest to Baghdad
44Largest cities in Kiribati
43Countries Closest to Belgium - 30 Second Sprint
43Countries Closest to Thailand - One Minute Sprint
43Closest City to UK Towns #4
43Countries Closest to Iran - 15 Second Sprint
43State Capitals Closest to New Orleans
43Countries Closest to Switzerland - 30 Second Sprint
43Countries Closest to Sweden - 15 Second Sprint
43Countries Closest to Taiwan - 30 Second Sprint
43U.S. States Closest to Los Angeles
42State Capitals Closest to Sacramento
42Capitals by Closest Other Capital
42U.S. State Capitals Closest to a State Border
42Countries Closest to Pakistan - 30 Second Sprint
41Countries Closest to Sri Lanka - 30 Second Sprint
41Closest Countries to Malta
41Countries Closest to Uzbekistan - 15 Second Sprint
41Countries Closest to Tajikistan - One Minute Sprint
40World Capitals Closest to New Delhi - One Minute Sprint
40Countries Closest to Ukraine - 15 Second Sprint
40Big U.S. Cities Closest to Chicago
40Countries Closest to Caracas
40U.S. State Capitals Closest to the Pacific Ocean
40Countries Closest to Senegal - One Minute Sprint
39U.S. State Capitals Closest to a National Park