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A long time ago in a ______ far, far away.
Talk to the ____ (because the face ain't listening).
Once in a blue ____?
When you're a Jetpunk you're a Jetpunk all the way.
One a day keeps the doctor away.
A quiz so easy, it's like shooting ____ in a barrel.
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I came, I saw, I took a quiz. Fill the blanks in these quotes from famous historical figures.
But if you try sometime... you get what you need.
175,858 1980s Catchphrases
150,186 1990s Catchphrases
128,688 Star Wars Quotes
119,990 English Idioms Quiz #1
111,836 Random Movie Quotes #3
106,097 Sayings About Food #1
99,457 American Sports Cliches
96,033 Sayings About Animals #1
93,017 1960s Catchphrases
84,099 American History Quotes #1
82,438 1990s Movie Quotes
81,840 Don't Clichés
79,918 Can't Cliches Quiz
79,460 Sayings About Animals #2
73,156 Quotes from Historical Figures #1
72,745 Sayings About Animals #3
70,451 English Idioms Quiz #2
68,280 2000s Movie Quotes Quiz
67,472 Random Movie Quotes #4
67,009 Mean Girls Quotes
64,640 Cartoon Catchphrases Quiz
61,721 American TV Catchphrases #1
60,850 American Corporate Slogans Quiz #1
59,913 English Idioms Quiz #3
59,110 Time Idioms
57,321 Sayings About Food #2
57,057 Money Clichés
56,583 American Corporate Slogans Quiz #2
56,464 Shakespeare Quotes Quiz
55,990 Clichés about Death
55,627 Movie Title in the Quote
55,512 Something OR Something
55,050 Top 100 Movie Quotes
54,871 Last Lines of Movies
53,041 "Is" Cliches
52,528 "No" Clichés Quiz
50,973 Random Movie Quotes #2
49,211 Recent Movie Taglines Quiz
49,116 Cliche Quotes Quiz #3
48,679 Bible Quotes Quiz #1
46,747 Famous Mottos Quiz
44,291 Bible Quotes Quiz #2
43,340 Horror Movie Quotes Quiz
42,510 Character Catchphrases Quiz
42,244 American TV Catchphrases #2
41,737 Random Movie Quotes #1
41,221 Cliche Quotes Quiz #1
39,904 Cliche Quotes Quiz #2
39,867 Opening Lines of Movies
39,751 Random Movie Quotes #5
39,453 Video Games Quotes
39,199 U.S. Presidential Quotes
39,182 Obfuscations of Popular Cliches #1
38,651 "Like" Similes #1
38,661 Click the Chemical Element
38,284 Business Cliches Quiz
38,192 Animal Idioms Quiz #2
37,878 Animal Idioms Quiz #1
37,618 1980s Movie Quotes Quiz
37,270 Idioms for Happiness
37,125 Idioms for Insanity
36,935 What's in a Name? #1
36,719 Sayings About Animals #4
36,345 "Like" Similes #2
36,018 American History Quotes #2
35,901 Simpsons Quotes Quiz
35,575 Bible Quotes Quiz #3
35,023 Horror Movie Taglines Quiz
34,912 1990s Movie Taglines Quiz
34,824 Cliches about Love
34,765 Quotes from Historical Figures #2
34,566 Dying Words in Movies
34,430 The Simpsons - Quote to Character
33,674 1980s Movie Taglines Quiz
33,628 "As" Similes #2
33,378 Classic Movie Quotes Quiz
32,760 Idioms about Household Items
32,648 Sci-Fi Movie Quotes Quiz
32,040 Idioms for Problems
31,769 Religion Idioms
31,320 Obfuscations of Popular Cliches #2
31,260 Monty Python Quotes
30,710 Anger and Annoyance Idioms
30,396 Famous Speeches from History
29,678 Clothing Idioms
29,530 Famous Lines of Poetry #1
29,074 A to Z: Movie Quotes
28,994 Comedy Movie Quotes
28,017 Bible Quotes Quiz #4
27,735 "As" Similes #1
27,013 Cliches about What's Better
26,938 Arnold Schwarzenegger Quotes Quiz
26,806 American Sports Quotes Quiz
25,606 Movie Questions
25,558 Comedy Movie Taglines Quiz
25,013 Movie Quotes by Actor
24,576 40 Completely Random Quotes
24,279 Top 10 Hottest Asian Countries
24,043 Historical Misquotes
24,021 Movie Misquotes Quiz
23,834Automobile Company Slogans Quiz
23,821 Seinfeld Quotes
23,508 American Corporate Slogans Quiz #3
21,983 Literary Quotes #1
21,630 Shakespearean Phrases
21,457 Celebrity Catchphrases
20,486 American TV Taglines Quiz
20,315 Movie Monologues
19,933 Literary Quotes #2
19,827 Shakespeare... or the Bible?
19,716 Ben Franklin Quotes Quiz
17,893 Honest Corporate Slogans Quiz
17,640 Political Quotes Quiz
17,385 Sports Movie Quotes Quiz
16,395 Top Gun Quotes
14,824 Famous Lines of Poetry #2
14,686 TV Shows by Opening Narration
14,180Mob & Gangster Movie Quotes
13,512 Idioms by Synonyms
12,424 Proverbs Translated into French
12,134 Big Lebowski Quotes Quiz
11,490 "In" Sayings #1
10,630 Godfather Quotes
10,553 Similes In Popular Songs
10,218 Quotes of Jesus
10,075 The Bible - Who Said That?
9,217 Idioms about Dishonesty
9,130 Ultimate Movie Quotes Quiz
8,918 Garbled Proverbs
8,727 Anchorman Quotes
8,659 Yogi Berra Quotes
7,462 What's in a Name? #2
7,174 Dr. Seuss Quotes
6,927Pirate Cliches
6,878Best Family Guy Quotes Quiz
5,785 Things that Mark Twain Never Said
5,563Bumper Stickers
4,174Will Ferrell Quotes
3,606Hunger games quotes
2,904The Gettysburg Address
2,811Best Seinfeld Quotes Quiz
2,353Rick and Morty Quotes
2,259Guess The Quotes From Famous Movies
1,985Guess The Film Quotes
1,949Synonyms----Popular Phrases
1,912Best Fight Club Movie Quotes Quiz
1,823Fast Food Slogans
1,816Film Opening Lines 1
1,809First Lines of Novels
1,7822010s Pop Music Click Quiz
1,744Anchorman Quotes
1,652Famous Seinfeld Phrases
1,470Movie Quotes from the 90's
1,345SportsCenter Catchphrases Quiz
1,342Film Closing Lines 1
1,306In Which Star Wars Movie? Click Quiz
1,292Best Dumb and Dumber Quotes Quiz
1,256Inspirational Quotes
1,218Film Opening Lines 3
1,212Movie by Tagline #6
1,200Dark Knight Rises Quotes
1,158Sir Winston Churchill quotes
1,154"Fire" idioms and catch phrases
1,148Famous Movie Lines
1,140Best American Pie Quotes
1,115Best Austin Powers Quotes Quiz
1,109Memorable TV Quotes
1,095Film Opening Lines 2
1,081Fill in the Blank Movie Quotes #1
1,075Phrases coined/popularized by Shakespeare
1,028Spongebob Quotes
1,009Film Closing Lines 2
980The Shawshank Redemption: Red's "Rehabilitated" Monologue
938Rules of Fight Club
884IMDB Top Movies by Quote
871Bob Dylan Quotes Quiz
868Legal Idioms
846NZ company slogans
845Ace Venture Quotes Quiz
843Best Billy Madison Quotes Quiz
813Colorful Idioms
800Pride and Prejudice Quotes
804Best Scarface Quotes Quiz
795Fill in the Blank Movie Quotes #2
793Finish the Movie Quotes
786Common Used Sayings
765Death/Finality Clichés
746One-Word Movie Quotes by Picture
7382000's Catch Phrases
737Idiom chain
721Harry Potter Quote Quiz
718Complete the Six-Letter Words
717Reasons Anakin Skywalker Doesn't Like Sand
714Best Good Will Hunting Quotes Quiz
700Is the Quote from Star Wars, Casablanca, or Titanic?
690Garbled Proverbs #2
675Abraham Lincoln Quotes Quiz
674English idioms
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