Regions of Countries Quizzes

Take a Random Regions of Countries Quiz
Name all 50 states in the USA. Easy, right?
Name the ceremonial counties of England. Now with a map!
Name the Canadian provinces and territories, eh.
Guess every county in the United States by naming any other county within 100km of it.

Warning: This quiz is very large and may be slow on older computers.

There are 3,143 counties in the United States. How many can you name?
Fill in the map of Spain!
Turkey has eighty-one provinces. How many can you name?
For each region, name the country in which it is located.
Name the counties of Ireland.
Fill in the map of Italy!
Chinese kids can name the American states, probably.
11,242,491 US States Quiz
535,637 Counties of England Quiz
236,181 Canada Provinces and Territories
199,451 All Counties of the United States by Proximity
186,811 All 3,143 Counties of the United States on a Map
145,509 Regions of Spain Map Quiz
134,944 Provinces of Turkey
131,954 Regions of Countries #1
124,083 Counties of Ireland
109,268 Regions of Italy Map Quiz
105,350 States of India
104,137 Provinces of China
98,796 Regions of Countries #2
96,908 Australian States and Territories Quiz
94,559 States of Mexico
88,830 States of Germany
76,161 Regions of France
75,468 California Counties
72,821 Regions of Countries #3
71,589 Provinces of China Map Quiz
70,727 Federal Subjects of Russia
69,329 Counties of the UK and Ireland
69,123 All First-Level Subdivisions of Europe on a Map
67,916 Japanese Prefectures
66,192 Regions of Spain Quiz
62,181 Parts of the United Kingdom
60,037 ALL First-Level Subdivisions of the World With a Map
50,122 All First-Level Subdivisions of Europe by Proximity
45,926 Texas Counties
44,932 Regions of Italy
44,405 States of Brazil
40,670 Territories of the United States
40,627 Subdivisions by Country
40,423 Who Controls It?
38,403 Regions of Countries #4
31,889 Name a Valid First-Level Subdivision for Every Country
30,813 North Carolina Counties
30,429All United States Counties by Larger Proximity in 60 Seconds
30,419 California Counties Map Quiz
29,714 Largest Indonesian Islands
29,248 Regions of US States
29,147 Georgia Counties
28,886 Florida Counties
28,772 Hawaiian Islands
28,644 Great Plains States and Provinces on a Map
28,513 Pennsylvania Counties
28,365 Cantons of Switzerland
27,251 New York Counties Quiz
26,245 Counties of Ohio
25,675 All First-Level Subdivisions of North America on a Map
25,000 Provinces of the Netherlands
24,726 Counties of Wales
23,490 All First-Level Subdivisions of Asia on a Map
21,713 All 10m+ First-Level Country Subdivisions
21,650 Provinces of the Philippines
21,424 Most Populous U.S. Counties
20,819West Virginia Counties Quiz
20,734 Virginia Counties Quiz
20,217 Who Controls It? #2
20,109Kentucky Counties Quiz
20,089 All First-Level Subdivisions of South America on a Map
19,376 Regions of New Zealand
18,971 Councils of Scotland
17,610 Illinois Counties Quiz
17,534Departments of France Quiz (with map)
15,550Iowa Counties Quiz
15,525 Cities of Los Angeles County on a Map
15,380 Michigan Counties Quiz
15,022 All First-Level Subdivisions of Africa on a Map
14,701Alabama Counties Quiz
14,513Indiana Counties Quiz
14,514Provinces of Italy, with a Map
14,180Provinces of Argentina
14,068New Jersey Counties
13,808Missouri Counties Quiz
13,333Colorado Counties Quiz
13,304 Provinces of South Africa
13,148 Emirates of the United Arab Emirates
12,867Tennessee Counties Quiz
12,749Washington Counties Quiz
12,479All Counties of the United States by First Two Letters
12,096Wisconsin Counties Quiz
11,776Minnesota Counties Quiz
11,592Mississippi Counties Quiz
11,367Louisiana Parishes Quiz
11,280Counties of Utah
11,231Provinces of Indonesia (map quiz)
10,687South Carolina Counties Quiz
10,499Counties of Oregon Quiz
10,194Arkansas Counties Quiz
10,102Regions of Western Europe on the Map
9,970Montana Counties Quiz
9,961Nebraska Counties Quiz
9,597Oblasts of Ukraine (With a Map)
9,531Arizona Counties Quiz
9,504Oklahoma Counties Quiz
9,493 All First-Level Subdivisions of Oceania on a Map
9,406 Largest City by U.S. County
9,182 Regions and Collectivities of France on a Map
9,107Kansas Counties Quiz
8,992Nevada Counties Quiz
8,950Idaho Counties Quiz
8,887Counties of Romania with a Map
8,528Maryland Counties Quiz
8,517Provinces and Territories of Canada with an Empty Map
8,407Provinces of South Korea (with map)
8,263Maine Counties Quiz
8,107Departments of Colombia (with a map)
7,799Irish Counties
7,796Random Counties of the United States on a Map
7,633Districts of Portugal Map Quiz
7,505Municipalities of Puerto Rico (with a map)
6,921North Dakota Counties Quiz
6,720New Mexico Counties
6,635South Dakota Counties Quiz
6,555Provinces (Voivodeships) of Poland (With a Map)
6,472Counties of Norway (with map)
6,303Municipalities of Slovenia with a Map
6,204Counties in Wyoming
5,837Counties of Scotland
5,761States and Territories of Malaysia (With Map)
5,711Provinces of Thailand (with map)
5,454Massachusetts Counties Quiz
5,339Provinces of Vietnam (with map)
5,324Provinces of Iran (with map)
4,813New Hampshire Counties Quiz
4,719Provinces and Territories of Pakistan (with map)
4,606Historic counties of England
4,502Vermont Counties Quiz
4,439Federal Subjects of Russia Quiz
4,439States of Austria - Map
4,427Oblasts of Ukraine on a Map
4,381Regions of Greece - Map Quiz
4,377Departments of Guatemala
4,273Counties of New England with a Map
4,266Provinces of Afghanistan (With a Map)
4,173Historical Provinces of Ireland Map Quiz
4,117Russian Federal Subjects
4,112Municipalities of Sweden with a Map
3,912Provinces of the Philippines
3,795Counties of Croatia with a Map
3,788Italian Provinces with a map
3,758Cities in European Economic Areas on a Map
3,678States of Venezuela (With a Map)
3,672Regions & Departments of Peru on a Map
3,610Delaware Counties Quiz
3,570Districts of Azerbaijan with a Map
3,507Overseas departments and territories of France
3,497Connecticut Counties Quiz
3,493Regions of Finland (With a Map)
3,400Counties of Taiwan
3,390Regions of Belarus Map Quiz
3,343Governorates of Egypt (With Map)
3,260Boroughs of Alaska
3,254Name a Valid First-Level Subdivision for Every Country - Pro
3,255Provinces of Bulgaria on a Map
3,223Provinces of Cuba With Map
3,171Regions of Finland Map Quiz
3,157Municipalities of North Macedonia with a Map
3,095Provinces of Ecuador
3,019Municipalities of Latvia with a Map
3,010Regions of Chile (With a Map)
3,009Counties of Rhode Island Quiz
2,998US States and Canadian Provinces by Borders with a Map: 45 Second Sprint
2,882States of Nigeria on a Map
2,827Districts of Serbia
2,771Swedish Counties Quiz
2,723Regions of Czechia with Map
2,657Councils of Scotland Map Quiz
2,654All Municipalities of Norway on a Map
2,623Landskap of Sweden
2,623Counties of Albania
2,598Regions of Slovakia
2,590Cantons of Luxembourg with a Map
2,573Japanese Prefectures - 1 Minute Sprint
2,478Municipalities of Iceland with a Map
2,431Counties of Northern Ireland
2,408Counties of Estonia
2,403Départements of France
2,398Counties of Ireland Map Quiz
2,382Departments of Uruguay
2,381Municipalities of Montenegro with a Map
2,332Overseas Territories of the World with a Map
2,328Departments of El Salvador (With a Map)
2,301Georgia Counties Quiz
2,281Regions of Saudi Arabia (With a Map)
2,224Traditional Counties of the UK
2,208First-Level Subdivisions of the United Kingdom
2,204Name the 32 Departments of Colombia
2,155All First-Level Subdivisions of Europe in 1914 on a Map
2,131First-Level NUTS of the European Union on a Map
2,136Districts (Raions) of Moldova on a Map
2,092Provinces of Costa Rica
2,084Departments of Nicaragua
2,072Provinces of France
2,070Territories of Antarctica on a Map
2,026Districts (Kreise) of Germany on a Map
2,012Federal Subjects of Russia Map Quiz
2,008Departments of Bolivia With a Map
2,007Provinces of Spain
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