Regions of Countries Quizzes - Page 2

Take a Random Regions of Countries Quiz
2,404Territories of Antarctica on a Map
2,357Regions of Kazakhstan (With a Map)
2,362Districts of Belize With Map
2,346Regions of Greece
2,284Governorates of Iraq on a Map
2,262Traditional Counties of the UK
2,259Counties of Lithuania on a Map
2,250Federal Subjects of Russia Map Quiz
2,245Districts Of Libya On A Map
2,225Name the 32 Departments of Colombia
2,221Divisions of Bangladesh (map)
2,211Parishes of Jamaica With Map
2,196Districts of England on a Map
2,182Counties of Hungary with a Map
2,165Overseas Territories of France
2,166Counties and Independent Cities of Virginia
2,154Counties Of Kenya On A Map
2,136Provinces of Spain
2,134Provinces of the Dominican Republic on a Map
2,127Regions of the Philippines (with map!)
2,082Municipalities of Vatican City with a Map
2,061Parishes of Andorra (With a Map)
2,060Districts of Uganda with a Map
2,017First-Level Subdivisions of Mauriccotanialicarawique
1,996Capitals of the Provinces of China on a Map
1,971Random Counties of the British Isles on a Map
1,969Provinces of Algeria with a Map
1,962Regions of Ukraine
1,957Most Guessed Subdivision by Country
1,915German Bundesländer
1,909Provinces of Poland
1,881Provinces Of North Korea On A Map
1,879Counties of Hawaii
1,873Cantons Of Switzerland Map Quiz
1,864Counties of Wales Map Quiz
1,844American and Mexican States on the U.S./Mexico border With an Empty Map
1,843Regions of Morocco (with map)
1,840Provinces of Algeria (With a Map)
1,821Provinces And Indigenous Regions Of Panama On A Map
1,812German Bundesländer
1,812Regions on the Map
1,786Counties of Ireland in Irish
1,769Counties of the British Isles by First Two Letters
1,768Counties of Romania
1,759Most Populous Counties of England
1,759Counties of New York - Map Quiz
1,717Regions of Honduras on Map
1,702Districts of Portugal
1,667Swiss Cantons - Flag Map
1,660Districts of Suriname on a Map
1,645Enclaves and Exclaves
1,626Minor Civil Divisions (Towns) of Connecticut With a Map
1,624Provinces of China Quiz
1,620Random English Counties Mouse Hunt!
1,575Districts of The Bahamas with a Map
1,573Provinces of Mongolia (With a Map)
1,535French Overseas Territories and Departments
1,533Districts of Israel (With a Map)
1,514Governorates of Tunisia
1,515Districts Of Kosovo On A Map
1,505Regions of England - Map
1,501Roman Provinces - Map Quiz
1,483Österreichische Bundesländer
1,481Counties of England With An Empty Map
1,470Regions and States of Myanmar (with map)
1,439Districts of Nepal Map Quiz
1,430Emirates of the UAE Map Quiz
1,421Regions of Ethiopia With a Map
1,406Five Biggest Countries by Region
1,395Counties In Texas
1,367Provinces of Cambodia (with map)
1,365States of Malaysia Map Quiz
1,364Prefectures of Japan with an Empty Map
1,358Provinces of Armenia with a Map
1,345Mexican States
1,336Counties of Albania Map Quiz
1,328Regions of United Kingdom with Map
1,326Regions of Guyana with a Map
1,324Portugal Map Quiz
1,317Regions (krajs) of Czech Republic
1,282Regions and Municipalities of Trinidad & Tobago
1,260Counties and Capitals of Sweden
1,257Provinces of Austria with a Map
1,249UK Counties
1,244Regions of New Zealand
1,237Regions Of Tanzania With A Map
1,235Provinces of the D. R. Congo with a Map
1,233regions of norway
1,232States of India on an Empty Map
1,231Five Most Guessed Subdivisions by Country #1
1,199List the Provinces of Afghanistan
1,191Autonomous Communities of Spain
1,191Provinces of Sweden Map Quiz
1,185Regions of Uzbekistan
1,182All Inhabited Dependent Territories in the World
1,173Regions of Greece Map Quiz
1,165Canada's Provinces and Territories Quiz!
1,163Alabama Counties
1,161States of Germany
1,152Provinces of Angola with a Map
1,150How Many Canadian Provinces Can You Name In 15 Seconds
1,144Governorates of Jordan
1,140Governorates of Lebanon on a Map
1,135Provinces of Laos (with map)
1,135Provinces of China Quiz (With a Map)
1,131All Counties of the United States by Proximity on an Empty Map
1,126Regions of Syria (with map!)
1,117Counties of Sweden
1,110Raions of Ukraine on a Map
1,107Counties of England by First Two Letters
1,095Territories and Unrecognised States of Europe on a Map
1,096Districts of West Bengal Map Quiz
1,091Counties of the UK
1,083County Seats of West Virginia
1,079Every Dependent Territory in the World
1,067Municipalities of Bulgaria on a Map
1,052Regions of Chile with a Map
1,051Ontario Counties
1,051Regions of Chile Quiz
1,0481M+ Subdivisions of Europe on a Map
1,029Union Territories of India
1,024Republics of Russia
1,011U.S. Counties with the Same Name
997Counties (Županije) of Croatia
988Second-Level Subdivisions of Germany 1900 - with a map
982Regions of Iceland
976Every "Shire" County in England
973Counties of Hungary (With a Map)
971Former Municipalities of Latvia with a Map
970Largest Country Subdivisions by Area
967Counties of Hungary
956Dzongkhags of Bhutan (with map)
955Provinces of Indonesia
954Random Subdivision to Country (Extreme!)
952French Regions
942Japanese Prefectures in Regions
941Counties In New York
936U.S. Counties with Three Letters
926Counties of Ireland
926Provinces of Mozambique with a Map
916Name a Subdivision - European Countries
913Administrative Counties (Second-Level Subdivisions) of the United Kingdom with a Map
903Districts of Saint Lucia with a Map
897Spanish Autonomous Communities
897Dutch Caribbean islands
892Indian states by first 2 letters in 45 seconds
888Regions and Autonomous Republics of Georgia (With a Map)
884All Country First Level Subdivisions
878Biggest first-level subdivisions by population without China and India
869Regions of Japan
866Regions of Central America on the Map
865Administrative Counties of Ireland
865Minor Civil Divisions (Towns) of Maine With a Map
862Regions of Kyrgyzstan
852Provinces of Papua New Guinea Map Quiz
850Capitals of Russian Federal Subjects
850Local Government Areas (LGAs) of Australia with a Map
846Provinces of Nepal on a Map
835Dutch Provinces
836Counties in England
834Oblasts of Ukraine - Map Quiz
833Geography - Governorates of Iraq
834Parishes of Antigua and Barbuda with a Map
831States of Mexico with an Empty Map
825Regions of Countries Shared by Two or More Countries *1
806Biggest Subdivisions of the World
799Chinese Provinces
792Provinces of South Africa
791European Subdivision Map Shape
789States of Somalia
778Flags of National Subdivisions
769Mexican States A - Z
767Provinces of Afghanistan Map Quiz
767Districts of Uttar Pradesh Map Quiz
764Capitals of the Provinces of the Netherlands (with a map)
761States of Nigeria
758Regions of Portugal
757Regions of Italy by Borders in 15 Seconds
757Random European Subdivisions on a Map
757Communes and Municipalities of Romania with a Map
752Regions of Ivory Coast
747Counties of England by Borders - One Minute
746Counties of Estonia Map Quiz
743United States of Europe
743Belts of the United States
742Win the Swing States of Presidential Election : Florida
738Regions of France
735States and territories of Malaysia
727Most Common County Names
72248 Ceremonial Counties of England
718Provinces of the Dominican Republic
714Bulgarian regions (oblasti)
710Largest Subdivisions by Population - without Asia
709The Romanian Counties Municipalities
707Subdivisions Revealing Subdivisions
701Counties of England by Borders - 30 Seconds
698Swiss Cantons