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A quiz for the devil in all of us.
Name the countries where at least 50% of residents are Islamic.
Try to name the countries where the majority of people are Roman Catholics.
Name the books of the Protestant Bible.
For each religious group, name the 5 countries with the most adherents.
Try to name the countries which have the highest Muslim populations.
Name the 10 European countries that have the highest percentage of Islamic residents.
Can you guess the countries where at least 15% of the population is Buddhist?
Unless you really know your Bible, you'll be very surprised.
Name the countries of the world that have the highest % of Orthodox Christians.
Can you name the countries whose territory lies closest to Israel?
312,820 7 Deadly Sins Quiz
275,851 Majority Muslim Countries
163,405 Catholic Countries Quiz
155,043 Books of the Protestant Bible Quiz
121,080 Top 10 Most Islamic European Countries
118,190 Top Five Countries by Religion
116,339 Countries with the Most Muslims
115,121 Most Mentioned Bible Characters Quiz
108,158 Buddhist Countries
91,889 Orthodox Countries
89,726 12 Apostles of Jesus
87,898 Top 100 Most Common Words in the Bible
87,722 Name the Popes Quiz
86,534 Countries Closest to Israel
83,306 Countries with the Most Christians
82,564 Bible Characters Quiz #1
78,728 Religion General Knowledge #1
77,264 Major World Religions
75,683 Top 15 Countries with the Most Hindus
75,040 Biggest Muslim Cities
73,608 Bible Characters Quiz #2
70,297 African Countries with the Most Muslims
68,525 Countries of the Popes
68,303 Five Countries with Most Christians by Continent
66,246 Religions by Country of Origin Quiz
64,101 Countries with the Most Catholics
63,171 Religion General Knowledge #2
61,829 Israel Country Quiz
60,372 Books of the Catholic Bible Quiz
59,551 Religion General Knowledge #3
54,956 Jewish Cities Quiz
53,134 Sharia Law Countries
53,059 Asian Countries with the Most Christians
52,305 Catholic Countries in Europe
52,262 The Ten Commandments Quiz
51,946 Biblical Geography
49,907 Bible Quotes Quiz #1
48,474 African Countries with the Most Christians
47,916 Religion Analogies
45,394 Groups of Things - The Bible
45,197 Bible Quotes Quiz #2
44,191 Periodic Table Elements Mentioned in the Bible
43,848 Least Christian Countries with Exceptions
42,898 Biblical Names Still Popular Today
42,095 Religion A-Z #1
42,032 10 Plagues of Egypt
40,965 A Quiz About Islam
39,261 The Bible A-Z
38,106 The Lord's Prayer Quiz
36,952 Most-Visited Countries by Popes
36,330 Bible Quotes Quiz #3
35,661 Top 10 Most Jewish U.S. States
33,766 The Bible - Multiple Choice
33,390 Famous Jewish People
33,068 Countries Mentioned in the Bible
32,468 Religion General Knowledge #4
32,336 Word Chain - The Bible
30,573 Vatican City Country Quiz
29,971 Biblical Miracles
29,630 Life of Jesus
29,193 Religion General Knowledge #5
29,015 Shakespeare... or the Bible?
28,822 Countries with the Most Cathedrals
28,547 Bible Quotes Quiz #4
27,994 Jewish Words Quiz
27,665 Religion Vocabulary
27,011 Top 10 Least Religious U.S. States
26,284 U.S. States by Church Attendance
25,989 Israel Immigration by Country
25,902 Cities by Place of Worship - Picture Quiz
25,214 Hindu Countries
24,742 Tile Select - The Bible
23,653 Bible Stories #1
22,564 Famous Catholics Quiz
21,733 Religion A-Z #2
21,487 Countries that Beat Israel
21,282 Countries That Don't Recognize Israel
20,649 Bible Stories #2
19,478 Name the Saint
16,897 Islam A-Z
16,808 Top 11 Most Catholic U.S. States
15,738 The Bible by Picture
15,387 Pope Facts
14,796 A Quiz About Buddhism
14,295 The Bible - Who Said That?
14,056 Prime Ministers of Israel
13,875 Famous Muslims
13,194 A Quiz About Judaism
13,069Top 20 Most Jewish Countries
12,888 Israel True or False?
12,855 Is That Really in the Bible?
11,650All the Books of the Bible (in order)
10,977 Hebrew Letters Quiz
10,908 Animals in the Bible
10,604 Quotes of Jesus
10,167 Seven Heavenly Virtues
10,002 Books of the Bible That are Words
9,136 This and That - The Bible
8,951Popes of the Roman Catholic Church
8,813 Famous Mormons Quiz
8,786 Life of Moses
8,366 History of Israel
8,271 The Life of King David
7,833 The 12 Tribes of Israel
6,164Top 20 Most Islamic Countries
6,158The Islam Quiz
6,016 Monks and Nuns
5,413The Christianity Quiz
5,373Authors of Bible Books
5,262 A Quiz About Mormonism
5,095The Ultimate Bible Characters Quiz
5,024Top 20 Most Christian Countries
4,919Countries with the Highest Jewish Population
4,660Top 20 Most Buddhist Countries
4,646Biggest Religion by Country - with Map
4,472 Ecclesiastes - "To Every Thing There Is a Season"
4,357Top 10 Most Jewish Countries
3,987Top 20 Hindu Countries
3,887Women of the Bible
3,666Countries That Have Controlled Jerusalem
3,648Countries that Don't Recognize Israel
3,491Biggest Cities In Israel
3,472Top 20 Most Hindu Countries
3,453Least Catholic Countries
3,253Second Most Common Religion by US State (with Colored Map)
3,196Name All The Catholic Saints
3,188Bible Character's Wives - Very Hard
3,123Most Common Words in the Bible (1-250)
3,089Tribes of Israel Map Quiz
3,013The Lord of the Rings or the Bible?
2,947Most common pope names
2,816Top 20 Most Famous Books of the Bible
2,716Countries that Visit Israel the Most
2,681Prophets of Islam
2,510Women in the Bible
2,479Santa... or Satan?
2,369Rulers of France, England, Spain, Rome and Popes
2,351US Catholic Dioceses Map Quiz
2,232Sharia Law Countries
2,185Countries that do not recognize the state of Israel
2,088Asian Countries with the Highest Percentage of Christians
2,086Books of the New Testament
2,046Countries with the Worst Persecution of Christians
2,00410 countries with the biggest population by religion
1,953Municipalities of Vatican City with a Map
1,951Enemies of Israel
1,888All 50k+ Cities in Israel and Palestine with a Map
1,882Majority Christian Countries on a Map
1,872Biggest Trading Partners - Israel
1,861Children of Jacob - Bible
1,854Flags of Countries That Border Israel
1,849List each Surah of the Quran
1,767Countries that Beat Vatican City
1,754Countries Where the Bible is Banned
1,706Countries Closest to Israel A-Z
1,631Words That Only Appear Once in the Bible
1,611Books of The Bible Old Testament
1,599Cities by Religion
1,596Countries by State Religion
1,575Countries with a Majority Shia Muslim Population
1,516Catholicism in Europe
1,511Most Mentioned Quran Characters
1,495Star Wars, Bible or Both ?
1,493Original 12 Apostles/Disciples of Jesus - Bible
1,480Five Countries with Most Catholics by Continent
1,473First 200 Words of The Bible
1,447Word Scramble - Deities
1,445Top 10 Countries By Religion: Judaism
1,442Districts of Israel (With a Map)
1,437Countries that reject passports from Israel
1,436World Religions With An Empty Map
1,413A Quiz About Hinduism
1,402Jewish Languages
1,380Biblical People Whose Names Begin with J
1,347Fruits of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23) - Bible
1,346Countries With An Official Religion
1,333Countries with a Majority Protestant Christian Population
1,325Quiz on Hinduism - Multiple Choice
1,318Temples of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
1,312First 10 Books of the Bible
1,273Countries Closest to Vatican City
1,228Early Christian History
1,220Books of the Catholic Old Testament
1,202Countries with the Most L.D.S Temples
1,166Countries with the Greatest Proportion of People Without Religion
1,146Countries with a main religion that is rare
1,144Countries With The Most Buddhists
1,141A Quiz About Christianity
1,132The Holocaust Quiz
1,123Most Popular World Religions
1,117Hindu Gods
1,108Difficult Bible quiz
1,094Countries with Largest Orthodox Population
1,0895 Largest Religions in the World
1,077Cities With the Most Jewish Population
1,058The First Words of the Bible
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