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Name the countries who came 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th in the Rugby World Cup.
Name the countries with the most rugby union players per capita
52,553 Rugby World Cup Top 4 Positions
18,265Nrl Teams in 1 minute
16,789 Countries with Most Rugby Players per Capita
9,286All Countries to Take Part in an IRB Rugby World Cup
5,239Rugby Union World Rankings
4,627Rugby World Cup Winners
4,553NRL Grand Final Winners
3,871Aviva Premiership Rugby Teams 2012
3,771NRL Maths
3,226Six Nations Rugby - Grand Slams
3,121National Rugby League Teams
2,498Rugby World Cup Pools 2011
1,824World Rugby Club Teams
1,811NRL Goal Kickers From Each Team
1,727New Zealand All Blacks Rugby -25 or more points in a test
1,709New Zealand Rugby All Blacks to have played 100 tests or more
1,682NRL team home towns
1,641Rugby Playing Countries
1,630Top 3 Players For Each NRL Position
1,618Aussie NRL Teams
1,499New Zealand All Blacks 2011 Rugby World Cup Squad
1,484New Zealand All Blacks World Cup Opponents 1987-2023
1,456New Zealand Rugby All Blacks 2015 Rugby World Cup Squad
1,371Advanced Rugby Trivia
1,291NRL Rugby League State of Origin New South Wales players
1,264Rugby League Positions
1,248Teams that have defeated the All Blacks
1,236Best Player From Each NRL Team
1,225New Zealand Rugby All Blacks - Most Quiz
1,199Aviva Premiership Rugby Stats 2011-12
1,167Top 10 NRL Players Of All Time
1,163All Teams to Ever Play a Rugby World Cup
1,161England Rugby - 75 or more caps
1,124World Rugby Player of the Year
1,063NRL Players By Numbers
1,060New Zealand Provincial Rugby Map Quiz
1,04340 or more tries in international rugby
1,027Countries Where Rugby is the Most Popular Sport
1,020Top 25 International Rugby Union Teams
1,017Teams That Have Played In Super League (Rugby League)
982Top 14 rugby teams
974International Rugby - Teams that have defeated the South African Springboks
966NRL Rugby League State of Origin Queensland players
918New Zealand All Blacks Rugby - Top 5 Players by Category
908New Zealand All Blacks Rugby Captains since WW2
860Super Rugby Champions
859wales rugby quiz
845NRL Logo Quiz
8222003 Rugby World Cup Final - England Starting XV
779NRL Teams Quiz 2012
725All Blacks with Over 50 International Appearances
714IRB Best Rugby Players by Year
710NZ All Blacks Rugby - Forwards with more than 10 test tries
694Ireland Rugby - 15 or more tries
693New Zealand Rugby Players to have played over 300 First Class Games
665New Zealand All Blacks Rugby - 4 Tries or more in a test
648Countries with the most black people outside of Africa
639Tier 1 and 2 Rugby Nations
637Nrl Positions
619New Zealand Rugby All Blacks - Top tryscorer 2000-2023
606New Zealand Rugby All Blacks - All players since 1975
604NRL Dally M Winners
600New Zealand All Blacks Rugby 200 or more points in Tests
590New Zealand Rugby All Blacks - Most Capped Backs
587Rugby Union Largest Participatory Nations
5782005 British and Irish Lions Rugby in New Zealand - Starting Lineups in the Test Series
5696 Nation Winners Rugby
558New Zealand Rugby All Blacks - Most Capped sets of brothers
558Cities where Richie McCaw played Test Rugby
545Rugby World Cup final try scorers
542Rugby - 2017 Lions vs All Blacks -Starting lineups in the test series
530Rugby Team Logos Quiz
518Aviva Premiership Rugby Union Teams 2016/17
510New Zealand All Blacks Rugby - Appeared at 3 or more world cups
503Australian Rugby - 100 or more Caps
486Top 15 Rugby Nations
468UK Rugby League Teams 2020 (top 3 tiers)
467Heineken Cup Champions
464New Zealand Rugby All Blacks - Forwards with 50 or more caps
463New Zealand Rugby All Blacks - Started a World Cup Final
463The 30 Best National Rugby Teams
463Rugby World Cup 2015 Teams
462NRL Team Home Grounds
453Wales Rugby
434Wales Rugby - 20 or more test tries
427European Rugby - Heineken Cup/Champions Cup winners
426Ireland Rugby - 75 or more Caps
417Rugby Positions
412Name The Rugby League Players
406New Zealand All Blacks Rugby - 15 or more tries in tests
405New Zealand All Blacks Rugby - Defeats by City
400England Rugby Union Six Nations Squad 2014
396Nrl premiers by year
382SUPER 15 Rugby Union Clubs
3791987 New Zealand All Blacks Squad
377English Premiership and Championship Rugby Union Teams 14/15
372New Zealand Rugby All Blacks - Countries Visited
371Rugby World Cup - Started in two World Cup Finals
370European Rugby Clubs
369South Africa Springboks Rugby - 100 or more caps
365Rugby Six Nations - Player of the tournament
351worlds hardest nrl quiz
334Name Every Rugby League Position
332NRL Grand Final Winners
331International Rugby - Most World Cup Appearances
328Rugby League Teams
326NZ Rugby All Blacks Defeats to Non-International Sides
325New Zealand Rugby All Blacks - Debut prior to 21st birthday
324600 or more points in International Rugby
323New Zealand Rugby All Blacks - Top Pointscorers 1990-2023
323NRL Winners since 1998
322International Rugby - Played in 3 decades
3202018 NRL Captains Quiz
308New Zealand Rugby All Blacks - Most Caps by Letter
307Wales Rugby Squad World Cup 2015
307New Zealand Rugby All Blacks - Played test rugby aged 35 or older
295New Zealand Rugby All Blacks - Test venues in NZ
295New Zealand Super Rugby Player of the Year
295Rugby Union Most Caps as Captain
294New Zealand Rugby All Blacks - 2007 Rugby World Cup Squad
292New Zealand Rugby All Blacks - Most Dropped Goals in tests
289Irish Rugby Grand Slam Winning Team 2009
288New Zealand Rugby All Blacks - Test match Opponents
2862016 Super Rugby Team Names
283New Zealand Provincial Rugby Map Quiz - Name the Highlighted Province
282England Rugby 2015 Rugby World Cup Squad
276New Zealand All Blacks Rugby - Most World Cup Appearances
269NRL Grand Final Winners (1998-)
268Teams that have won the World Club Challenge (Rugby League)
265New Zealand Rugby All Blacks - Born in Fiji
264New Zealand All Blacks Rugby - Pointscorers in World Cup Finals
263New Zealand Rugby - Kelvin R Tremain Award winners
261Jersey Numbers Worn by Richie McCaw
260New Zealand All Blacks Rugby - Most Test Starts
258New Zealand Rugby All Blacks - Born in Samoa
255Hurricanes Rugby Centurions
253New Zealand Rugby All Blacks - Year of last loss or draw to each opponent
252South African Rugby - World Cup Winning Sides
252Top 15 Players in the NRL 2016
250Rugby World Cup Champions Starting XV
250Rugby World Cup Top 4 Positions
249Australian Cities that have hosted a Rugby World Cup Game
247New Zealand Rugby All Blacks - Tight Five with more than 5 test tries
244Wales Rugby - Grand Slam winning teams 2005-2012
242New Zealand Rugby All Blacks - Inside backs with 10 or more test tries
242Rugby World Cup Top Point Scorers
240NRL Clive Churchill Medal Winners
233New Zealand All Blacks Rugby - Most appearances as a substitute
229NRL - 300 Club
228New Zealand Rugby All Blacks - 1986 Baby Blacks
228International Rugby - Most Tries by a Halfback
227Top Rugby Union Test Scorers
222New Zealand Rugby All Blacks - One Test Wonders
218New Zealand Super Rugby Head Coaches
217New Zealand Provincial Rugby Teams that have defeated the Springboks
216New Zealand Rugby All Blacks - Top Scorer by Letter
212New Zealand All Blacks Rugby - Top Tryscorers at World Cups
206Rugby World Cup - Cities that have hosted the most games
206NRL halfbacks 2015
206All Blacks vs Wallabies Rugby - Cities that have hosted a test
203New Zealand Rugby All Blacks 2003 Rugby World Cup Squad
203Ireland Rugby - Top Points Scorers
202New Zealand Rugby All Blacks - 100 or more games
201New Zealand All Blacks Rugby - World Cup Captains
200Former NRL/ARL/Super League/NSWRL teams
200New Zealand All Blacks Rugby - 50 or more tests, less than 5 tries
199UK cities and towns that have held a Rugby World Cup match
191England Rugby - Every Player who started a World Cup Final
191Super Rugby Champions since 1996.
189New Zealand Rugby All Blacks - Born in Tonga
188New Zealand All Blacks Rugby - 2013 The Perfect Season
188Rugby Quiz
187New Zealand Rugby All Blacks- 20 or more conversions in tests
187Australian Rugby League teams 1908-present
181New Zealand Rugby - Maori Player of the Year
181New Zealand Rugby All Blacks - Most tests aged 30 or older
1782016 Chicago - Ireland beat the All Blacks at Rugby for the 1st time
178New Zealand Rugby All Blacks - Tryscorers in World Cup Playoff Games
177Wales Rugby - 100 or more caps
176New Zealand Rugby All Blacks - Played 50 or more tests with Richie McCaw as captain
176Australia Wallabies Rugby - 25 or more test tries
176New Zealand Rugby - 3 and 4 letter All Blacks
175England Rugby - Top Pointscorers
171New Zealand Rugby All Blacks - Most tests by age 25
170International rugby - 100 or more tests in the starting lineup
170Wales Rugby - Highest Pointscorers
167New Zealand All Blacks Rugby - Opponents Never Faced at a World Cup
166New Zealand Rugby All Blacks - 50 points or more vs Australia
164New Zealand Rugby All Blacks 1999 Rugby World Cup Squad
1642016 Super Rugby Final - Hurricanes Starting Team
162International Rugby - 75 or more test wins
161New Zealand Rugby All Blacks - Most Tests by Decade
161New Zealand Rugby All Blacks - Most Capped Father/Son
161New Zealand Rugby Quiz A-Z
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