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Sharing a land border with Russia hasn't been so great lately.
Try to guess the countries that were part of the Soviet Union before it dissolved.
There were 12 countries that had a land border with the Soviet Union in the post-WWII era. How many can you name?
Can you name these facts about the country of Russia?
Name the 85 federal subjects or Russia which include oblasts, republics, krais, federal cities, etc...
Guess the countries that Russian citizens perceive as Russia's greatest enemy.
Which countries, that do not share a border with Russia, are closest to Russia?
How many of Russia's 20 most populous cities can you name?
Can you name the 25 most populous cities in the Soviet Union in 1989?
The Soviet Union had 7 dictators. Can you name them all?
Workers of the world, unite! Cast off your chains and take this quiz about the USSR!
371,595 Countries That Border Russia
147,761 Countries of the Soviet Union
129,787 Countries that Bordered the USSR
91,908 Russia Country Quiz
83,677 Federal Subjects of Russia
74,067 Most Mentioned Enemies of Russia
69,285 Biggest Cities in Russia
69,111 Non-Bordering Countries Closest to Russia
65,915 Soviet Leaders 1917–1991
60,595 Countries Invaded by the USSR
59,846 25 Biggest Cities of the Soviet Union
57,173 Soviet Union Country Quiz
52,131 Flags of Countries That Border Russia
45,798 Countries that Beat Russia
45,565 Countries With the Most Russian Speakers
34,737 Russia Multiple Choice
33,994 The Dictator Files: Joseph Stalin
33,607 U.S. States Closest to Moscow
30,193 Most Mentioned Allies of Russia
29,554 Biggest Trading Partners - Russia
27,497 History of Russia Quiz
27,217 Russia True or False?
23,436 Russia A-Z
21,158 Famous Russians Quiz
20,545 The Dictator Files: Vladimir Lenin
18,601 100 Biggest Soviet Cities in 1989 with a Map
18,206 Geography of Russia
18,158 Embarrassing Chapters in Russian History
16,845 Russia by Picture
15,553 Russian History A-Z
15,341100 Biggest Cities in Russia on a Map
13,303 Word Chain - Russia
11,995 Arms Exports - Russia
10,986 Russian Inventions
9,834All Modern-Day Countries Ever Controlled by the Russian Empire
8,772Countries Closest to Russia
6,460Indo-European Languages in 250 BC with a Map
5,321100 Biggest Cities in Russia
5,300Collapse of the Soviet Union with a Map
5,043Countries bordering the Soviet Union
4,848Russia Cities Map Quiz
4,728Federal Subjects of Russia Quiz
4,572Rulers of Russia and the Soviet Union
4,347Modern-Day Countries of the Russian Empire in 1898 on a Map
4,318Russian Federal Subjects
4,137Country Quiz on a Map - Russia
3,925Crimea: Ukraine or Russia?
3,745Most Popular Russian Girl Names
3,734Click to Translate - Russian
3,564Subdivisions of the Russian Empire with a Map
3,541World Capitals Closest to Moscow
3,341All Modern-Day Countries Ever Controlled by the Soviet Union
3,166All 50k+ Cities in Russia with a Map
2,945Russian language in Europe
2,820Flags of the USSR Republics
2,629Countries with Russian Expatriates
2,586Languages Of The Soviet Union (USSR)
2,585Countries of the Russian Empire
2,360Countries Closest to USSR
2,339Federal Subjects of Russia Map Quiz
2,337Russia... or USA?
2,197Countries in the Former Soviet Union
2,003300 largest Russian Cities
1,946100 Biggest Cities of the Russian Empire with a Map
1,922Russian Premier League Top 4
1,882Military Invasions and Occupations by the Soviet Union
1,848Countries that Formed the Soviet Union
1,819Most Visited Countries by Russians
1,799Every 100k+ European Russian City on a Map
1,734Former USSR Cities over 1 Million Population
1,705Russian Revolution
1,693Countries that Boycotted the 1980 Moscow Olympics
1,615Biggest Cities in the Former Soviet Union
1,515Countries that Bordered the Russian Empire in 1905 on a Map
1,510Russian Geography on a Map
1,508Countries of the Russian Empire
1,483USSR Leaders
1,456Countries mentioned in the Wikipedia Page of Russia
1,438Capitals of the Former Soviet Union Countries
1,345Rivers of Russia
1,313Countries Bordering Russia - Map Quiz
1,311Ethnic Groups In The Soviet Union
1,284Every 250K+ City In Russia On A Map
1,271Former USSR State Capitals
1,216TV Shows by Scene - Picture Quiz
1,176Geography of the Soviet Union
1,133Countries Russia and the Soviets Invaded, Occupied or Fought
1,122The Soviet Union (USSR)
1,109States of the Kievan Rus' in 1230 with a Map
1,1092018 World Cup - Russian Host Cities (with a map)
1,042Republics of Russia
1,041Biggest Cities in Russia (With a Map)
1,033Biggest Cities In Russia - Extreme
1,021The Flag of Russia Timeline Map Quiz
1,012All Countries that Ever Conquered Moscow
1,001Russian Groups of Things
992Allies of Russia in the Russia-Ukraine War
975Countries inside the shape of Russia on a World Map
938Countries Closest to Russia A-Z
903WWII Tanks - Soviet Union
902Chernobyl Quiz
884Russian Geography A-Z
876Biggest Cities in Modern-Day Soviet Union with an Exception
875Countries Closest to Russia (with a map)
875Russian Monarchs Quiz
867Capitals of Russian Federal Subjects
848Neighbors of Russian neighbors
836USSR/Unified Team/Russian Olympic Gymnastics Teams
827Ethnic Groups in the Russian Federation
811Former Soviet Republics
778Russia languages
775Which City In Russia?
759Former countries of the USSR, in order of independence
737Most-Visited Countries by Vladimir Putin
706Ethnic Groups and Languages of Russia (with republics)
704Hero Cities of Soviet Union
702Russian Literature and Writers
680Biggest Cities in each Federal District of Russia on a Map
674Russian Immigration by Country
635Federal Districts of Russia (map quiz)
627Russia... or Prussia?
623Countries Closest to Russia by Continent
614Russian Tsars
609Russian Presidents
604Countries of the USSR - 1 minute challenge
603Former Soviet Republics By Size
604Countries within Three Borders of Russia
591Biggest Cities in Siberia on a Map
590Moscow City Trivia
578Leaders of the Soviet Union
527Non-Bordering Countries Closest to Russia A-Z
486Countries with the most ethnic Russians
478Kazakhstan, Mongolia or Russia
475Countries that share a boundary with both Russia and China
455100 Questions about Russia
453The Dictator Files: Nikita Khrushchev
452History of the Soviet Union
450Geography Questions #13: Countries That Separated From Other Countries Part 2 USSR
446Ex USSR Countries
445Don't Go West ! - Russia
413The Socialist Republics of the USSR
401Russia National Football Team
391Trans-Siberian Railway Major Stops on a Map
381Countries part of The USSR
370Oblasts of Russia
365Soviet Union Leaders By Picture
356Republics of the Soviet Union
352Ethnic Groups by Country
348Countries where Russian is an official language
347Ex-Soviet Union Countries
331Biggest Russian Cities A-Z
315Flags of Former Soviet Republics
314Countries that were part of the Soviet Union
298Saint Petersburg City Trivia
297Joseph Stalin and Russia
268Random Russian General Knowledge
261"Russia" in the Answer
250Trans Siberian Railway - All stops between Moscow and Vladivostok
250Eastern Front WW2 - Key Battles
245The Soviet Union- Early 20th Century
238The Doomed Voyage of Russia's 2nd Pacific Squadron
237Famous Russians by Picture
229In Russia, or Not in Russia
227Capitals of Former Soviet Countries
226Most Visited Countries by Russians
225The Reign of Nicholas II
220Russia Euro 2020 Squad
205Most Popular Boys Names in Russia
196Longest rivers in Russia
179Best Current Russian NHL Players
178Biggest Russian Cities ending in 'sk'
176Countries that were in the Warsaw Pact or the Soviet Union
173Largest Soviet Union Cities
171Battle of Stalingrad Quiz
162Russia Decoder
156Russian Cities by their Former Names
141Closest Countries to Moscow
136Marshals of the Soviet Union
129Russian Premier League 2014-15
125Top 10 Former Soviet Republic Average Salaries
120Countries that Sanctionned the most Russia
117Russian Cities by Russian Name Quiz
113European Countries with Russian Borders
111Russian Leaders from 864 to 1362 : Leaders of the Kievan Rus'
108Can you name former countries on the ussr
106Emperors of the Russian Empire
1052018 World Cup Russian National Team Squad
103Countries with the Highest Rates of Alcoholism
82Saint Petersburg Metro, Russia - All Stations
80Bodies of Water around Siberia
77Zenit Saint Petersburg Champions League XIs
71Bodies of Water around European Russia
70Most popular baby names in Russia
68Russia Tile Select
66Rulers of Russia: Grand Dukes of Moscow, 1283 - 1547
65Countries West of Russia
60Russian Writers by Wikipedia Description
601.1. Russian History - Tsarist Russia & WWI (COMPLETE)
58Biggest Trading Partners - Russia - One Minute Sprint
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