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Played: 121,799
Rating: 4.36
One of these characters has a Jamaican accent.
Played: 120,483
Rating: 4.88
A long time ago in a ______ far, far away.
Played: 97,933
Rating: 4.20
Answer these trivia questions from the first six Star Wars movies.
Played: 75,342
Rating: 4.40
Name the characters who have been on-screen the most in the nine Star Wars episodes.
Played: 70,728
Rating: 4.56
Can you name the subtitles of the nine "Star Wars" episodes?
Played: 59,572
Rating: 4.37
For each letter A-Z, guess these answers related to the "Star Wars" movies.
Played: 56,454
Rating: 4.50
Guess these short answers about "Star Wars".
Played: 49,272
Rating: 4.50
A more difficult sequel.
Played: 38,906
Rating: 4.43
Can you name these famous aliens and robots based on a picture?
Played: 35,413
Rating: 4.65
Name these planets that have been featured in the "Star Wars" films.
Played: 34,320
Rating: 4.90
Can you guess the year that each of these Star Wars movies came out?
Played: 31,945
Rating: 4.31
Take this quiz! You have 5 seconds to comply... 4, 3, 2, 1... I am now authorized to use physical force!
Played: 29,846
Rating: 4.29
Apes run the world and the Statue of Liberty has been torn down. Which movie is it?
Played: 27,386
Rating: 4.07
Fill the blanks in these famous Star Trek quotes.
Played: 23,191
Rating: 4.11
Name these popular characters from science fiction television and movies.
Played: 19,905
Rating: 4.48
Can you guess these facts about the "Star Wars" character Han Solo?
Played: 18,549
Rating: 3.78
Played: 13,050
Rating: 4.45
Name the actors who starred as the Doctor in the British science fiction series "Doctor Who".
Played: 12,805
Rating: 4.42
Can you guess the names of these science fiction movies based on a description of their plot?
Played: 11,548
Rating: 4.41
Can you name the authors of these famous science fiction and fantasy books?
Played: 11,527
Rating: 3.07
Played: 9,611
Rating: 4.25
Played: 9,204
Rating: 4.00
Guess these answers from the universe of "Star Trek".
Played: 9,130
Rating: 4.14
Based on the series and job title, name these Star Trek characters and actors.
Played: 9,074
Rating: 4.08
Played: 8,865
Rating: 4.38
Played: 7,889
Rating: 4.03
Based on the costars, name the movie.
Played: 7,004
Rating: 4.50
Played: 6,054
Rating: 4.47
Played: 5,269
Rating: 4.50
Played: 5,242
Rating: 4.36
Played: 4,737
Rating: 3.50
Played: 4,592
Rating: 3.47
Played: 4,472
Rating: 4.68
Played: 4,359
Rating: 5.00
Played: 3,692
Rating: 4.29
Played: 3,691
Rating: 3.86
Played: 3,334
Rating: 3.83
Played: 2,628
Rating: 3.50
Played: 2,513
Played: 2,390
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