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How many of Santa's reindeer can you name?
Can you guess all the lyrics to the first verse of the U.S. national anthem?
Fill the blanks in the first lines of these Christmas songs.
What gifts were given on the 12 days of Christmas?
Can you guess these facts about the country of Ireland?
Some pop-culture questions with a sprinkling of religion.
Name the TV shows that featured these couples.
Guess these things that are considered to bring good or bad luck.
Do you know all the words to "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer"?
We give you the couple, you name the movie or series they appeared in.
Name the movies that featured these famous horror villains.
167,275 Santa's Reindeer Quiz
157,681 Star-Spangled Banner Quiz
134,725 First Lines of Christmas Songs
126,382 Twelve Days of Christmas Quiz
115,328 Ireland Country Quiz
86,004 Christmas Trivia #1
82,660 American TV Couples Quiz
71,032 Superstitions
70,919 Movie Couples Quiz
67,223 Horror Movie Villains
66,138 Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
63,878 "America" in the Answer
63,836 Famous Married Couples #1
62,498 Christmas Things
61,962 Things That Go Together Quiz #1
58,371 Christmas Song Lyrics
56,220 Christmas Trivia #2
56,220 April Fools' Quiz #1
53,611 Christmas Movies
51,938 Fictional Couples
51,873 Famous Moms
47,883 The American Revolution
47,808 Countries in an Egg of the World Map
46,448 April Fools' Quiz #2
44,781 Horror Movie Quotes Quiz
44,599 Things that are "Free"
42,912 Famous Irish People
42,638 Easter Quiz
42,397 Christmas Decoder
41,673 The Heart Quiz
41,263 Countries in a Pumpkin of the World Map
37,777 Famous Married Couples #2
37,636 Bogeymen Quiz
37,131 Historical Couples
36,186 Countries Symbolized in a Christmas Scene
35,974 Horror Movie Taglines Quiz
33,417 Word Scramble - Christmas
32,976 Halloween Word Chain
32,311 Horror Movies by Picture
32,116 Word Chain - Christmas
31,326 Christmas Vocabulary
30,423 Halloween Decoder
29,598 Famous Fathers Quiz
29,300 U.S. Bill of Rights
27,879 Halloween Scramble
27,840 Love Chain Quiz
27,560 April Fools' Quiz #3
27,192 Movies with America in the Title
26,852 Monster Movies
26,485 Christmas Scramble
25,948 Stephen King Stories
25,927 Answers Contain Mother
23,962 Christmas by Picture
23,356 April Fools' Quiz #4
20,621 Easter Egg Hunt
20,464 American Founding Fathers
19,947 Fictional Fathers
18,989 April Fools' Quiz #5
18,556 Christmas Movies by Picture
18,432 American Revolution Decoder
18,324 America the Beautiful Lyrics
16,856 The Thanksgiving Quiz
16,822 History of Christmas
16,196 Songs with Love in the Title
15,732 Romantic Comedy Costars Quiz
15,695 A Quiz About the Devil
14,593 Valentine's Day Decoder
14,216 April Fools' Quiz #9
13,624 April Fools' Quiz #10
13,623 April Fools' Quiz #11
12,631 April Fools' Quiz #8
12,007 April Fools' Quiz #7
11,838 The Kissing Quiz
11,600 Witch Facts
11,138 May Smart People's Quiz
10,632 Spouses of World Leaders
10,068 Christmas Carol Lyrics
9,892 Christmas Generator Puzzle
9,401 April Fools' Quiz #6
8,735 American TV Moms
8,500 Christmas Song Titles by Synonyms
8,362 Singers by Spouses
8,293Top 50 Scariest Horror Movies of All Time
7,433 American TV Dads
7,424 April Fools' - American Edition
7,419 Horror Movie Co-Stars
6,791 Groundhog Day Quiz
6,082 Turkey (The Bird)
5,853Colonies of the Americas in 1775 with a Map
5,757Top 20 IQ's of Fruits
5,054 National Cherry Pie Day Quiz
4,516All I Want For Christmas - Do You Know The Lyrics?
4,050500 Horror Movies
3,947Christmas Word Jumble
3,885Star Spangled Banner Lyrics Quiz
3,739Christmas Multiple Choice
3,327Countries on a Spinning Flat Earth Quiz
3,257Last Christmas Lyrics
3,250Horror Movies Countdown
2,976Save Christmas By Guessing Countries
2,783Christmas Song Quiz
2,752Horror Movies
2,716Halloween Word Search
2,630Santa... or Satan?
2,597Top 20 IQ's of Vegetables
2,556Countries Involved in the American Revolutionary War
2,502Christmas Word Search
2,281Popular Christmas Songs
2,171Most Loved TV show couples
2,162Municipalities of Vatican City with a Map
2,115Lyrics to Christmas Songs
2,074First-Level Subdivisions of Mauriccotanialicarawique
2,063American Horror Story Murder House Deaths
2,011Chritmas Movies by Actor
2,007Christmas A-Z
1,980Halloween Creatures
1,961Stephen King Books
1,950Non-Controversial World Map
1,802Star Spangled Banner (Full Lyrics)
1,570American Horror Story: Season Titles
1,511Christmas Songs - In Other Words
1,499Stephen King Movies
1,450Top 20 Traditional Christmas Carols
1,444Horror Movies
1,348Halloween Movies
1,285Halloween Generator Puzzle
1,274Title in the Lyrics - Christmas Edition
1,268Christmas General Knowledge
1,159Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol
1,128John Carpenter Films
1,063Countries where Christmas is not a holiday
1,008Halloween Quiz for Kids
1,00112 Days of Christmas
988Reasons Anakin Skywalker Doesn't Like Sand
967Stephen King Adaptations
952Thanksgiving Foods
896The "Witch" Quiz
895American Horror Story: Murder House Characters
881Thanksgiving Word Scramble
855American Revolution A-Z
852Horror Movie Trivia
851A Crooked Quiz
851Countries of Lesotho on a Map
845Answers Contain a Season
828The Christmas Song Quiz
828Horror Movie Killers
817Zombie Movies
814Love Chain Quiz #2
808Merry Christmas in Different Languages
798How Many Gifts were REALLY Given in the Twelve Days of Christmas?
762Christmas Anagrams
750Word Scramble - Valentine's Day Edition
731Couples in Literature (Not necessarily great literature)
729All Scream Deaths
724Horror Movie Killers
721Celebrity Spouses
713Christmas Facts #1
710Movies in The Conjuring Universe
705A Christmas Story
701Christmas Movies
689Christmas Song Acronyms
687Christmas Songs First Lines by Letter
682Stephen King Novels
674One Minute Christmas Card
673Jeppy's Halloween
663Countries that Don't Celebrate Christmas
662Biggest Cities in Mauriccotanialicarawique on a Map
659Stephen King Books
648Christmas Songs - Fill in the blank
645The Christmas Diet
644American Horror Story Characters
632Country Shapes Hidden on the Christmas Tree
625deaths in horror movies
625Top Halloween Candy by State
619Decorate Your Tree By Unscrambling Christmas Words
609Christmas Symbols
602All Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, and Halloween Movies
593American Horror Story Freak Show Characters
587Valentine's Day Scramble
554Christmas Things by Picture
549Stephen King Bibliography
540Do They Know It's Christmas? 2014 song lyrics
531American Horror Story: Asylum Characters
524American Revolutionary War Generals by last name
512Popular Christmas Foods
504American Horror Story CAST
499Stephen King's It: Forms of IT
499Christmas Traditions Around the World - Multiple Choice
453American Horror Story Coven
453Christmas Facts #2
441American Revolution Quiz
437Countries that Banned Christmas
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