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42,706 Serie A Champions
9,339Top 4 Teams in Italian Serie A 1922-2023
8,7962025 Serie A Teams
8,171All Serie A Teams Ever
6,531Juventus 2010's Starting XI
5,192AC Milan 2010's Starting XI
4,984Serie A Top 4
4,660Serie A 2010's Winners Starting XI
3,941All teams to ever play in italian Serie A
3,908Best goalscorers Serie A
3,901Inter Milan 2010's Starting XI
3,491AC Milan 2020's Starting XI
3,483Juventus Best Scorer By Year
3,314AC Milan Best Scorer By Year
3,063AC Milan All-Time Greatest XI
2,917Juventus 2020's Starting XI
2,565Juventus Current Squad
2,384Inter Milan 2020's Starting XI
2,302AS Roma 2010's Starting XI
2,203Italian Serie A Clubs
2,183Inter Milan Best Scorer By Year
2,176AC Milan Current Squad
2,140Name that Serie A team
2,112Napoli 2010's Starting XI
2,058Highest Rated Serie A players on FIFA Soccer 13
2,037Top 10 AC Milan Starting XI
1,939AS Roma 2020's Starting XI
1,7342017 Champions League Final Juventus - Real Madrid
1,719Top 10 Serie A Best Starting XI
1,679Liverpool vs AC Milan 2005
1,594Top 10 Juventus Starting XI
1,560Footballers who played for both A.C. Milan and Inter Milan (since 1998)
1,548One AC Milan Player by Nation
1,534Top 10 Juventus F.C. Goalscorers
1,5262015 Champions League Final Juventus - FC Barcelona
1,521Serie A 2017-18 Logos
1,514Napoli 2020's Starting XI
1,469One Juventus Player by Nation
1,439Milan vs Liverpool - UEFA Champions League final 2007 squads
1,427AC Milan - Players to have scored - 2003/04-2014/15
1,403Juventus All-Time Greatest XI
1,308Top XIs: AC Milan (1961-2024)
1,298Top 10 Inter Milan Starting XI
1,225All Teams that ever played in Serie A on the Map of Italy
1,201AC Milan Champions League Winner Starting XI
1,192Italian Football Championship - Serie A
1,178Football players who have played for Chelsea and Inter
1,168Italian Serie A Clubs by Badge
1,155Nine players that played for Inter, Juventus and Milan
1,1462005 Champions League Final AC Milan - Liverpool
1,145Inter Milan Current Squad
1,130Juventus Players to have Scored 2003/04 - 2014/15
1,1182023 Champions League Final Manchester City - Inter Milan
1,118Juventus Opponents In UEFA Champions League
1,101Serie A 2020's Winners Starting XI
1,086Atalanta 2020's Starting XI
1,036Juventus Record Transfers
985One Inter Milan Player by Nation
943Football players who have played for Chelsea and Milan
930AC Milan Champions League XIs
926Juventus Champions League XIs
920AC Milan Record Transfers
914Every Club Cristiano Ronaldo Has Scored Against for Juventus
899Top 10 AS Roma Starting XI
859Inter Milan - Players to have scored - 2003/04 - 2014/15
858Juventus Trivia
853Juventus Squad 2014/2015
849AS Roma Best Scorer By Year
841FIFA 23 Top 100 Serie A Players
800Top 10 Napoli Starting XI
796Juventus Goalkeeper By Year
766Juventus Players Quiz
765Regions of Italy by Serie A Teams
758AS Roma Current Squad
757Lazio 2020's Starting XI
755AC Milan Goalkeeper By Year
752Juventus Squad 2017-2018
741Football players who have played for Chelsea and Juventus
722Record transfers: Juventus FC
707Serie A Champions Best Scorer
702Napoli Best Scorer By Year
6992010 Champions League Final Bayern Munich - Inter Milan
694AC Milan Opponents In UEFA Champions League
688Top XIs: Inter Milan (1963-2023)
664Inter Milan Champions League XIs
656Inter Milan All-Time Greatest XI
651AC Milan Trivia
610One Napoli Player by Nation
600Inter Milan Trivia
556AC Milan Squad 2021-2022
552Inter Milan Opponents In UEFA Champions League
551Fiorentina 2020's Starting XI
534Juventus FC Squad 2021-2022
521Top 10 A.S. Roma Goalscorers
510Inter Milan Goalkeeper By Year
498Former Clubs Of Current Juventus Players
482Top XIs: Inter Milan (1979-2023)
470Top 10 Inter Milan Goalscoarers
467Football Clubs Zinedine Zidane Played For
451AC Milan Starting XI that beat Barcelona 2-0(2-20-13)
4422007 Champions League Final AC Milan - Liverpool
438FIFA 18 Top 100 Players - Serie A
434Name All Serie A Goal-Scorers since the '11-'12 season for Juventus
411Pope, Pasta, Emperor, or Serie A Team - An Italy Click Quiz
409Top 10 Lazio Starting XI
406Inter Milan Champions League Winner Starting XI
403Juventus FC Squad 2016/2017
4012022-23 Serie A First XI
389AC Milan Squad 2022-2023
388AC Milan Top 10 Leaders
381Top 10 Parma F.C. Goalscorers in Serie A
380Lazio Best Scorer By Year
3802021-2022 Serie A Teams Quiz
369Record transfers: AC Milan
369Juventus Top 10 Leaders
366Juventus Squad 2018-2019
364AC Milan vs Juventus Turin 2003
3552020-2021 Serie A Teams Quiz
347Juventus Champions League Winner Starting XI
345A.C. Milan midfielders by Name
340Serie A Scorers 2013-2014
3392003 Champions League Final Juventus - AC Milan
336Juventus Scorers in 2010s Champions League
331Serie A Top Scorers 2003/04 - 2013/14
328Sassuolo 2020's Starting XI
323Fiorentina Best Scorer By Year
309FIFA 14 Serie A Team of the Season
309AS Roma Goalkeeper By Year
3042006-07 AC Milan Winning Squad
303Guess 100 AC Milan footballers by image
296Napoli Champions League XIs
294Juventus Vs Barcelona CLF Line Ups
2912009-10 Inter Milan Winning Squad
289AC Milan Squad 2019-2020
289AS Roma Trivia
288Serie A 2021-22 First XI
285Internazionale Milano Squad 2018-2019
285AC Milan Scorers in 2010s Champions League
285Inter Milan Top 10 Leaders
283Top 10 Fiorentina Starting XI
2791998 Champions League Final Juventus - Real Madrid
271AS Roma Top 10 Leaders
270Football Clubs Kaká Played For
269Juventus Players of the 2010s
2561993 Champions League Final Marseille - AC Milan
253Napoli Top 10 Leaders
2531995 Champions League Final Ajax - AC Milan
249All AC Milan scorers 2000-now
246Juventus Squad 2015/16
2431994 Champions League Final AC Milan - FC Barcelona
241Municipalities of Lazio (with a map)
235Juventus scorers in Serie A 2014-2015
233AC Milan Captains
230Juventus 11
227Football Clubs Gianluigi Buffon Played For
227Inter Milan Scorers in 2010s Champions League
225AC Milan Squad 2017-2018
2241996 Champions League Final Ajax - Juventus
223Juventus Players at World Cup
220Roma Champions League XIs
219Juventus Most Appareances - Foreign Players
2181997 Champions League Final Borussia Dortmund - Juventus
217AC Milan Record Transfer Departures
214Juventus Squad 2018/19
212Top 10 Atalanta Starting XI
212Highest Goalscorers in Champions League for AC Milan
211A Series of Unfortunate Events Characters
208AS Roma Scorers in 2010s Champions League
202Atalanta Best Scorer By Year
201Juventus - Lyon Champions League 2019-20
199Juventus' Ideal Starting 11
196Lazio Current Squad
193Inter Milan 2020-21 Squad
193Juventus Scorers in Champions League era
190Guess 100 Inter Milan footballers by image
189AS Roma Squad 2017-2018
187Italian Serie A Logos
176Napoli Goalkeeper By Year
174Juventus scorers in Serie A 2015-2016
1732021-22 Serie A Lazio - AS Roma
172Juventus 2016/17 Summer Signings
171Inter Milan's 50 best players of all time
169SS Lazio Squad 2022-2023
168Top Goalscorers in Champions League for Inter Milan
165Juventus F.C. 2020-21 Squad
165Top 10 Serie A Goalscorers of the Decade (2010s)
162Juventus Top Scorers 2000-2019
160Top 10 Serie A Clubs by Points of the Decade (2010s)
159Juventus Squad 2017-2018
156Fiorentina Current Squad
155Sampdoria Best Scorer By Year
1552020-21 Serie A Map Quiz
153SSC Napoli Squad 2016-2017
150AS Roma Squad 2016/17
149Udinese Best Scorer By Year
146Torino Best Scorer By Year
146Lazio Trivia
1452020-21 Internazionale Milan Squad
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