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The easiest of our continental map quizzes.
Can you name the capitals of all 12 countries in South America?
Can you name the 10 countries that share a land border with Brazil? (One is tricky)
Can you guess each highlighted South American capital on the map?
Name the 15 most populous South American cities with the help of a map.
Can you guess these facts about the country of Brazil?
Name all the countries of South America. Once you name a country it will appear on the map.
Brazil has 26 states and one capital district. How many can you name?
Congrats to the 2022 World Cup champions! Can you name these facts about the country of Argentina?
Which countries visited Brazil the most in the year 2016?
Try to name the 20 most populous cities in Brazil.
1,251,740 South America Map Quiz
358,636 South America Capitals Quiz
103,827 Countries Bordering Brazil
100,511 South American Capitals - Map Quiz
75,096 Brazil Country Quiz
73,442 15 Largest Cities in South America With a Map
66,510 Countries of South America with an Empty Map
48,909 States of Brazil
45,466 Argentina Country Quiz
41,366 Biggest Cities in Brazil
39,227 Countries that Beat Brazil
38,312 Countries That Visit Brazil The Most
37,694 Peru Country Quiz
35,947 Which South American Country?
33,203 South American Geography Quiz #2
30,797 Argentina... or France?
30,184 Brazil States Map Quiz
29,755 Chile Country Quiz
29,266 Brazil Cities Map Quiz
28,542 Colombia Country Quiz
27,861 South American Geography Quiz #1
24,410 Uruguay Country Quiz
23,387 All First-Level Subdivisions of South America on a Map
23,342 Venezuela Country Quiz
22,954 Paraguay... or Uruguay?
22,087 Ecuador Country Quiz
21,791 South American Cities on the Map
20,745 Biggest Trading Partners - Colombia
19,830 Bolivia Country Quiz
19,169 Word Chain - South America
18,873 Paraguay Country Quiz
16,675 Guyana Country Quiz
16,218Provinces of Argentina
15,000 South American Physical Geography
14,920 Suriname Country Quiz
12,527 Peru True or False?
10,593 Biggest Cities in Colombia Quiz
10,369South America Flags
10,036 Argentina Multiple Choice
10,024Brazil World Cup Squad 2014
9,484Departments of Colombia (with a map)
9,176 South America A-Z
8,102 Famous People from South America
8,018Argentina 2022 FIFA World Cup Winning Squad
6,118Brazil 2022 FIFA World Cup Squad
5,923Geography by Letter on the Map of South America - A
5,858South American Capitals
5,393Football Players by Picture #5 - Brazil
4,739Regions & Departments of Peru on a Map
4,582Football Players by Picture #11 - Argentina
4,558States of Venezuela (With a Map)
4,502Countries and Capitals of South and Central America
4,393Brazil Football Team World Cup Starting XI
4,379Countries of South America by borders in 15 seconds
4,140Geography by Letter on the Map of South America - B
3,770Provinces of Ecuador
3,530Presidents of Brazil
3,490Brazil 2018 FIFA World Cup Squad
3,430Regions of Chile (With a Map)
3,383100 Biggest Cities in Brazil on a Map
3,313100 Biggest Cities in South America With a Map
3,101Departments of Uruguay
3,091Modern-Day Countries of Gran Colombia on a Map
3,081Countries Closest to Chile
3,034Top 20 Brasilian goal scorers in Champions League
3,007Brazilian State Capitals
2,958Partidos of Buenos Aires
2,910Argentina Football Team World Cup Starting XI
2,906Brazilian soccer players scoring during the World Cup
2,867Territorial Losses of Bolivia with a Disappearing Map
2,846Countries Closest to Brazil A-Z
2,829Biggest Cities in Argentina
2,765Departments of Bolivia With a Map
2,656Flags of Countries That Border Brazil
2,575South American Countries in Alphabetical Order
2,559Biggest Cities in South America - Extreme
2,510Colombia Country Quiz
2,508Brazil - True or False
2,413200 Biggest Cities in Brazil
2,316Territorial Evolution of Brazil on a Map
2,295Brazil World Cup 2002 Squad
2,277Countries that have beaten Argentina at FIFA World Cup (football)
2,259Countries Closest to South America A-Z
2,225Name the 32 Departments of Colombia
2,224Top 50 south American soccer players
2,211Departments of Paraguay (With a Map)
2,136Argentina 2018 FIFA World Cup Squad
2,050Profile of Brazil Quiz
1,982Argentina Immigration by Country
1,919Countries that Beat Argentina
1,882South America Map Quiz - 15 Second Sprint
1,852Every 1,000,000+ South American City on a Map
1,837Colombia Departments Capital Cities Quiz
1,760Teams that Lionel Messi Has Played For
1,734FIFA Club World Cup Winners
1,722All 50k+ Cities in Argentina with a Map
1,662Win the Brazilian Colony Party by Guessing States
1,660Districts of Suriname on a Map
1,591Countries of South America With a Disappearing Map
1,582Brazil by Picture
1,548Flags of South America
1,534Brazilian Football Champions
1,515Presidents of Argentina
1,477Most Guessed South American Countries on JetPunk
1,476Countries Closest to Colombia
1,473Largest Cities In Peru
1,449Biggest Cities/Metro Areas in Chile Quiz
1,395Chile Country Quiz
1,374Top 20 Argentinian goal scorers in Champions League
1,365Famous People From Brazil Quiz
1,357Diego Maradona
1,352Germany vs Argentina - FIFA World Cup final 2014 squads
1,336Countries Closest to Brasília
1,331North and South American Countries by Population
1,326Regions of Guyana with a Map
1,325Click the South American Flags
1,286Flags of Countries That Border Argentina
1,280Geography of Brazil
1,278Argentina Map Quiz
1,269All 100k+ Cities in South America on a Map
1,267Shakira Songs
1,25320 Biggest Cities in Brazil on a Map
1,248Flags of South American countries
1,240Biggest South American Cities within 100 Km
1,231Brazil National Football Team
1,226All 50k+ Cities in Brazil with a Map
1,217Brazilian World Cup Football Team (2006)
1,211Countries of South America by First Two Letters
1,189Bolivia Country Quiz
1,185Argentina National Football Team
1,159How Many South American Countries Can You Name In 15 Seconds
1,1462022 FIFA World Cup Final - Argentina - France
1,141Colombia Cities Map Quiz
1,128Capital Cities of South America
1,123Geography of Colombia Quiz
1,118All 50k+ Cities in Chile with a Map
1,100Countries Closest to Venezuela
1,086Random South American Countries on the Map
1,084Brazilian 13 biggest teams
1,078Countries of South America By Flag Quiz
1,071Non-Bordering Countries Closest to Brazil
1,069Football (soccer) teams of Diego Maradona
1,060Ecuador Country Quiz
1,057South American Countries
1,057Argentina by Picture
1,052Regions of Chile with a Map
1,051Regions of Chile Quiz
1,045Gran Colombia And Present Day Countries
1,010Countries mentioned in the Wikipedia Page of Brazil
1,003Gabon or Peru?
1,001Most Populous Cities in South America
995Capitals and Countries of South America - HARD
981Top 10 Best Brazilian Football Players of All Time
974Countries Closest to Brazil
974The Last Country to Occupy Each South American Country
974Most Populous Cities in Brazil
961Argentina All-Time Greatest XI
950Administrative Divisions of Colonial Brazil in 1534 with a Map
934Geography of Argentina
923Uruguay 2022 FIFA World Cup Squad
913Argentina World Cup 2014 squad
900Argentina... or Brazil?
891Inca Empire Quiz
885All 50k+ Cities in Peru with a Map
856Famous Football Players Picture Quiz - Brazil
854History of Brazil
849Biggest Cities in Argentina on a Map
832Largest Immigrant Group by Brazilian State
807Countries Closest to Venezuela
807Most Visited Countries by Chileans
807Most Visited Countries by Brazilians
799All 1M+ Cities in South America on a Map
797Click the Country - South America
796Countries that Controlled South America (with a map)
795Immigrants in Brazil
776Countries that Beat Venezuela
773History of Argentina Quiz
758Flags of States of Brazil
756Brazilian Grand Prix Winners (Formula 1)
752Cities of Ecuador
744Biggest Cities in South America with a Map
740Select all of the South American Countries that Apply
738F1 Winners: Brazilian Grand Prix
734Countries Bordering Bolivia
720Uruguay Football Team World Cup Starting XI
719Venezuela Country Quiz
715Brazil A-Z
706Name all the countries in South America
706All 50k+ Cities in Colombia with a Map
702Most Visited Countries by Colombians
699Most Visited Cities by Brazilians
685Capitals of South America
679Brazil National Football Team Best Scorer By Year
679Top XIs: Argentina (1976-2023)
672Uruguay National Football Team
665Brazilian states capital
664Ballon d'Or: Brazilian players ranked since 1995
664Peru Immigration by Country
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