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Played: 168,526
Rating: 4.35
If you know Arroz con Pollo, you've already got two.
Played: 129,603
Rating: 4.05
Translate these first names from Spanish to English.
Played: 117,835
Rating: 4.53
Can you correctly spell the words for the numbers 1-10 in Spanish, French, and German?
Played: 85,840
Rating: 4.45
A Spanish quiz for people who don't speak Spanish.
Played: 77,194
Rating: 4.96
Name the 10 countries that have the most native speakers of Spanish.
Played: 67,649
Rating: 4.38
Guess the English translations of these Spanish words for animals.
Played: 67,486
Rating: 4.56
Translate these common Spanish words into English.
Played: 64,582
Rating: 4.30
Guess the Spanish words for these numbers.
Played: 54,559
Rating: 4.38
Mi casa es su casa.
Played: 53,597
Rating: 4.80
Played: 47,105
Rating: 4.33
Translate these descriptive adjectives and adverbs into Spanish.
Played: 46,974
Rating: 4.50
Such as a city called "The Angels".
Played: 45,135
Rating: 4.48
Translate these Spanish verbs into English.
Played: 43,587
Rating: 4.25
La bella y la bestia?
Played: 40,974
Rating: 4.07
Guess these English words that were borrowed from Spanish.
Played: 40,043
Rating: 4.39
Can you name the five U.S states whose names come from Spanish?
Played: 38,370
Rating: 4.05
Translate these words about the body into Spanish.
Played: 37,204
Rating: 4.51
Can you correctly spell the words for these colors in Spanish, French, and German?
Played: 36,849
Rating: 4.47
Name, and correctly spell, the days of the week in Spanish.
Played: 32,531
Rating: 4.54
Name the capital cities of the world whose names come from the Spanish language.
Played: 29,456
Rating: 4.38
Played: 28,547
Rating: 4.49
Translate these song titles back to English.
Played: 26,281
Rating: 4.55
Translate these common Spanish words into English.
Played: 24,162
Rating: 3.61
Can you translate these Spanish phrases into English?
Played: 22,635
Rating: 4.84
Can you guess the correct Spanish translation for each of these English words?
Played: 22,377
Rating: 4.09
Played: 22,155
Rating: 4.35
Can you correctly spell the words for the days of the week in Spanish, French, and German?
Played: 21,547
Rating: 4.40
Guess the 100 most common words in Spanish.
Played: 21,414
Rating: 4.50
These are the Spanish words most commonly known by U.S. Americans who don't speak Spanish. Translate from English to Spanish.
Played: 19,795
Rating: 4.50
Played: 18,526
Rating: 4.00
Played: 17,689
Rating: 4.58
Can you guess, and correctly spell, the months of the year in Spanish?
Played: 16,869
Rating: 4.43
Played: 16,632
Rating: 4.49
Can you translate these employment-related words from English to Spanish?
Played: 14,932
Rating: 4.54
Played: 13,650
Rating: 3.57
Played: 12,966
Rating: 4.40
Can you name the cities in the Unites States which have the greatest number of Spanish speakers?
Played: 12,863
Rating: 4.40
Played: 12,630
Rating: 4.80
Played: 12,241
Rating: 4.13
Guess the antonyms of these Spanish words.
Played: 10,392
Rating: 3.67
Can you guess the English equivalents of these Spanish words and phrases?
Played: 9,378
Rating: 4.50
Played: 9,350
Rating: 5.00
Played: 9,233
Rating: 4.00
Translate these TV show titles from Spanish back to English.
Played: 8,082
Rating: 4.70
Played: 7,929
Rating: 4.57
Played: 7,084
Rating: 4.57
Played: 6,993
Rating: 4.80
Played: 6,899
Rating: 4.83
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