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Played: 91,324
Rating: 4.29
Leonardo DiCaprio has starred in 30 movies. How many can you name?
Played: 55,952
Rating: 3.99
Aliens easily destroy most of the Earth's major cities, but are somehow defeated by fighter pilots and a computer hacker?
Played: 46,146
Rating: 4.00
Can you name these movies that starred Tom Cruise?
Played: 36,622
Rating: 4.37
Soap maker starts a men's club dedicated to bareknuckle fighting?
Played: 35,976
Rating: 4.20
Robot from the future hunts the unborn leader of the human resistance?
Played: 26,640
Rating: 4.07
Fill the blanks in these famous Arnold Schwarzenegger movie lines.
Played: 17,159
Rating: 3.69
Yo, Adrian! See if you can name these movies that starred Sylvester Stallone.
Played: 16,047
Rating: 4.02
Why do they have to spoil everything by making a sequel?
Played: 14,091
Rating: 3.75
His secret? Just for Men: Touch of Gray.
Played: 10,990
Rating: 3.97
Robert De Niro is not too proud to star in your crappy movie!
Played: 8,228
Rating: 3.82
Will Smith has been in the news a lot lately. Can you guess these facts about the famous A-list actor?
Played: 1,448
Rating: 4.20
Played: 1,434
Played: 1,181
Played: 1,150
Played: 886
Played: 832
Played: 822
Rating: 4.57
Played: 753
Played: 569
Rating: 3.86
Played: 506
Rating: 4.50
Played: 419
Played: 412
Rating: 5.00
Played: 367
Played: 361
Played: 315
Played: 237
Rating: 3.67
Played: 220
Played: 215
Played: 149
Played: 134
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